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Been a Boilermaker fan all my life. It's in my blood with multiple family members going to, and graduating from Purdue. I graduated from there in 2004, and have been putting my degree to use ever since. I love me some Boilermakers!

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Vote Early! Vote Often!

Bring College Gameday to campus to shoot a commercial. Here is the link for voting: It says that you are only allowed to vote one time a day, but it is only one time per...

B1G Baseball Scheduling/RPI - Purdue Coach Laying It Out There

Corn Nation (Nebraska's SB Nation blog) must have wrote an article critical of the B1G non-conference schedule. Purdue's coach wrote him an e-mail in response which really does a good job explaining the difficulties for the teams in the northern conferences when it comes to the sport. Read the post, he did a great job in arguing his points! (p.s. they are playing for 3-0 on the weekend right now, Boiler Up!!!)


Purdue Baseball beat ECU...

I was following on gametracker. Looks like they made it closer than they needed to in typical Purdue fashion. They allowed the bases to get loaded in the last inking, and a full count before...

Celtics vs. Pacers... Photos From Section 209

Here are my photos from section 209, and the Q&A after the game. I also was lucky enough to corner JJ and get an autograph before security kicked us out. So grateful to T-Mill, the Pacers, and JJ and E'Twaun for putting this on. Can't wait until April to try and corner E'Twaun to get the second autograph for my ball!

purdue adds preferred walkon QB... Anyone know anything about this kid? Was the JuCo QB for Milford Academy... same school as TE Carlos Carvajal... found it interesting...


Change is coming to the football team...

I was just over on the Purdue Rivals site, and there is a story about our linebackers coach leaving, and one other coach on the defensive side of the ball. I do not have a membership, so I can not...

Robbie Hummel's Twitter account shows Rob "Tebowing," Ryne Smith "Planking," and Dru Anthrop...


Robbie Hummel's Twitter account shows Rob "Tebowing," Ryne Smith "Planking," and Dru Anthrop "Perching"... looks like it was taken in Puerto Rico!

Rob Henry says "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

In this article, posted on, Purdue is among the universities with players asking for more money for their contributions for sports. Rob Henry and Morgan Burke are both quoted towards the end of the article. I am against this, for the most part, but I do believe they should at least cover the full expenses of college. Anything above and beyond that, I am against. And, If they do increase the pay, and make them multi-year scholarships, I think they need to increase the educational requirements along with it. They said in the article that if you aren't finished with your education, but you run out of eligibility that the school would be responsible for paying the rest of your tuition to graduate. If you can't graduate in 4-5 years, you have issues! They should not be forced to pay for your dumb ass! Every time this topic comes up it pisses me off, because I look at how much I owe on my LOANS for college, and it makes me sick to think these kids are bitching when they are getting it for free! What are your thoughts?


Commentators on the Indianapolis vs. Kansas City game...

I don't normally do this and post videos that I record off of the television, but this caught my eye and ear when it happened. Did anyone else catch it? The commentators during the Colts game had...

Breakfast Club in Elkhart, IN on October 15 for the Penn State game!

Between the Buns in Elkhart is trying to have a Breakfast Club. If you live in the area, and are jonesin' for some Breakfast Clubbing with Purdue fans, head on out. If there is a large enough group of people to make it worth their while, they may do it more often! Saw it on their Facebook page tonight and just thought I would share!

Bears Roster Won't Include D. Dierking.

Bears Waive Dan Dierking, FB, Purdue. Too bad he didn't make it to the first preseason game... he probably would have gotten some PT.

Newest Commitment, Benjamin (BJ) Knauf... looks "shifty"! Looks like he, too, is a track...

Newest Commitment, Benjamin (BJ) Knauf... looks "shifty"! Looks like he, too, is a track star... from The Ledger (hometown newspaper): Santa Fe junior sprinter B.J. Knauf had a chip on his shoulder all track season. He was tired of hearing how he was a good small-school runner. He just wanted to be considered a good runner. After this year, that shouldn't be a problem. Knauf won the 200-meter dash at the Class 1A state finals and finished second in the long jump and the 100 meter. At the Polk County Championships, which features the county's best in all divisions, Knauf won the 200 meters and the long jump, while finishing second in the 100 meters, not a small feat.

E'Twaun #1 in Top Plays...

Go to this link and vote for him to be "Best of the Best" He is up against, and losing to, a bicycle kick in soccer... come on, get him to #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Development of a Team

With the end of the season, I want to look to what we are bringing in next year and how it works with what we have returning. I believe Hope is recruiting well, and we should be a MUCH improved...

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Ryan Kerrigan.

A nice feature by the Big Ten Network. I saw it after the Purdue vs. Howard game on Sunday night. Though they did a good job. Seems like a great kid. Can't wait for him to get in the NFL. Hope he falls to one of my teams!

First Commit in for 2011

He played TE in high school, but is going to play DE at Purdue... is that right?

Bolden may be done for 2010

What is up with Boilermakers and their ACLs?

I love JuJuan Johnson's Twitter Videos. Especially this one! Big Ten Champs! Enjoy it. Now let's...

I love JuJuan Johnson's Twitter Videos. Especially this one! Big Ten Champs! Enjoy it. Now let's focus on the Big Ten Tournament!

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