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Yankees acting like Yankees again

Over the past couple years, I have almost came to hate the Yankees a LITTLE less than I had before. They seemed as if they were cutting costs aggressively to the point where I was pretty sure the R...

Jose Abreu a white sox

6 year, 68 million dollar deal. I personally was "bidding" 6 years, 60 million for the Pirates if I was GM, so I would've lost the bidding. There will probably be a "proper thread" by one of the big bucsdugout guys soon, but I figured I'd break the news here.


The long forgotten Elmer "Mike" Smith

Elmer "Mike" Smith is a cool Pirate with the short career I think deserves a little mention. He batted .325/.416/.466 for 7 years for the Pirates in the 1890s. wRC+ in the area of Al Kaline and...


An at first heartening, then on closer inspection sobering, view on attendance

Hello, now I had just read a comment going on about essentially "blah, blah, I don't want to hear the phrase small market, blah blah, Cincinatti spends $, blah blah" (you get the idea). Now, I...

Cubs lock in Anthony Rizzo

Well, figured I'd post this here, always good to have more contracts to look to when it comes to locking in players and complaining/praising GM's. We don't seem to have any players that would be a very good comparison to Rizzo that seem like they need locked up now, but it's always nice to have more info.

Phil Irwin's winsome curve

Click the links to the other videos to see even more impressive curveballs. In honor of his start tomorrow, I feel this needed to be posted.


Ranking the top 10 best pro careers in Pittsburgh sports

OK, I saw a ranking for top athlete's that made me die a little inside, so I decided I'd so my own list to purge said feelings out of myself. I also used top sport careers to make it a little more...

Pirates in on Wandy Rodriguez

Pirates also pulled Alen Hanson from his WV game... perhaps correlation. (I apologize if not fanshot worthy, erase this Charlie if it belongs somewhere else.)

James McDonald adds a slider, dominates

A look from fangraphs at how James McDonald has mostly scrapped his changeup for a slider and how the slight improvement in command of a secondary offering and slight increase in swing and miss rate from the change has considerably improved his pitching. It mentions that he likely won't keep up the ERA but that this change is responsible for some of his improvement and that the Pirates deserve credit for helping him turn things around.


Poll: If you could, what is the lowest acceptable performance you would "Lock" Pedro in to?

So, it's not quite halfway into the season and we've seen good Pedro, bad Pedro, etc. Pedro, and etc. etc. pedro. Needless to say to anyone who has been following the team, but his highs and lows...

Nats sign Brad Lidge to 1-year deal

Contract is for 1 year $1 million plus incentives. Seems reasonable, maybe even a bit cheap to me considering the market for relief pitchers.

Handshake labor deal reached

If this is true, this is about worst case scenario for Pirates. A draft tax of 75-100% of each dollar spent above a threshold, more players get super two status, if a player is going to be a free agent, the qualifying offer will be determined by a formula instead of arbitration from what I've gathered, and the number will be likely above $12 million for one year. Also, if the player declines and signs, instead of the signing team losing the pick altogether, they just move to the end of the first round, meaning that signing a big buck free agent won't stop the Yankees and Red Sox from picking in the top 32 picks. On the plus side for Pirates hope, after the Astros move to the AL, 10 teams make playoffs!


Jason Kendall's "albatross" gives a sobering view on free agency

When the name Jason Kendall pops up, a large amount of Pirates fans first reaction is "albatross contract".  A large amount of those left would probably think "gruesome injury".  While that...


How much do we expect Jeff Francis to make?

So, I was looking at potential replacements for Paul Maholm that could possibly be on the market, and Jeff Francis popped out at me as a possible signing.  Yes, he had injury ridden 08 and 09...


Money Spent On Players in 2011, By Team

Frankly, I'm surprised that this long after the draft that this hasn't been done already.  I'm merely combining the draft bonus totals and the payroll totals of the MLB teams and adding them...

Plight of the Pirates

The article describes the Pirates quick fall, in turn criticizing the Pirates for not acting early and then admitting that they probably made the best decision given the circumstances and praising NH for not mortgaging the farm.


Jeff Keppinger trade discussion, after the fact

  Jeff Keppinger was dealt to the San Francisco Giants for 2 Giants prospects.  The prospects were 2 strikeout pitchers with walk issues that were bullpen guys that ranked 22 and 29 in the Giants...


Celebrating Derek Jeter's career, by comparing him to Arky Vaughan

  Derek Jeter has put up one of the greatest offensive careers by a shortstop in league history.  He just put up his 3000th hit, an impressive counting number.  More importantly for this case he is...

Charlie Morton's Dilemma

A Fangraphs post that says temper your enthusiasm for Charlie Morton, because his completely new approach to pitching has probably fooled some batters this year who expected something different. Now that he is predictable, he might need to adjust because he's essentially throwing one pitch in the same spot and not many people can get away with that.

Neil Walker Swinging Out of His Shoes

Fangraphs post about Neil Walker's hot start, with a graph demonstrating his problems against sliders so far this season. Small sample size is all we have at this point in the season, as you'll see from the article.


Pirates RS projections based on Community Projections

Well, we got eight batters finished for our fan projections, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to see how our individual projections would most likely play out on the field in terms...


Strand rate data fun

In the discussion over whether Olsen or Morton should be 5th starter, Rainja brought up the point that Morton's .320 BABIP and 62% strand rate over his 250 inning MLB career are not unlucky.   His...


Our favorite platoon target, and the other guy who should be

Here it seems a lot of us like the idea of platooning Garret Jones, and the splits do certainly tell a tale.  This is a lefty who hits .215/.256/.354 against lefties this year for an OPS of .610...


What is going on?

Answer truthfully, who would have put money on this over/under?  Over/under of number of articles by Bob Smizik that would be agreed with by the majority of the people at Bucs Dugout in August of...


What 2 awesome games can do for your line

A.232/.300/.384 line is not pretty, it is a line that would POSSIBLY be adequate for a good fielding utility infielder who doesn't play much, but is not attractive, a .684 OPS, pfft... foget about...


Anybody worried at all?

"According to league sources, the Flyers have a verbal agreement in place with the San Jose Sharks to fork over a seventh-round pick next season if they can sign San Jose's Evgeni Nabokov before ...


Sigining news around the league

I figured I'd update everyone here a little with how some of the other teams in the league are doing in the extremely important activity of signing draft picks.  It seems as if some teams have...


On signing draftees

I figured I'd update everyone here a little with how some of the other teams in the league are doing in the extremely important activity of signing draft picks.  It seems as if some teams have...


The Yankees beat us at our own game!

Having NH as our GM, I thought that we were guaranteed to do at least one thing better than any other team, even the Yankees, and I turned out to be wrong.  No, it isn't outspending the opposition,...

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