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Omaha vs. Nashville

I'm in Lebanon, Tennessee. The O-Royals (I refuse to use that other ridiculous name) are in town and my brother-in-law and I are going to the game tomorrow against the Nashville Sounds. Looking...


Off-day OT thread: You say it's your birthday

1. Today is actually my birthday. I'm 47 years old. I have a few memories of past birthday celebrations, involving kegs of beer and the like. One of them is distinctly X-rated. Got any good...


Friday OT: Books and baseball

1. What are the best fictional and non-fiction books you have ever read about baseball? 2. What college did/do/do you plan to attend? Or did you choose not to go? Is that the same college whose...


OT Friday: New Year's Edition

It's almost noon and nobody has put up a Friday thread, so here goes. 1. Which Royal do you think will put up the highest WAR in 2013? 2. Have you ever taken part in a prank, whether...


Our new ace challenged Lincoln to a duel

In 1842, James Shields challenged Abraham Lincoln to a duel over defamatory anonymous letters that Lincoln had written to a local newspaper. Lincoln accepted the challenge, and as he had the choice...


Non-political election contest!

As we all know, Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals, the elections are upon us. We also know that Royals Review is not the place for political arguments. And we know that Royals...

Friday OT thread: Who would you like to have a beer with?


I've always wanted to do one of these. 1. Tell us about a time that your life was in danger. 2. Everyone wants to fire Ned, of course, but who could the Royals realistically get to replace him? Who would you ideally like as a replacement manager? 3. What's your favorite sports team that isn't the Royals? 4. What's the worst movie you ever paid to see in a cinema? 5. Do you have any pets? If not, why not? Bonus: Which Royals player would you most like to have a few beers with?

Not only is sacrifice bunting dumb, but the Royals are bad at it


Fangraphs has a chart showing teams' net WPA from bunts. Only four teams had a positive net bunting WPA; for everyone else it's at best a wash. Or, in the worst case, you're the Royals, and you've already racked up -1.0 WPA this season from sacrificing. One full loss. Fourth worst in MLB. Alcides wins the prize for Worst Bunt of the Season so far, for an effort in which Ned apparently called for a squeeze with men on first and third, and he bunted back to the first baseman who nailed Frenchy at the plate. Cost the Royals -0.23 WPA. They won anyway.

Watching the Olympics abroad


Good things: If you like the Olympics, they run the live feed on Televisión Española for twelve hours, and then they re-run the whole thing at night. All the big events are televised live in prime time, since Spain is just one hour off Greenwich Time. Bad things: If you thought the Americans were nationalists, wait until you hear the Spanish announcers openly cheering on their female water-polo players, clapping and yelling "Bravo, Malena, vamos!" Any event a Spaniard might medal in is given first priority; then any event that a Spaniard is participating in. This means lots of sailing and women's judo and men's beach volleyball and men's field hockey. There is open rooting against well-known foreign athletes, hoping to see them taken down a peg. Right now they're obnoxiously cheering on the men's water-polo team against Kazakhstan. No kidding. "Let´s go, come on, Felipe, goal! Goal! Goal! Spain completely outclassing the Kazakhs!" The funniest bit of sports nationalism was a couple of Winter Olympics ago when this German cross-country skiing star named Johan Muhlegg got mad at the coach and changed his nationality to Spanish in revenge. He then proceeded to win three golds, about the first ever won by Spain at the Winter Games, and there were articles in the papers saying "He may not speak Spanish, but his heart is as Spanish as any of ours." Then he got busted for doping and stripped of his medals and no one has heard of him since.

