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Morning Links 4/20


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [Cheer the Anthem] [Third Man In] [Hockeenight] [MyFoxChicago] Verdi on the wide, wide river to cross. [blackhawks.nhl.com] BMo got a point, 6...

Morning Links 4/18


Recaps. [CSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [Third Man In] [Hockeenight] [Fifth Feather] As I'm sure you've all seen, serial offender Raffi Torres illegally hit Marian Hossa in the head. This should not...

Morning Links 4/16


Recaps if you missed them. [CSN] [Sun-Times] [MyFoxChicago] [Cheer the Anthem] [Third Man In] [Hockeenight] They have home ice now. Use it. [Tribune] Yes, yes, Raffi Torres is the worst, etc. [S...

Morning Links 4/13


Recaps. [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Sun-Times] [Fifth Feather] [Third Man In] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [PD] [MyFoxChicago] Oh, are you, Sean O'Donnell? [Tribune] The rookies are pumped. [CSN] ...

Morning Links 4/11


Jonathan Toews is a game time decision for Thursday. [CSN] [Tribune] What do the Hawks think of this Mike Smith guy? [ESPN] Andrew Shaw's super pumped for the playoffs, intends to camp out in the...

Morning Links 4/9


Coyotes it is. [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Hockeenight] [Daily Herald] Playoffs are awesome. Western Conference preview. [MyFoxChicago] Corey Crawford's had a decent stretch going into the playoffs....

Morning Links 4/6


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] It's Nashville or the Pacific winner, decided by Saturday's game. [CSN] After the recap, Cimaglia suggests...

Morning Links 4/4


Jonathan Toews looks to return tomorrow. [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] Duncan Keith is all rested and recharged. That's...good I guess. [CSN] [Tribune] Corey Crawford believes he can get the job done in...

Morning Links 4/2


Recaps [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [Daily Herald] [ESPN] [CtA] [Third Man In] [Hockeenight] [MyFoxChicago] Jonathan Toews is taking contact. [nhl.com] [CSN] Will he be back before the...

Morning Links 3/30


Recaps. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [DH] [Sun-Times] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] Cimaglia with a gamer and thoughts on whether that second line should stay...

Morning Links 3/28


Recaps. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [MyFoxChicago] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] Frogger is doing the hard work and getting noticed. [CSN] You must be unbelievably tired...

Morning Links 3/26


Recaps. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Daily Herald] [Sun-Times] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] Cimaglia on the game and the questionable defensive effort. [M...

Morning Links 3/23


Still unclear, but Duncan Keith's suspension might be longer than we thought. [CSN] [TSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] Here's a solid breakdown of the things Shanahan is probably going to consider. [G...

Morning Links 3/21


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [Daily Herald] [Sun-Times] [ESPN] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] No time for self-congratulation. Canucks at Hawks previews. [nhl.com] [Tribune] Jonathan Toews...

Morning Links 3/19


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [Daily Herald] [Cheer the Anthem] Cimaglia with thoughts on the third line's great game. [MyFoxChicago] Patrick Kane has stepped up. [CSN] Patrick...

Morning Links 3/16


Going to Dallas. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Daily Herald] Could be a first round playoff preview. [CSN] Things are still touchy re: the brain of Jonathan Toews. He won't travel. Hjalmarsson...

Morning Links 3/14


Recaps. [nhl.com] [Sun-Times] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Fifth Feather] DIY recap: [Hockeenight] Cimaglia on determination. [MyFoxChicago] Jonathan Toews hasn't skated for two days...

Morning Links 3/12


Recaps [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] Emery continues to be solid. [CSN] Carcillo gets two more years. [Tribune] [CSN] Barry Smith weighs in on the power play. [S...

Morning Links 3/9


Game previews. [CSN] [Tribune] [nhl.com] Playing an O6 team is always special. [CSN] No. No one's going to fight John Scott. [CSN] Five questions with Dylan Olsen. [ESPN] Patrick Kane is a...

Morning Links 3/7


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [MyFoxChicago] Crazy grin Brandon Bollig was glad to play in St. Louis. Lepisto is day to day. [Tribune] Jonathan Toews...

Morning Links 3/5


Recaps. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [CSN] [ESPN] [Tribune] [Fifth Feather] [Third Man In] [Hockeenight] Sharp's had a hand in the last four goals. [ESPN] Cimaglia weighs in on the desperation song...

Morning Links 3/2


Going to Ottawa. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [Tribune] Toews isn't traveling, still day-to-day with "no timeline" for recovery. [CSN] [Tribune] The core has to step up now. [CSN] Crawford's not been...

Morning Links 2/29


Toronto is having a meltdown. Game previews. [blackhawks.nhl.com] [Tribune] [Cheer the Anthem] Jonathan Toews shows no progress on his UBI, won't play. [CSN] [Tribune] They called up some Bollig,...

Morning Links 2/27


Recaps. [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] [Fifth Feather] Toews still uncertain for Wednesday against Toronto. [Tribune] Dylan Olsen is strong in the puck area. [C...

Morning Links 2/24


Recaps [nhl.com] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Fifth Feather] [Hockeenight] [Cimaglia] The Captain's okay after his bit of a wreck. [CSN] [Tribune] Steve Montador may not be back this...

Morning Links 2/22


Highly satisfying recaps. [nhl.com] [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] [Cheer the Anthem] Corey Crawford's adjustments begin to pay off. [CSN] Cimaglia has a recap, suggests a...

Morning Links 2/20


Recaps and reflection. [nhl.com] [Tribune] [Sun-Times] [ESPN] [CSN] [Hockeenight] The 25-36-29 checking line seems to be working out. [CSN] The Power Play, however, is hot garbage. [Tribune] C...

Morning Links 2/17


Yes. Recaps and Reflection. [nhl.com] [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Madhouse Enforcer] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] The PK was awesome last night. [ESPN] Cimaglia points to Crow...

Morning Links 2/15


Recaps. [nhl.com] [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN] [Third Man In] [Fifth Feather] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight] Well at least Dylan Olsen is having a learning experience. [Tribune] Cimaglia says they...

Morning Links 2/13


The Blackhawks expect to learn from the 8 game losing streak. [Tribune] Here's an extensive interview with Q where he says again, some more, that they'll tighten up the defense. [Tribune] Tracey...

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