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Succession Committee for MLB


"The committee will be chaired by Cardinals chairman and chief executive officer Bill DeWitt Jr. and will include six other owners: Dick Montfort of the Rockies, Dave Montgomery of the Phillies, Arte Moreno of the Angels, Bob Nutting of the Pirates, Jim Pohlad of the Twins and Jerry Reinsdorf of the White Sox. "It's a committee that really represents, I think, the constituency [of baseball]," Selig said."

FCC proposing to end blackout rules


IF this happens, it would be friggin' awesome.

DH adoption by the National League?


It might happen in the future. It doesn't stop the fact that I'll HATE IT.

Justin Turner holding a gator


Your argument's invalid.

March 31's MLB TV schedule


Has the Houston Astros play against the Texas Rangers. ESPN also has national broadcasts for other matchups ( for details) on April 1, none of those include the Mets (which is good, I guess).

Mets return to the GCL after year hiatus


Show of hands: who did not see this coming?

WAR index Creation and Discussion


Brought to you by the fine folks of Beyond Baseball. It was overdue.

Knuckle Squad (starting Dickey with guest stars Niekro and Wakefield).


Knuckle Squad (starting Dickey with guest stars Niekro and Wakefield).

Meet The Mess Or A Mess To An End?


Mr. Lebowitz, once again, with a well written opinion about the Mets.


NYY vs BOS and TBR vs BAL gamethread

Because why not.


Baltimore vs NYY gamethread

Because why not.



Discussion on what baseball "ownage" means. Also, the reason Sandy got Hairston and why the name BJ (and not Larry) should send chills up Mets' fans' spines.


Amazin' Avenue Memes

It's a crime that they have remained unchanged since 2009. Surely, things like "grission" and "#blameBeltran are still relative but we have some new memes that are not listed.

Dodgers acquire Joe Blanton


On one end, Dodgers are becoming more loath-able. On the other end, "PHILLY FIRE SALE!!!!"

More details on the Draft Lottery


I'm a bit shocked (although not surprised) that St. Louis is considered a "small market" team. EDIT: Results for Round A (32th to 37th pick in next year's draft) 1. Kansas City Royals 2. Pittsburgh Pirates 3. Baltimore Orioles 4. Arizona Diamondbacks 5. Cincinnati Reds 6. Miami Marlins Results for Round B (70th to 75th pick in next year's draft) 1. San Diego Padres 2. Cleveland Indians 3. Colorado Rockies 4. Oakland Athletics 5. Milwaukee Brewers 6. Detroit Tigers

MLBTR on Mets' plans


Would Jonathan Broxton be an upgrade?

Ryota Igarashi returns to New York


Not to the Mets. So, is he still Toyota Irrigation?

Poor A's


Basically, our "lovable" commishioner Bud would approve moving the A's from Oakland to anywhere but San Jose (that's poor Giants, that's just poor). So many are musing the A's new home and some of the posters say Philadelphia (a situation I have voted for and would like to happen if possible) to Brooklyn. So fellow AAers, if you had the power to move the A's where would you move them to?

Hamels got suspended for 5 games


The only thing that's shocking is that he only got five games. I was expecting more from MLB. That's poor Bud, that's poor. Also, this is my first fanshot. Yayz!

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