Totally OT: Violence around the world


The Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia's online comments section on the story about the Colorado shootings was rather filled with bile, mostly 1) those crazy Americans sure do love their guns 2) their evil capitalist society makes them violent 3) these shootings are part of an evil plot by the gun manufacturers 4) they deserve it anyway after what they did in Libya or wherever 5) the USA is a terribly dangerous place. Didn't bother rebutting most of the arguments, but I did look up the intentional homicide rates, per 100,000 population around the world. Interesting. Selected countries: Honduras 87 Venezuela 67 Colombia 33 South Africa 32 Brazil 26 Mexico 18 Russia 12 USA 4.8 India 3.2 Canada 1.6 UK 1.2 Germany 0.8 Spain 0.7 Japan 0.3 So the US has fewer homicides than most other countries, but slightly more than Western Europe does. Now. Suicide rate per 100,000 population, selected countries. Lithuania 34 Japan 24 China 22 Russia 21 Switzerland 18 Belgium 18 France 16 Canada 12 USA 12 Germany 9.5 Spain 7.6 UK 6.9 Israel 5.8 Mexico 4.0 So if you add up homicide and suicide rates to produce a violent death rate, the US doesn't fare much worse than most places in Europe, and considerably better than Russia and places like that. In East Asia the homicide rates are very low and the suicide rates very high; in Latin America the opposite is true. Spain has low violence of both types, probably due to its being a pretty mellow and tolerant place (except for Americans, Moroccans, and gypsies). They scream and curse a lot, but don't resort to violence either against themselves or others.

Totally OT: A true crime detective procedural


With important implications for today´s society. It´s hard to believe that we were so backward about homosexuality so recently--and how cynically one character took advantage of it. This article is good investigative reporting.

Totally OT: Childhood´s End?


"...today’s is perhaps the first generation of children raised in zoo-like confinement." (From Strange Maps.)

Totally OT: Why small business is bankrupting southern Europe


Low-trust societies: corruption, coddling, and lack of initiative. (From Slate.)

Totally OT: Your Kindle is spying on your reading habits


I love my Kindle, and I don't care if Amazon uses it to find out about my reading tastes and style at all. Others more concerned about privacy might feel differently. What do you think about your computer snooping on what you do online? (Article from the WSJ via A&L Daily.)

And our All-Star is Billy


Broxton is one of the final five for the last spot.

Totally OT: The Swingin' Nazis


While hunting up WWII propaganda on YouTube just out of curiosity, I came across a Nazi propaganda swing band called Charlie and His Orchestra. They took famous jazz tunes like "St. Louis Blues" and "Makin' Whoopee" and rewrote the lyrics in order to celebrate German victories, bash Winston Churchill, and insult the Jews. They then broadcast them to Allied troops and to the UK in hopes that the music (actually very good: these guys were real pros) would bring in listeners who would then be exposed to the propaganda message. Churchill supposedly found all this very funny. Though the official Nazi view was that jazz and swing were degenerate Negro music, Dr. Goebbels and the boys had no qualms about using them in order to subvert Allied morale. It didn't work, of course. Obligatory disclaimer: I'm no Nazi. I despise them. I am very interested in World War II propaganda from all sides, however.

OT: Here's one for Phil


Alaska for women: "Where the odds are good but the goods are odd."

Juancho goes to Nashville


My brother-in-law Phil and I are going to see the Nashville Sounds play Omaha this afternoon; I'll fill y'all in later. Last night we went to see Del McCoury, which was of course totally cool. Next concert on Thursday: Vince Gill.

OT: Italian PM calls for soccer league to be suspended


A match-fixing scandal is rocking Italian soccer to the point that the Prime Minister, Mario Monti, has suggested they suspend the league for two or three years. They've arrested the Lazio team captain, are investigating the Juventus coach, and booted a player off their national team. This comes right on the heels of another scandal that saw seventeen players convicted in court, including two former national team players, and banned for up to five years. Banned for up to five years? These guys were FIXING GAMES. Ban them for life. By these standards, Pete Rose should certainly be reinstated on triple secret probation, since nobody doubts that he didn't fix games, the greatest on-field sports sin of all. Imagine what would happen here if the President suggested they suspend a sports league, like say NCAA football, over repeated cheating by many of the top teams. There would be an enormous uproar.

