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User Blog

Good Guys Winning And Storybook Endings


Do the Dallas Mavericks have what it takes to close the book on what would truly be a storybook ending?

The Official NBA Jersey Instruction Manual


Because some people just need to read this, and that's all there is to it. The NBA Jersey is nothing new in the world of fashion. At least for as long as I can remember, it's adorned the...

The Quandary


Sometimes I have to admit that, as an outsider to the sports world, I often view things the same way a parent might as they watch their children and their friends engage in their particular brand...

Twenty Years Gone.


When I originally thought of what it would be like to write this, I envisioned Tim Duncan as being the subject. Looking back though, I think the fact that Shaq came into the league when I was just...

Ruminations on The Spurs Dynasty, Cars, The NBA, Life, etc.


I began typing this shortly after Lebron James tore into the lane and dunked on Shawn Marion/Assorted Compatriots late in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals. I turned the game off after...

Popovich And The Far Off Place, Part 2


-Day 31When you're taking some time, if you keep telling yourself there are things you need to see or do, then you aren't really taking any time... Sometimes it helps though, when the things you...

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Justin Biehle sounds off on the Chicago Bulls after their 5 game sweep at the hands of the Miami Heat.

Throwing It In The Ocean, And Looking Up To The Stars


Basketball has, for as long as I've known it, had a quality that I compare solely with fly fishing. Though an actual game being played tends to add a more structured dimension to the act of...

Popovich and The Far Off Place, Part 1

Part 1 of Popovich's fictitious off-season journeys, Memphis TN to San Antonio TX to Big Spring TX to Hobbs NM.


The Situation is Haywood, Dude...

I'd wager that more than a few of you clicked on this link because you saw the title and thought I was doing something serious like stating a case as to how Brendan Haywood was precisely the rangy,...


Energy Supplements and Otherwise Random Thoughts

I've posted a lot of stuff recently, so why not post some more? I, like Mel Kiper, need to find ways to make myself useful after prime time, but I don't have a gigantic chalkboard, so I use the...

The Beauty of a Spur-less Playoffs

Can the playoffs be fun even after your team has been eliminated? Justin Biehle is learning that they can.


Ainge "Looking at Duncan"

I stumbled across this while I was looking for that picture The Sporting News ran of Duncan in a Celtics uniform a few years back. Suffice to say, I doubt very much it would happen, but it's one...


The Los Angeles Fake Show

  Dear Basketball, At the expense of my talents for the written word succumbing to the cliche, we need to talk.


How It Is, What It Takes, And How It Goes...

How It Is, What It Takes, And How It Goes...



  Well, I think it's safe to say that we all died of deep vein thrombosis because of our huge collective woodrow for Gary "Balls" Neal. It's also safe to say that PtR has found its 2011 Playoffs...


Battle Cries: Not Just For Movies Anymore! And Also Trolls...

Dear Guys (and possibly ambiguously avatar'd Ladies...)   Life has a funny way of handing you lemons. You can literally be on top of the world, and know in your heart of hearts that it wont be...


Spurs' Duncan Subs In, Wins Spelling Contest

via a.espncdn.com Trenton, NEW JERSEY- San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan found himself in unfamiliar territory Tuesday evening, coming off the bench in the New Jersey Institute of...


Pudgy White Guy Makes Open Three in Pick-Up Game

  Austin, TEXAS- 23 year old Robert Elliot, a senior at the University of Texas, has been reported to have made an open three point shot during his most recent pickup game at Gregory Gym, the...


Popovich Ejected From Area Restaurant

After his second technical, Popovich was ejected from area restaurant (Off the Wall)


Gist, Blair Destroy Tokyo in Mutant Rampage.

Tokyo, Japan- In a series of events that shockingly hearkened back to Universal Monster movies of the 60s and 70's, Spurs forwards DeJuan Blair and James Gist have completely destroyed the city of...


Michael Finley Shot in Zombie Confusion

Spurs guard Michael Finley is in stable condition after suffering a gunshot wound sustained during a brief panic during which it was ascertained that he was "probably definitely a zombie."


Stories From Days Gone By: Vol. 1

The Irreverence Begins...   About a year ago, when I was finishing up school, my brother came up to live with me. He was a sophomore and staying with me was cheaper than paying rent. I lived in a...


As The Full Moon Rises, So Does Scrappy Doo

That title sounds bad ass, like I'm some sort of ninja standing atop a high mountain field, waiting for destiny.  Ninja or not though, I just wanted to announce my triumphant return to PtR. It's...


From The Chalice of Prophecy

Lo, doth the tides of nightfall stretch across the sky with foreboding.  The earthy loam packed hard beneath his warrior feet, dyed red from the claret of the fallen. Red, like his own Warrior's...


Lakers Recap: When You Only See The Final Score, It's A Lot Like Just Ripping The Band-Aid Off...

Yeah, I have to admit, my Spurs watching habits have grown a bit rusty of late. I don't DVR the games like I used to, and I haven't been to a game yet this season. The good news is, I still come to...


Recap! Yao Hurts Self While Spurs Slum Against Mediocre Team! Elsewhere, Something Else Predictable Also Happens!

I find it kind of ironic that on the day I quit my job, Vince Carter almost did his. I didn't watch this game, because I was self medicating at The Mean Eyed Cat after taking a nasty crash at the...


Crash Landings Are Landings, too! Memphis Recap.

There’s always a few games a season where, for whatever reason, your team plays another a lot closer than pretty much anyone feels was really necessary. Whether or not it’s...


Loose Ball Evades Entire NBA...

Compliments of The Onion...    EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ—A Devin Harris three-point attempt that caromed wildly off the back of the rim during the third quarter of Wednesday night's New York...

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