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I've been a die hard Saints since 1979 and always will be till the day I die. Growing up in New Orleans it really grew on me and became an addiction. I always supported my team no matter what whether it's through good or bad times. That's the difference between a "True Fan" Vs, a Bandwagoner. I've lived in Virgina, North Carolina, and currently living in Texas. The fact remains the same...I will always bleed Black N Gold.

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Whew! We Dodged Some Serious Bullets In That Game!

  That was stressful!  Honestly? I don't know we came out with a win that game. But what matters is: we came out with a win thanks to the 4th and inches stop in OT. Obviously I don't know what...


The New Orleans Jeckyll N Hyde!

  Ladies and Gents. I will not sugar coat this horrific ordeal. A matter of fact? I'm going to call it as I see it. I am as every bit frustrated as everyone else is. This team is in BIG trouble!...


Lots Of Questions Need To Be Answered

It was a very ugly day indeed. And I hope Sean Payton has a good quick recovery. Sucks to see a freakish accident happen like that. Needless to say we looked awful. The Bucs defense did what it...


Any CSCers In The Austin Area?

Hey guys. Hope all is well. Haven't been on here much lately due to being in my rear end in packing, boxes and house stuff. In 2 weeks from now, I will be moving to North Austin near the Roundrock...


We Are 0-1. No Problem!

     Well that was some barn burner we played tonight. And I thought Brees and the offense played very well. However, the red zone woes hurt us again and I'll say it again for the 100th time. 3rd...


Heck Of A Game Guys!

Wow! Well we knew it would be a thriller! The predictions were correct. When you're in a shootout with the best 2 offenses in the league, the game could go either way. You guys did what it took to...


My Predictions For The 2011 Season!

Hey guys I thought I would liven things up a little bit. It seems that alot of people are concerned on how we're going to do in the regular season. Quite frankly I'm confident we will come out...


The Keys To A Very Successful 2011 Season!

Greetings my fellow CSCers!  My crazy creative mind is brainstorming all these thoughts now that Football Season is just a blink of an eye away.  Heck I'm even excited just to see the first...


Some Catching Up to Do

Hello my fellow CSC'ers. I haven't had access to follow up on news the past few days since I've been on family vacation. Most importantly the lockout is over now.  I see we have signed our draft...


Ladies and Gentlemen! Back in Business!

      First of all. I had to make sure I wasn't dreaming and needed a slap in the face to make sure this was real!  Well, come to find out, yes we do have a full season!  And I am ready for some...


Remembering Archie Manning. What Could Have Been!

Going down memory lane here. Remembering when I watched my first Saints game on October 14 1979 when we crushed the Bucs 42-14. I've bled Black n Gold ever since. I remember that 1979 season was...


Reggie Bush's Dedication to the Team or Lack of?

    News travels pretty fast I must say. I just noticed this article regarding Reggie's tweets and the previous tweet when the Saints drafted Mark Ingram.  I'm firm believer that you stand up for...


Congratulations To The Packers!

Saints fan here.  And I wanted to let you guys know, you have a heck of a strong football team and peeked at the right time at the end of the season and through the playoffs.  That's what good...


The 2010 Season. Tie It To A Tree. Hack It To Death With A Chainsaw!

Well first off, you have to give credit to Seattle for playing a very hard fought game for a full 60 minutes.  When you score 36 points (as pretty as it was) and don't win. You don't deserve to be...


Heading Into The Postseason. Confident Or Concerned?

Wow! I must say, I sure am glad I missed this horrific performance in today's game due to traveling back home after a 10 day vacation.  With all these "offensive weapons" we have we scored only 13...


The Best NFC Rivalry Part II! Here We Go Again!

Well here we are!  Can't believe we're a week away from the Monday night countdown.   Heck week 3 seems like yesterday!   I realize time really does fly when you turn 40.   It's been a crazy yet...


Looking Down The Stretch. The Final Four.

A crazy Sunday indeed!  And yet we survived another nail biting win today.   The Falcons came from behind after trailing a 10 point deficit and beat the Bucs 28-24.  They're 10-2 and they just keep...


How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Well, we won in a thrilling nail biter. We knew it was going to be tough playing a talented team  Kept me in the edge of my seat the whole game.  I want to thank...


The Huge Importance Of The Cowboys Game On Turkey Day!

2 more days until we kick off with Dallas.   The importance of this game is critical if you ask me.  Our offense is clicking again.  A couple mistakes and hopefully we will clean those up.  We MUST...


Entering The Bye Week At 6-3

Been a while since I've been on here. The past couple of weeks have been crazy.  This is a good time to have a bye and get our players healthy and rested for the remaining 7 games during the...


Dear Sean Payton

I would like to personally thank you for your spineless efforts today on doing what you've done best this season.  Playing down to "Inferior Opponents".  It's much worse when it's done in YOUR...


A good response from last week

What can I say.  It was a 360 degree difference from last week.  I'm proud of the way Sean Payton and the Saints responded yesterday after last Sunday's humiliation.       Just before kickoff,  I...


Panic Time? You Better Believe It!!

Ok!  I'm calling it as I see it!   I want to congratulate Sean Payton for downplaying an inferior opponent.   And letting a Rookie shine against us.   The team looked like day of the living dead...


Heck of game. We were outplayed in all phases.

Hats off to you guys for playing hard for 73 mins of tough nosed football.   We were definitely outplayed and you guys ran all over our defense.   In spite of Hartley shanking a chip shot field...


It was just a matter of time

Well,  I'm beginning to wonder if every week is going to be heart attack nail biting games.   Amazingly,  we "Could Have" still won the game despite the 3 turnovers and allowing 200 yards rushing...


The Wildest NFC Rivalry!! Saints Vs. Falcons!!

Greetings from a Diehard Saints Fan.   The games I always look forward too,  the Saints and the Falcons.  There's a ton of history between both franchises.  Good and bad, but most of...


We are 2-0 yes.

Man!! I don't know how many more nail biters like this I can take!  Great win for our Saints!  Hard fought game by the 49ers.  Hat's off to you guys!        I will say this: These are the type of...


Hello from a Saints Fan

Seems like it's been a very long week since game 1.  Looking forward to the Monday night matchup and should be an interesting game!   I was shocked on how the Seahawks played on Sunday, but that...


What an ugly game! Whew!

But the important thing is: We came out with a win.  Reminded me of the Colts ugly win last season 14-12 against jags and 18-14 against the 49ers.      What can we learn from this game?  It was...


Excited and Nervous??

Man less than 2 days before kickoff!   Alright so who's excited and nervous at the same time?  I would have to say I'm an extreme at both.  I'm human, of course I'm nervous as well as excited.  I...

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