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John Elway was great QB and he knows he wants a new QB

I really think that that we need an upgrade at the QB postion, so in an attempt to right what McDaniels wronged EFX needs to make some changes. They've brought in both Jake Locker as well as Blaine...


How would you feel about Amobi Okoye?

I'm not sure if there is enough content to warrant a fanpost, but it's a topic of discussion that's not really a mock draft, or CBA, or orton vs tebow. So just something new to stir up. Some...

Quinton Carter...awesome guy/safety

I hope we grab this guy. I know I've seen him in a few mocks. He hits like a truck and that's enough for me....

Rams release FB

Not Broncos news, but how funny would it be if the Broncos sign him and he becomes the next Hillis. (yeah, I know....broncos news is slim)

Pork Chop talks about potential panther targets

8 guys we may or may not target. IMO any or all would be welcome additions, especially any of the guys on defense. Except steve smith....we don't need him.


Why we should NOT take Patrick Peterson w/ the #2 overall

Everyone is talking about how Peterson is such a giant, giant man beast of a CB....but here's why I don't think we should take him w/ the #2 overall....


The Bronco Way

In a season where we've seen a potent air attack turn into a mush, and mushy running game turn potent there is a lot left be desired as a bronco fan. This is my first fanpost, so hang in there and...

Elway has a little chat w/ the boys

I am pro elway being part time owner.

Cuter admits he's gonna throw INTS next year

I know he's no longer a Bronco, but here he is basically giving his excuse for why he's going to throw INTs next year. Hahahaha...too hilarious Jay, too hilarious... "The guys are going to get knocked off routes, something is going to happen, the defender is going to get in the way, and the ball's going to be gone," Cutler said. "That's part of this offense. It's not a read and see what happens and let it fly, it's a read and let it fly. So balls are going to be in the air. Basically saying "it's not my fault I'm gonna throw some picks"

Some GOOD news

X-rays on thomas are negative, and we got a few guys back on the field.

Brady Quinn talked to Elway too...

Rod Woodson mentions how Brady Quinn as called John and asked how he can be better etc. How come no one talks about this? After Griese, Cutler etc. John has been "hands off" but it looks like he is taking more of an active role in mentoring our new QBs. Lastly, what happens if BQ comes in to play and just BLOWS it up...then what do we do w/ Tebow....?


Out w/ Shanny's boys, in w/ McD's boys..would you trade with NE?

Denver has the 11th pick overall (obviously) would McD trade our 1st round pick for a 2nd rounder.......again?

Marshall Signs 4 Year Deal

I know he's gone now....but would that type of deal have been outrageous if we gave him a similar deal??

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