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How Did Jay Cutler Measure Up In 2013?

So, I love a good Cutler debate as much as the next hater apologist fan. Who doesn’t? Is Jay an elite level of talent? Have we got the most we can get from Jay? Have we given him enough to...


Fill in the Blanks. (Seriously, Help Me Out)

So, I had to work late tonight. When I got home the game was basically over. So, what did I do? I jumped to the game threads for the overall sense as to how the game went. Here's my take away. ...


Contributing Writers, a Glance Behind the Curtain.

First of all, let me say that I’ve been thinking about writing this for quite some time so this is not intended to offend anyone, only to inform. Second, I’m not writing this with the intentions...


If you don't like it, don't buy it. Why that doesn't work with football.

This was a reply to ECD in another thread, but I thought I'd spin it into a fan post...If you are the fan of a team it’s more than choosing what soda to buy. It's not simply "I like this when I...

Apparently the Inmates in Detroit Run the Asylum...


So now the coaches are asking their team who has struggled to remain "good citizens" what they should do with the few bad eggs. This is simply nuts. Who's in charge here anyway? Not Schwartz.


*A Modest Proposal

*The asterisk is for any literature bug but dedicated to Spongie.


I Love Matt Forte but the Bears Should Sign Michael Bush.

Everything that has been done so far looks good on paper. We got a solid receiver, we are returning a TE, we helped out special teams and we have shored up our backup quarterback and then some. ...


The Chicago Bears Need a Ferrari.

So, you run a business. It's a conglomeration and is branched out into many venues. Last year you needed a new tractor/trailer so you went out and got yourself a good one. Unfortunately it got...


The NFL Draft. A Closer Look

Join me for a look at why I feel the draft is (almost) a complete crapshoot and always has been.


I Don't Care Who the Bears Draft, and Neither Should They

I've been mulling this over in my head for quite some time now. The argument can (and has) been made that the Bears should take a wide receiver in the first round. Others would argue that we need...


If Ted Phillips isn't a "Football Guy" chances are, neither are you.

Yes the man chose a career in law. And yes he was indeed an accountant prior to being hired by the Bears. So I suppose it would be fair to call him a "bean counter" or mock him for his lack of a...


The Bears Should Consider Ruskell For GM. There, I Said It.

I'm not saying that the Bears are handling this job search the right way. In my opinion they should have fired Phillips and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe we would have a new GM and...


The Bears Demand Sacrificial Lambs. Don't Believe Me? Just Ask Jerry and Mike.

The Bears made two huge moves today in firing Jerry Angelo and (how would one word this) "not retaining" Mike Martz. They also established one of the more awkward and unusual chains of command in...

The Bears defeat the Panthers- Best of the In Game Thread.


Comments made by Bears fans during the game versus the Panthers last Sunday.

Our Bears Got Beat Again. Best of the In Game Thread.


Comments made by actual Bears's fans during the game on Sunday. Funny stuff.

The Bears Lost to a Very Solid Team. Best of the In Game Thread.


Comments made by Bears fans during the game against New Orleans. Funny Stuff.

The Chicago Bears Are Undefeated! (Best of the in Game Thread)


Real comments made by real Bears fans as the game happened on Sunday. Funny and amusing!


A Coach, by Any Other Name, Would Still Smell as Lovie.

Ok, so I'm going to try to write this because I think it's the right thing to do but I've got to explain some things first.  I believe that it is our right, and even our duty to be critical of...

The Bears Played the Browns and There was one Heck of a Thread...


The best comments made by Bear's fans during the game against the Browns.

The Bears Played The Titans (kinda) And You Were There...


Actual comments made by real Bears fan's during the game against the Titans. Funny stuff.

Well, Your Chicago Bears Played in an Exhibition Game and...


Best of the In Game Thread. Real time reactions by real Bears fans during the last game.

Our Chicago Bears Played (meh?) But We Were There...


Best comments by real Bears fan's, during the game, and as it happened. The best of the in game thread!!

Well Chicago Bears Fans What Should My Next Post Be?


Preview for the Best of the In Game Thread. Now with toast!

What Has You Worried, Bears Fans?


What concerns you most about the Chicago Bears heading into the regular season?

Could Lovie Smith's Being a "Soft" Coach Finally Pay Off?


Do the Bears have an advantage over other teams heading into training camp?

Bye Bye Brad.


Brad Maynard's skills may have been slowly diminishing but he was still one hell of a punter for our Bears. Tip of the helmet to you Mr Maynard. Thanks for the effort.

If I Were The NFL Commissioner I'd.....


What would you do if you were the NFL commissioner?

WCG... Where a Bear's Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Fan


The pro bowl might even be more lame then the All Star Game. How can it be improved.

Top 10 Reasons for Bears Fans to Keep Reading WCG.


The reasons why the WindyCityGridiron is the best Chicago Bears site on the web.

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