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Morning Links 7/6


Prospect camp starts Monday, here's a primer. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Camp schedule. [CSN] Lack of action during free agency isn't the worst. Detroit is in trouble and Nashville got worse. [H...

Morning Links 7/2


Everyone everywhere for all the years and dollars. Free agent tracker here. [nhl.com] Options dwindling after a quiet day. [CSN] Depth defensemen, always depth defensemen. [CSN] [Tribune] [S...

Morning Links 6/29


Place your sure-to-be-erroneous bets on what Stan is going to pull Sunday. [CSN] Central Division free agency preview. [nhl.com] Ben Smith is charitable. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Cimaglia on a...

Morning Links 6/27


There's a bias towards older prospects at the draft. Chicago drafts young and tends to have better success. This might explain why Teravainen fell and why the Blackhawks nabbed him. [Part 1] [Part...

Morning Links 6/25


Blackhawks front office is a GM factory or something. [CSN] [Tribune] The Blackhawks have more back-to-backs than anyone next season. [CSN] How about this Teuvo Teravainen? [CSN] [CSN2] [S...

Morning Links 6/22


Home opener hosting Columbus, CBA be damned! [CSN] Ten games to definitely watch. [Tribune] Looks like Stan might be more aggressive than previously thought. [CSN] Hjammer and perhaps Montador...

Morning Links 6/20


The front office has "dealt with" Patrick Kane, which sounds a lot more ominous than it is. [Sun-Times] Stan says not much about what deals he's willing to make. [CSN] [Tribune] Optimism with...

Morning Links 6/18


• Stan should tweak the roster. [CSN] • Salak waived [CSN] [Tribune] • Scouting Director Mark Kelley talks the Draft. [blackhawks.nhl.com] • The Royal Half makes his debut appearance on the...

Morning Links 6/15


Bookmakers have it at 1/5 that there won't be a lockout. [CSN] Block with pre-season schedule, various notes, and report of rumblings that Haviland might go to Washington. [Third Man In] That...

Morning Links 6/11

CSN breakdown of Marian Hossa. [CSN] Changes since 09-10 by the numbers. [CSN] I know you're not tired of Patrick Kane stories! Here's one about what he can learn form Carter and Richards. [S...

Morning Links 6/8


CSN breakdown of Michael Frolik. [CSN] Summer speculation: Zach Parise as a Blackhawk. [Sun-Times] Cheer the Anthem takes on Patrick Kane. [CtA] Hawk fans have reason for concern and hope. [M...

Morning Links 6/6


CSN breakdown of Brandon Bollig. [CSN] Checking in with prospect Alex Broadhurst [blackhawks.nhl.com] Thoughts on the Oduya extension, Ryan Suter, Patrick Kane. [Blackhawk Up] Colin Fraser recalls...

Morning Links 6/4


CSN breakdown of Jimmy Hayes. [CSN] Bickell picks his favorites. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Colin Fraser is slaying bums, gets to actually play. [Sun-Times] Sean O'Donnell talks about Doughty. [CSN] The...

Morning Links 6/1


Sharp sticks up for Patrick Kane. [CSN] [Sun-Times] [Tribune] CSN breakdown of Dave Bolland. [CSN] The five most impressive Stanley Cup Final performances. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Stan calls...

Morning Links 5/30


Oduya and Mayers are back. [Trib] [CSN] [Sun-Times] [Trib 2] [blackhawks.nhl.com] Mayers is thrilled to be returning. [CSN] Stan's disappointed in you, Patrick Kane. [Trib] [CSN] [Sun-Times] CSN...

Morning Links 5/25


Stan Mikita on Billy Reay. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Season reviews of Viktor Stalberg [CSN] and Bryan Bickell. [Blackhawk Up] Q & A with Patrick Sharp. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Kings take note: throughout...

Morning Links 5/23


Season review of Sami Lepisto. [CSN] Third Man In Radio. [TTMI] Thoughts on Montador, Kane, attendance. [MyFoxChicago] The fourth in a series about adjusted plus/minus and what it means. Includes...

Morning Links 5/21


End of season reviews for Brendan Morrison [CSN] and Andrew Shaw [Blackhawk Up] Russia wins Gold at IIHF Worlds, while Frolik and the Czechs take bronze. [CSN] [Tribune] Get over 2010 and move on....

Morning Links 5/18


Marcus Kruger's season in review. [CSN] Brendan Morrison's season. [Blackhawk Up] BMo considers retirement. [CSN] The US, Canada, and Sweden get ousted at Worlds. [Tribune] [CSN] [Puck Worlds] B...

Morning Links 5/16


Carcillo's season, as it were, in review. [CSN] Keith is tearing up IIHF Worlds. [CSN] Cimaglia: there's room for improvement. [MyFoxChicago] Paul Hornung warns Patrick Kane to be more careful. [T...

Morning Links 5/14


Nick Leddy season review. [CSN] Keith tallies 2 points in Canada's win over Finland at Worlds. [CSN] These reporters are of the opinion that Patrick Kane should take the partying down a couple...

Morning Links 5/11


Brent Seabrook season review. Spoiler: he was great. [CSN] Cast your vote for Most Valuable Player. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Blackhawks at IIHF World Championships are doing work. [Tribune] Q&A with...

Morning Links 5/9


Haviland is given notice. [CSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [Cheer the Anthem] Q, however, confirms he's not going to Montreal. [CSN] Third Man In Radio discusses the firing, the season. [TTMI] Season...

Morning Links 5/7


CSN reviews Duncan Keith's season. [CSN] The very same Duncan Keith tied the game for Canada at Worlds, but the USA won in overtime. [CSN] CtA has an end-of-season review of Andrew Shaw. [Cheer...

Morning Links 5/4


Marian Hossa is slowly recovering. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] Raffi Torres will be appealing his 25 game suspension. [CSN] [Tribune] [PD] Jack Johnson is Team USA's captain. [Dark Blue...

Morning Links 5/2


Blackhawks assistant GM Marc Bergevin is the new General Manager of Les Montreal Canadiens. [Tribune] [CBC] [PD] Hockeenight has suggestions for off-season moves. [Hockeenight] Cheer the Anthem...

Morning Links 4/30


You can talk roster all you want. It's all dependent on the CBA. [CSN] Stop pining for Lu, all three Blackhawks fans in the universe who might be. [ESPN] New addition on the UC planned. [CSN] [T...

Morning Links 4/27


Nobody's buying your "chemistry" argument, Q. [CSN] Stan Mikita talks about the accidental invention of the curved blade. [blackhawks.nhl.com] Autoplay video warning. Stay the course? [CSN] S...

Morning Links 4/25


Who's staying and who's going? [Tribune] Changes coming; everyone seems to think Kitchen's going to take the fall. [Sun-Times] Departure day interviews will stream live at 10 AM. [b...

Morning Links 4/23


Game 6. [nhl.com] [Tribune] The return of Andrew Shaw. [CSN] [Sun-Times Verdi on Game 5. [nhl.com] The Patricks are frustrated by the Coyotes' D. [Sun-Times] Cimaglia says effort isn't the...

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