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Being #1

With the start of the new season just one week away, the excitement and anticipation will begin to grow and grow with each passing day. However, there is something about week one that for MOST of...


Completely average:

With the new season closing in fast, many are have trouble fitting in all their favorite players with the new "tight" budget. I began to wonder what sort of team could be fielded using the highest...


A Single Choice

The addition of the captain feature this season has been met with mixed reviews this season...How would you have fared without it?


Prices: Get them while they're hot?

Can't believe the prices of players from week to week. Just (BEFORE) this past double week I dropped ALL PLAYERS with the exception of Suarez and bench players like Bertrand..meaning that the only...


KM's Week 31 Player Picks: Seeing Double

For those who have been watching my progress over this season know all too well that I am having a less then steller year......BUT ...That is not going to stop me from telling you what to do!!


K.M. Player Picks - Week 27

He's back with another round of fun, off-the-wall picks. What's not to love?


Captain (Ass Kick)

Well, I "could" be left in the dust once AGAIN for another poor Captain's choice. This week is still unfolding and my choice of Hazard does have a fair chance of a good return. I sure could use...


K.M's Week 22 Player Picks

It's time for the long-awaited return of K.M! Take a look at some alternative player picks who should be in your thoughts for Week 22.


Is That Your FINAL Answer?

Taking one more look into the value of the bench this season, and trying to determine the best strategy for the rest of the season.


Perfecting The Bench

Like the bank shot on a pool table it appears that most of us are counting on our bench players to help us sleep better at night or save our weeks all together. With only a few exceptions, most of...


We need a better name for Suarez!

I know it's a bit silly but we have so many ways to describe things and Suarez, or any player for that matter needs a varitation to his name to describe his current form. However, I am finding it...


K.M. Player Picks!!! (Week 17)

With only a few shopping days left, many have been searching for that perfect gift for the holidays. Well, the SEARCH IS OVER as K.M.'s Player Picks are now available for ages 0-100 and can be...


Age Groups: Revised edition!!

I have long wondered the ages of many NMA Bloggers. For the most part a good guess will get you close on many bloggers but there are those that will surprise you. Take me for example. Most...


The Sweet Smell Of.........Failure?

I ended this week with a very poor 92 points as my poor Captain did not play. Getting a defender sent off with a red card did not help either and my differential pick of Siggy (based on the final...


Leaving it on the BENCH!

Now that we have several game weeks behind us the new bench feature has certainly found it's place for many while a few still ignore the possible benefits. Regardless of your preferred choice the...

Captains Week 9


Due to the (OVERWHELMING) response to last weeks poll I give you: Captains: Week 9

Barn Door Live Chat (Sunday/Monday) Edition


What a day it was yesterday. There were many teams that scored very well, although it seemed a few of the "wrong" players were doing the scoring.

Barn Door (Live Chat) Week 8


Hopefully we have covered all the major concerns that have been raised over the past two weeks and like it or not our teams are set and fingers can now be crossed.

Pre-Deadline (Live Chat) Week 8


Guess what time it is boys & girls?????????


Week 8 scores:

Liverpool @ Newcastle (3-1 Liverpool) Norwich @ Arsenal (2-1 Arsenal) Cardiff @ Chelsea (2-0 Chelsea) Hull City @ Everton (2-0 Everton) Southampton @ United (17-0 United) W...

Week 8 Captains:


Who will be your Captain for week 8?

Barn Door Live Chat Week 7 (Sunday Edition)


What a day it was. Manchester City returned to our fantasy radar while Manchester United needed the help of one of their youngest players to save a win against bottom of the table Sunderland.

Newcastle @ Everton Monday Chat


What a day it was yesterday. From what I am seeing the points were coming faster then most managers could count giving many of us some huge scores for the week. I am putting up a Monday Chat due to...

Barn Door Live Chat Week 6 (Sunday Edition)


Wow, I'm sure sure nobody could have foreseen the outcome of yesterdays Manchester United and Manchester City games! I know my line up changed several times throughout the about yours?

Barn Door Live Chat Week 6


Hopefully we all made those last minute changes in time and our starting 11 is INDEED a starting 11. Let's take a look at what is going on for week 7.

Pre-Deadline (Live Chat) Week 6


Good morning. (Well here anyway). There has been plenty of new the past couple days causing many of us to once again do a last minute shuffle with our players. Aguero out is the biggest news with...

KM's (Week 6) Player Picks!


I am getting a run off the bench this week to once again bring you the most anticipated event in all sports............... KM's ( Week 6) Player Picks!!!

Barn Door Live Chat Week 5 (Sunday Edition)


Yesterday proved to be very interesting. Sturridge disappointed causing many to consider other options for next week. Benteke went off and could be out for awhile so I see many new faces at the...

Barn Door Live Chat Week 5


The door has close on yet another week. Personally, I did not see a clear choice for Captain this week so picking the right one will certainly be the envy of your league. My team ended up like this..

Who will be your Captain in week 5?


Not exactly a week where we have 1-2 standout candidates for Captain. So, lets see which way the wind is blowing this week shall we?

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