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I fell in love with the 1986 Indians of Carter, Butler, Tabler, Bando, Jacoby, Julio, Bernazard, and Corrales and have been in love ever since. While I now live in New York, I will never "yank over." The Tribe -- this is my team!

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Clifton PHIfer Lee


Sometimes the Chuckster is right. Clifton Phifer left a lot of money on the table to re-join the Phils. 5x ~$20MM contract to wear maroon again.

PIT still plays dirty


The Pats had some issues with the continued dirty play of Steeler defensive players.

South Park's version of "What Should I Do?"


Matt & Trey spoof the latest Nike Lebron James ad.

TMQB on the weekend of illegal hits


Easterbrook is fired UP. He makes some really good points.

Wedge, Bradley reunited


in SEA. Jack Z... not so much a genius any more.

Windhy takes his talents to South Beach


Windhy does a great job and I wish him the best, but the Heat Index is another reason I won't be giving ESPN any Web traffic in the future.

Flying cameras during postseason broadcasts?


Please FOX, just... don't. This is a truly idiotic idea.

Twins anthem by Craig Finn and the Baseball Project


This is incredible. Chrissie Hynde, I'm looking in your direction.



Bob Feller gets a mention as well.

Pies are dangerous


Is 2010 the Year of the Pitcher, or the Year of the Celebration Injury?

Clifton Phifer to NYY?


It's getting close, apparently. Or is this just more ESPN hype? I really hope this doesn't happen today, at least. CLE fans have been through enough already this week.

'trelle leaves the AL Central


So long, it's been good to know ya. He heads to this blog's favorite division and will immediately be installed in ARI's rotation.

Lebron suspended for PEDs


You can exhale now. It's in another sport... but the dude is in Cleveland's minor-league chain.

Lebron suspended for PEDs


Somewhere Chuck rejoices... for a second or two.

Shaq's Impact


I tried to devise a clever way to combine "Shaq" and "impact," but couldn't quite come up with one. The article is a very interesting statistical look at the difference between the Cavs last year and this year.

Tribe chain ranked #5 by BA/SI


Seems they prioritize "star power" in this ranking. Funny that HOU gets dinged for not having a winning major-league club since all the way back in '07.

Ferry named #2 Exec


Danny Ferry finished second in NBA Executive of the Year voting, to DEN's GM. Looks like Billups-for-AI was considered a better move than getting Mo for Da. Jones and Joe Smith. Still, great job, Mr. Ferry. Thanks for the exciting, deep team we get to watch.


Game #58 - Cleveland Cavaliers @ ATL Hawks

Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks

Brodzoski, Closed for Business


Thanks for the memories in 2007, Joe. Let's just forget 2008 ever happened. (Except for Shap and Wedge, who we can hope have learned not to trot injured pitchers to the mound and expect stellar results.)

Statisical analysis in the NBA


Fascinating NYT article by Moneyball author Michael Lewis about the Houston Rockets using statistical analysis to study the NBA. Lots of talk about Shane Battier. I tried to figure out whether or not the Cavs employ such tactics. All I could come up with was that they seem to like the corner three, as does HOU.

Man-genius tears down mural


Have we discussed this yet? I think it's idiotic on Mangini's part.

Where's Hammy?


OK, while I think Tom Hamilton is the best in the game of baseball, I didn't really expect him to make the American Sportscasters Association's Top 50 sportscasters of all time. But I thought a FanShot could lead to some of the debate that a list like this is supposed to engender. Hard to argue with the top five. I hate Costas at #6 and Buck at #11. When's the last time Berman (#35) covered any live event besides adding his repellent "commentary" to the HR Derby? And let's just pretend we never saw that Walton selection. "Turr-ible!"

LeBron's sites shut down


FtS, can we give The King some space on this blog?

Hargrove invented ubiquitous phrase


Turns out our good friend Grover was the first to utter "Manny being Manny" for the press. Great to read an ESPN article that is both well-researched and fun to read.

6-man rotation in September?


The PD is saying Laffey may join our current 5 SPs in a six-man rotation. I guess they like what they are seeing from Reyes (I know I am) and Z-Jaxx.

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