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User Blog

Coker backlash...

I know a few folks have brought this up, but does anyone else feel like this is VERY NFL-ish? Saban has recruited several of the top QBs in the nation every single year. He even attracted a top...

Saturday Late Night Thread


We got dem no college footbaw blues.


And Ode to Kentucky - from a Bama fan.

Looking forward to the game, Kentucky. Just a shout out to my appreciation of the state and its flagship university. We both hate Tennessee. So we're friends already. Y'all make the best strong...

For Chloe.


Late night thread, y'all. Ravens, Broncos, whatevs.

Chris Whitley, y'all.


'cause you can't go with him. Roll Tide.


Alabama Basketball (Men's) - A Rant (post-Tennessee game)

For. the. love. of God. Can we please, please GET AN OFFENSE THAT ATTACKS OUR OPPONENT'S DEFENSE?!?!?!?! PLEASE?!?!?!!? Our guys do not play with much passion. Yes, they try. Yes, they hustle....

This is Chris Whitley. Listen to his music.


This is Chris Whitley. Listen to his music.


Favorite football cliches...that you hate.

Aight y'all, I'm bored again. Just posting something random that might generate some discussion and humor. What are some of your favorite football cliches? The ones you love to hate. This could...


Teams your parents hate, but you don't.

Kinda slow in the offseason, eh? Question for you tide fans. What are some teams that your parents hate but you actually don't (or have a slight affinity for)? For example...my dad HATES Notre...


A Bama fan's perspective on tomorrow night's game

One of the few families my parents remained friends with from their college days (after having kids and all) were big LSU fans. They live in Slidell. I grew up hanging with this family on...


Sun Beast T-shirts

Seriously, in the tradition of Metal Sludge (when it was cool), etc...there has got to be a way for this T shirt to get made and the proper people get paid for it.  This would be a nice way to show...


Would you rather....GA or SC in Atlanta?

Should Bama win the West, who would you really rather play for the SEC title?  It seems as though most want SC for various reasons.  I would much rather play GA.  A few thoughts.  SC has a strong...


An honest request for Orson should the WV rumors be true

Should West Virginia be on their way to the SEC what would be the appropriate welcoming party for such an institution?  Couch burning is commonplace.  Moonshine flows.  The wild and wonderful...


Honest question regarding near future of offense

Most of us probably agree with the notion that we haven't shown all of our cards when it comes to the defense this year - most will come out for the Arkansas game.  Granted, every game matters, etc...


Fulmer Cup Points TAKEN AWAY??? - A suggestion

Per rollbamaroll.com Greg McElroy helped a lady get out of her overturned car at a busy intersection in Tuscaloosa.  I know Greg isn't a current player, and I'm also aware any and all "good deeds"...


Honest 2 Deep Depth Chart - Saban hates me - and nice job basketball team

I realize Saban would heartily disapprove.  But just for kicks, who wants to give it a go for the two deep on here?  Every position, starter and 1st backup to be compared with Saban's when released...


Gainesville breakfast help (and nightlife)

Alright y'all, I'm the best man in a wedding that's taking place in Gainesville in early April.  I want to take the men out Friday night for some good drinks (and wouldn't mind a good pool hall or...


Has anybody heard...

the rumor going on right now?  Of course, I could be accused of stirring the mill for no reason.  And yes, everyone is sick of this until something specific comes to light.  However....there are...


Improved Pass Rush and Alligator Army Game Thread

Alright, why the sudden improvement?  One week and everyone all of a sudden is healthy?  One week and our blitzes our that much more technical?  Can anyone explain this to me?  Or is it we were...


Duke quarterback...

OK, OK...I know we have more talent than Duke. Yes, Saban is a better coach than Cut. HOWEVER, since the season started no one really gives a crap about the Duke game and we're all looking ahead...


Can anyone confirm this???

A friend of mine told me (I think it was per Eli Gold on the radio) that T. Cody and somebody else were about to give Saban a gatorade bath until Ro came up, knocked it down, and said "we can't do...


OTS...rival game questions...

OTS, I'm curious to know your opinions of the 3 major changes our rivals made this offseason.  Chavis at LSU...can he run a solid defense with LSU's athletes?  Chizik/particularly Guz at OC...AU...


Grant vs. Anderson

Am I the only one who thinks Grant is far superior to Anderson?  All this talk about "exciting" basketball and Bama roots seems really, really overblown.  Exciting basketball is great, but rarely...


Now that college football is over...

Gump4heisman had a great blib about true college fans and their apathy towards NFL football (I think it was his Top 10 things to look forward to etc etc).  I was raised in south alabama (the...


NPR piece on the Crimson Tide

Thought y'all might enjoy this.  Long time reader, finally registered.  OTS, love the stuff.  Great taste in music on the site, too.  How come no Chris Whitley love though?  One of my faves of all...

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