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Who was a better pick than Aaron Gordon?

I, like many of you, fist pumped mightily when the 76ers selected Joel Embiid. Dante Exum had fallen right into our laps. The Second Coming of Penny Hardaway. Point guard of the future. The obvious...


Jameis Winston, FSU and Title IX

I heard a few minutes ago that Jameis Winston's accuser has hired some high profile Title IX attorneys to represent her in a civil suit. When the criminal investigation came to a close, there were...


Original Post 7/20/2013: FSU '13 Offense Better Than '12? Is Such A Thing Even Possible?

I recently remembered writing the post below back in July. It was really fun digging it up and seeing that pretty much all of my hopes were realized this season, and then some. Forgive me. I'm...


FSU '13 Offense Better than '12? Is Such A Thing Even Possible?

Forgive me. I'm writing this after just watching the ESPN Top 25 of 2012 replay of FSU vs. NC State, so I'm feeling particularly judgmental toward EJ Manuel. For the record I have always been one...


Official NCAA Football 14 Thread

I knew something was amiss when Virginia Tech upset Alabama week 1. As someone who has played the NCAA Football series since its debut, I can say without reservation that I love this game. After...


4 Star Running Back Drew Harris to FSU?

I saw some buzz on Twitter over the weekend suggesting FSU may land the #1 "prep school" running back in the land, and that he might even count toward the 2013 class and enroll this summer. Drew...


How to Cope with a Northern Illinois Orange Bowl Bid

Since FSU lost to NC State, thus destroying their already slim chance of gaining entrance to the BCS Championship Game, all focus has shifted to winning the ACC and the Orange Bowl. At first glance...


Jimbo Fisher: Elite Starter Coach?

I'm sure there will continue to be a flood of fanposts like these from now through the offseason, but I thought now was an appropriate time for mine because as far as I'm concerned the season is...


10/6/12: Beginning of the End of the Jimbo Fisher Era

Though many Seminoles fans would like to see Jimbo Fisher fired immediately, I think we all know this isn't going to happen, nor should it. The season is far from over. If the Noles can recover and...


Reasons for Optimism.

I'm as devastated by this trade as anyone else, and I understand why the media is scratching their heads and Magic fans are drafting their suicide notes. But now that I've had an hour to...

Greg Reid Arrested (again) in Georgia.


Reid was arrested for driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana. Fantastic.


Howard or Lottery: The Only Way Orlando Will Win A Championship.

This is admittedly unscientific, though observation-based phenomenon I realized earlier this evening. As the Dwight Howard Saga carries on, the consensus opinion seems to be that if Howard refuses...


Jeremy Lin to the Magic?

The thing that I have yet to hear mentioned through these early stages of Linsanity is that he is currently playing on a league minimum contract with no guarantee for next season. If he keeps up...


The Risk of Believing in Dwight.

Seems like the people here are divided between believing Dwight Howard is open to staying in Orlando, and believing his mind is well made up, that he is essentially gone already. I fall into the...


Howard Wants Change. But What Change?

The past week has been perhaps the greatest emotional roller coaster in Orlando Magic franchise history. Leading with former CEO Bob Vander Weide's late night phone call to Dwight Howard, and...

Nets Owner Prohorov May Become President of Russia. No, Really.


Prokhorov plans to challenge Putin in upcoming elections.


Chris Broussard: Howard Expected to Request Trade to NJ

If this is true, it will reveal a whole lot about Dwight Howard's character, and perhaps what really happened in the discussions between Howard and Magic GM Otis Smith on Monday. It could explain...


What will the FSU offensive line look like in 2012?

FSU's offensive line has taken a lot of criticism this season, and most of it has been deserved. Though a number of injuries put the team in a bind, it also reminded us of the recruiting whiffs of...


Worst officiating I have ever seen. Ever.

I've been watching FSU football for as long as I can remember, which puts my memories somewhere in the general area of the 1993 National Championship. Never in my life have I seen worse officiating...


Dwight interview in new issue of Esquire -- "You're gone. I can feel it."

Just got my latest issue of Esquire last night and read a pretty startling interview with Dwight Howard. He sat down with Scott Raab and discussed many things, including his future in Orlando. This...


Injury Report: Manuel, Shaw, Reed and Reid all Questionable

Any thoughts on this? I apologize if it has been covered elsewhere, but I think it's pretty relevant to tomorrow. I'm particularly surprised by Shaw not being simply "Out". A week after a...


VERY concerned about our offensive line and running game.

  After barely running the football against ULM and Charleston Southern I was convinced it was gamesmanship from Jimbo Fisher, protecting our run schemes from Oklahoma's coaching staff. Surely...


Expectations for the FSU Up Front (O-Line/D-Line)

Watching Wisconsin last night, I was floored (pancaked, if you will) by the dominant play of their offensive line. Before the snap, their advantage was obvious -- they towered over the smaller,...


Why isn't Ponder playing in the Vikings pre-season game?

I was curious to see how he's performing, and so far McNabb and Webb are the only Minnesota QBs to play. Thought the debate over QB1 revolved around McNabb and Ponder, not this Webb character. Is...


NCAA Football 2012: Strange Happenings (Video Game)

I'm assuming a lot of you guys play NCAA Football 2012, and I'm wondering if any of you have experienced the same issue I've been having. Which is this: occasionally, seemingly without cause or...


The Magic's Financial Situation

Is there anyone here (Evan?) with a decent grip on the Magic's financial situation? I'm not talking about salary, but about how much revenue the team is generating as a whole. The Magic are not...


Should the Magic start working to clear space now?

There has been a lot of trade talk here, attempts to improve the Magic's immediate hopes by way of an acquisition. But I think the hard truth is that this simply will not happen. We do not have the...


Vince Carter for league minimum?

Does anyone know if Phoenix is planning to waive Vince Carter? Assuming they do, rather than swallow his 18.3 million dollar 2011/2012 season, should the Magic try to sign him for the league...


End of the Super Team Era...Already?

The Knicks were swept in the first round. The Heat defeated soundly in six games. For the former, there is maybe some question of needing time for Melo and Amare to gel. As for the Big Three,...

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