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Where to watch the game in Seattle

I moved to Seattle from Denver about 6 years ago...Wondering if anyone knows where fellow Bronco fans will be watching the game up here. Anyone? Anyone?...tired of the "12th man" talk. I been...

We got DRC


Hopefully this turns out more like 98' broncos and not like 11' eagles.....


One guy at each spot worth taking a look at

Here are some guys that have been waived that I remember following during each of their respective drafts w/ a little info from what I can remember about them. Guys that I think can either fill the...


How I know you're not a Bronco fan...

I listened to DTs interview and read through the transcripts of what he said, and quite honestly so what? I'm about to rant right if you don't like rants this prolly isn't the fanshot for...


Cecil Lammy's Mock Draft

I really like this draft and couldn't think of a better analysis, so all credit goes to Cecil. You can find the original link here. I thought this was a good Fan Post because it deserves some...

Spencer Larsen is a patriot


The latest defector


Remove names from the back of jerseys

Much like everyone here at MHR, I am through and through a Bronco fan. I get into FA, and the draft, and UDFA and all of that looking at prospects and guys that I wish the Broncos would bring in to...

Quote from Mr. Elway


"He has changed the culture of that locker room. The way he handles his life, the way he is with people, the way he is with media — everybody wants to fight over what he is on the football field, but for the NFL, for the Denver Broncos, he’s perfect," Elway says. "He’s a great kid. You know, people want him to be successful. And so do I. Everybody in this building does, too. If he’s the guy that can be our guy for ten, fifteen years, that’s a hell of a deal for us."

An interview w/ our new strength and conditioning coach


I am really impressed by his interview. Especially his enthusiastic attitude. I think he brings some youth and new ideas to strength and conditioning. Hopefully this helps our guys stay more healthy.

Rich Tuten is out...


I was wondering when this would happen....Maybe that means we can get Loren Landow?

What our offense COULD look like. Mix in some throws and this is what it could be. Might even think...


What our offense COULD look like. Mix in some throws and this is what it could be. Might even think about drafting Darron Thomas in the 5th or so round to play backup if we stick w/ this style offense.

Von Miller gets in on the Tebowing action.


Von Miller gets in on the Tebowing action.


How bout B.Lloyd for A.Hernandez?

First off, let me say that I hate the fact that B.Lloyd is on the trading block...I have noticed though, the more attention B.lloyd is getting the more outspoken he has been in his opinion of tebow...

Tebow desktop cutout


Thought this was kinda cool.....TEBOWMANIA BEGINS!!!!! here's the helmet

Linebacker depth?


From Rotoworld: Former No. 4 overall pick Aaron Curry has lost his starting weak-side linebacker job to rookie K.J. Wright. Athletic and productive at Wake Forest, Curry was highly regarded in the scouting community entering the 2009 draft. He's failed to make impact plays in Seattle, though, managing just 5.5 sacks and one interception as a 30-game starter the past two seasons. He had been removed from nickel packages after a dropped interception and blown coverage last week. The Tacoma News Tribune suggests Curry could go on the trade block. With no guaranteed money left on his contract, Curry can be released in 2012. I like hagan, but he's getting old. DJ is always gettin' DUIs, and wood looks good but we still need a guy or two. What say you we trade a mid round draft pick for Aaron Curry?

B-Dawk is great... GO ALL OUT! GO ALL OUT!


B-Dawk is great... GO ALL OUT! GO ALL OUT!

Jeremiah Johnson signed from practice squad


Looks like knowshon may not be playin' this sun.

OG Duke Robinson Released


I think we take a shot at this guy. last year he was suspended 4 games for "substance abuse" (not really smart on his part) but he was the leader of the sooners o-line in college. He was put on IR in 2010. Seems like a lot of "red flags" but he is a mean nasty OG.........and i'd take an iinjured (supposedly) Duke Robinson over a russ suckstein any day.

Kentwan Balmer anyone?


Seems like we're into d-line draft busts, and Balmer fits that mold. Maybe he can heat up like bunkley/harvey have?.....decent backup?

Aaron Maybin anyone?


another 1st round buster to the team? why not....maybe he can learn a thing or two from elvis......maybe.....i guess....

Chevis Jackson Cut


Dang it.......i was hoping Nate Jones would get cut before this guy.

Matt Willis' Ninja Run


Not fast enough to make it out of the first round.......but still pretty cool.

one scary looking right tackle...........hello improved redzone offense.


one scary looking right tackle...........hello improved redzone offense.

Some background on Jeremy Jarmon


He sounds like a great guy. Great guy's don't necessarily make great players...assuming he's converted to DT, let's hope he shows his talent.......cause we need it.

UFL Draft, Herzlich = :(


Not a good sign for Herzlich that he was taken 51st overall. FIFTY guys went before him. I'm pullin for him, but it doesn't look good when a bunch of scrubs are drafted in the UFL before you...

Houston wants von miller or patrick peterson?


"The Texans would have to get to No. 2 for Miller,McClain suggests offering their first, third, and fourth round picks plus Amobi Okoye." A first, third and fourth PLUS amobi? dang......seems like a kings ransom. I think I'd do that deal SO fast....what do you guys think?


The curious case of quarterback controversy..

So you’ve heard that EFX have gone to the pro days of quarterback prospects. Now what? Panic? What about our defensive line?? What about our aging secondary??? What about our lack of linebacker...

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