OT: At a coffee shop in Amsterdam


Have tried the White Widow and the Haze. Pretty good but more expensive than in Barcelona. You get fifteen free internet minutes at this place with your drink,, so I naturally thought of RR. Also have tried the beer. It's OK, better than Bud but not that awesome. Go Royals. Should have brought my cap: all the cool kids wear them here. Have seen lots of Yanks and Dodgers gear on local kids, and one guy with a Darren McFadden Raiders jersey, for some reason. Ajax has a museum. We're not going.

BBC article on sports branding

This one's interesting. FC Barcelona has the budget to set up this kind of thing. And the Royals? We may need to win some games first.

Now it's time to fire the boys up


Ned needs to use this WWII training film to teach our boys that playing fair is for people who are planning to lose. Kill! Kill! Grit and blood and veins in our teeth!

MLBTR: Duffy torn UCL, out for season


Did they just announce this or did I miss somebody else's post?

Off-Day Open Thread: Where Will gets his links


Will frequently links stuff he's found off Arts and Letters Daily, an extremely cool site. Here we have today's debate topics on intellectual stuff: Do you hate grammar pedants? Is there a link between national IQ and national income? Do you actually enjoy reading Beat Generation writers? What the hell is exegetics and what does it have to do with "The Daily Show"? Does it really matter if an artwork is a forgery if it's beautiful? Do you consider yourself a foodie? And some non-intellectual questions: Do you have castration anxiety and/or penis envy? What do you do when you wake up at 4 AM and can't go back to sleep? If baseball didn't exist, what would you do with your spare time? What's the worst place to eat in Kansas City? Do you like gambling? Who's your favorite painter?

Goodbye, NFL


If Junior Seau's suicide is related to brain damage, there is going to be a series of lawsuits that is going to do in the league. Check this interview with Malcolm Gladwell and the links from there. Alex Karras is suing the league. If there's a signal of doom, having one of your greatest stars off himself while another is brain-damaged from Parkinson's syndrome is it.

Up-the-Butt Corner


(See photo.) Seriously, they're talking about disciplining the ump. Seems to me that he took appropriate action. Fans running on the field can be dangerous--remember the Chicago fans who attacked Tom Gamboa? What if he has a gun or a knife--remember the guy who stabbed Monica Seles? The ump is expendable. Let him tackle the douchebag as soon as he can without waiting for security, who might be slow to act.

Saturday vs. Minnesota


Getz 4 Gordon 7 Butler DH Hosmer 3 Francoeur 9 Moustakas 5 Peña 2 Escobar 6 Dyson 8 Chen P

Anyone want Orlando Hudson?


He's off to an awful start, and he's 34, but he can still field, and he might snap out of his slump. He's been good until this season. If the Padres cut him loose I would grab him, basically for free, and trade Yuni for a Papa John's 2-for-1 coupon. Even if he can't hit we'd have the slickest middle infield in the league.

Idiot King of Spain breaks hip while "hunting"


Our local monarch was out "big-game hunting" in Botswana when he fell down and broke his femur in three pieces. They flew his idiot 74-year-old ass back home and stuck him at the head of the line for hip replacements. This is the fourth operation he's had in two years. You know what he did in Botswana? He SHOT a FUCKING ELEPHANT. Just like George Orwell, but in slightly different circumstances. (The photo is from 2006). This is ridiculous. It makes no sense at all to kill elephants, or to permit anyone to, even if rich fools like Juan Carlos are willing to come up with €30,000 for the pleasure of doing so. Regular hunting I'm fine with as long as you eat what you shoot. Somebody's got to predate all the deer in Kansas. Not to mention the damn Canadian geese. But shooting elephants just for fun? Fuck that. Note: The king's idiot 13-year-old grandson, Froilán, nearly blew his foot off with a shotgun loaded for bird earlier this week. If I were the Bourbons I'd stay away from guns. Juan Carlos accidentally killed his younger brother with a pistol when they were teenagers. Anyway, the law in Spain says no one under 14 is allowed even to touch a gun.

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