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Love two hour pitcher's duels, the days when home runs were exciting, and all things Padres.
Co-founder of www.sportsinjuryalert.com

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The Mariners and the anti-producers


Quick question, with production like this, how are the Mariners in competition for a playoff spot?

Fall off a cliff with the Astros and Rangers


The two teams in Texas have followed eerily similar paths...down. Which team will right the ship first?

Will Chase Headley outperform expectations?


Projections are usually a pretty good tool, but let's play the gut game. Will Chase Headley, as a Yankee, outperform or underperform?

Approaching Pujols


We've already established that Albert Pujols has seen the cut fastball more often over the last four years, but are teams intentionally approaching him that way, or is it simply a result of the...

Is Miguel Cabrera going to steal an MVP again?


Hey guys, don't look now, but if we're going by the all-important RBI stat, Miguel Cabrera is on pace to swipe yet another MVP from Mike Trout. That won't happen again though, right? Right?!

Madison Bumgarner and pitchers who can hit


Until the National League adopts the DH (I hope they don't), it will always be fun to see which pitchers are the best hitters. Even more fun, is pointing out pitchers who may hit better than position players (Madison Bumgarner vs. Michael Morse is a good example). Who are your favorite hitter-happy pitchers?

Is MLB's Statcast the future of analytics?


Want to know how fast Mike Trout ran the bases on his RBI triple last night? MLB has you covered. New technology is incredible. Is it a statistics game-changer, though?

MLB ignores Tony Gwynn's passing during All-Star Game


Tony Gwynn wasn't the only baseball-related passing in 2014, but his was certainly the most untimely and had possibly the largest impact on the sport as a whole. Do you think MLB handled the All-Star Game poorly by not providing some sort of tribute?

Albert Pujols and the cut fastball


Has the cutter been one of the bigger reasons for Pujols' struggle over the last four seasons?

Sabermatics: Sabermetrics' new automatic friend


During last night's Home Run Derby, ESPN's Chris Berman renamed the study and presentation of advanced statistics in baseball, and...I dig it. Let's all embrace this new term meaning that sabermetrics are so automatic they're sabermatic!

NL Final Vote: Rizzo or Rendon


Both Anthony Rendon and Anthony Rizzo were relegated to the National League's Final Vote for the All-Star Game this year. Now, I'm forced to pick one Anthony.

Cubs trade Samardzija to Athletics


The first big trade of the 2014 trade season went down while you were all eating hot dogs and watching explosions in the sky. The A's are banking on the now while the Cubs continue to build for the...

Trading Trout?


Under what crazy circumstances (obviously in a Bizarro World) would the Angels trade Mike Trout? Is there any return possible that would make it worthwhile?

Scott Kazmir, good again


Remember when Scott Kazmir was one of the best young pitchers in the game? Well, maybe he's recaptured some of that success years later in Oakland.

Head games


We have seen enough of the superstar-changes-teams-only-to-suddenly-struggle model to know that there's something driving it. Could it be age at the time of trade or free agency, or could it...

Could Rich Hill be a fit for the Padres?


The San Diego Padres are still looking to add to their bullpen. Could Rich Hill be a fit?

How to build a life-long Padres fan


It's not enough to simply call yourself a fan. Your fandom must be proven. Especially if you are an outsider.

Should the Padres go after Balfour?


After the Baltimore Orioles changed their mind - er - found medical evidence of injury issues resulting in the revocation of their contract offer to Grant Balfour, the former Athletics' closer is...

Padres not shopping Huston Street


With the signing of Joaquin Benoit, there has been some thought that the San Diego Padres would look to trade Huston Street. That won't be something the Padres actively pursue.

Padres could trade Blanks or Guzman


As the San Diego Padres look to add more pieces for the 2014 season, they may use some of their depth to acquire the guys they want. That includes players like Kyle Blanks and Jesus Guzman.

Padres were interested in Matt Thornton


Matt Thornton signed with the New York Yankees yesterday, but the San Diego Padres were one of the many teams interested. Imagine the world if Thornton was a Padre.

Padres are bringing brown back!


...for a series. The Padres will appease the masses in late May. Better than nothing, right?

Padres talking to Trayvon Robinson


The San Diego Padres are among multiple teams who have begun talks with free agent Trayvon Robinson.

Chase Headley WILL be the Padres' best player


As shocking as it may be (and by shocking, I mean predictable), Chase Headley is predicted to be the best player on the San Diego Padres roster.

Padres no longer interested in Oliver Perez


Although there was talk last week of some potential interest in former-Padres pitcher Oliver Perez returning to the club, San Diego is not pursuing the 32-year-old lefty.

MLB Rumors: Padres and the available bullpen arms


There are some high-profile relievers available this offseason such as Joaquin Benoit, Grant Balfour, and Fernando Rodney. The Padres appear to be linked to Benoit, but what if they weren't?

Former Padres player in trouble...again


Miguel Tejada was busted back in August for a failed drug test. Now, he's in trouble with the Dominican Winter League.

Padres not likely to trade Maybin


More speculation than rumor, but don't expect the Padres to trade Cameron Maybin anytime soon.

Patrick Schuster answers your questions


He's not just some guy who you thought was going to be a different guy who is coming to the Padres after a weird trade by another guy (last guy is Josh Byrnes, keeping up?). He's a fans' player.

FanFest will be February 8th


Mark it down. Be there. It'll probably be fun.

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