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Moves to make next year.

What moves do you think that we can realistically make (No CP3, or Howard talk) that could get us out of the first round in 2014? Assume that Aldridge remains steady, Batum improves with increased...


How much would you expect to receive in return for Roy and Oden?

I mean no disrespect to Oden, or Roy. I'm just interested in how much you value them given their current states. Putting aside the one million variables that go into such a trade occurring, what...



Miller/Camby for Smith/Hinrich. It also works out if we throw in Batum. The Hawks are interested in moving Smith. They can then move Horford to the PF where he wants to be. Smith/Aldridge would be an incredible combo down low, and we could then afford to play Aldridge fewer minutes as we would have two strong offensive big men. Also we get the defensive minded shooter in Hinrich. Anyone think this could happen?


Anyone Else?

A fan could drive their self crazy thinking about the potential trades that Cho has said he is actively pursuing. Well, It's super bowl Sunday, just a few weeks from the deadline, and all I've seen...


Rudy needs more time.

Without Roy, what McMillan needs next to realize is that a happy, in rhythm Fernandez is a positive for the Blazers. I like what Patty is bringing, but if it were up to me Andre, Rudy, and Wesley...


I'm going to blame this...

....on Batum. The guy is lost and found. His entire game depends on the first few shots he takes. He still doesn't understand how talented he is. Matthews on the other hand is looking like we have...

Webster vs. Blake. Martell with a killer move.


Webster vs. Blake. Martell with a killer move.


What's Batum up to?

Is he trying to put on weight? Working on his ball handling, and pull up jumper? For how much this community loves him I'm surprised I haven't heard more about his summer schedule. All I ever see...


We've got this

Big fan of the site, not a regular poster. Here are my thoughts.   Brilliant game. Steve Nash, as unstoppable as he is, cannot carry his team into the second round without solid support...


Bayless, too heady for his own good.

This is not criticism coming purely from his potential game winner tonight. I have been feeling it for a solid stretch of games now. I believe Bayless has been relying a little to heavily on his...


Oden in top ten dunks

Getting dunked on. However, this is a good sign. Obviously whoever is choosing the top ten dunks is thinking something along the lines of 'how could that not be in the top ten? He dunked over GREG...


Roy is a combo guard.

Help me dispel this feeling that I have. I feel like Roy should play more time at PG, and maybe even start there. As much as I love Blake, moving Roy into a greater roll at PG would increase the...

Boise, Idaho. Any good bars here that show blazer games?


Boise, Idaho. Any good bars here that show blazer games?

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