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Barn Door Live Chat Week 4


Time has run out on week 4! Our fingers are crossed and our Captains fate is now out of our hands. Hopefully Manchester United and Crystal Palace will start our week off with plenty of action and...

Pre-Deadline (Live Chat) Week 4


Just got up and noticed we have no live chat going. No time for one on my (great) introductions so lets get started!

KM's (Week 4) Player Picks


The countless marches that have lined so many city streets. The formal request of over 127 government officials from 43 different countries. Dogs barking, women screaming, babies crying and cars...

The Times They Are A-Changin'


Back on August 2nd I wrote an article titled "Newbies" discussing many of the new faces to the Premier League. Contained within the article was a poll listing possible season keeper candidates.

It's a Numbers Game?


Well, we have a little bit of a break here and we all know what that means!!! It means sit down, relax and have a drink as we go deep into the fantasy mind of KM!!! Better make that a FEW DRINKS!

Barn Door Live Chat Week 3 (Sunday Edition)


Congratulations appear to be in order for all the LUCKY managers who were SO FAR OFF on their predictions about Manchester City yesterday but ended up with some fantastic fantasy scores DESPITE the...

Barn Door Live Chat Week 3


Just love it when it's game time! Hope you have made all your last minute adjustments and there are no Chelsea or Villa players in your line up! Would love to see many more goals this week and have...


The season is barely underway and it appears I have found a new fantasy nemesis....The Captain! Is this just a slow start, or will this new feature indeed derail my entire season?

Barn Door Live Chat Week 2 (Sunday Edition)


Today we have: Swansea @ Spurs AND Manchester City @ Cardiff City....... Lets CHAT!

Barn Door Live Chat Week 2


Hopefully all our last minute changes have been made and the most important Captain's (c) rest comfortably next to this weeks highest scorer in the league.

KM's (Week 2) Player Picks!


You sit back and listen as the crowd goes wild. Excitment and anticipation grows to a feverish level as you wait for that single moment in time when the one thing you crave more then anything in...

Manchester City vs Newcastle (Monday Edition)


Well, the fun continues with our Monday addition of football..Manchester City home to Newcastle. Newcastle take the field with a very similar line up to last seasons while Manchester City have gone...

The Morning Chat (Sunday Edition)


Yesterday we got off and running in fine fashion. Benteke showed us all he will be a force to deal with this season. There was a Wayne Rooney sighting and everyone is now trying to fit Robin Van...

Mmmmmm BACON!


Prices are on the rise and last minute changes will be more abundant then ever. However, we need to make sure as we prepare the half time bacon that week one's low prices don't end up slipping...

KM's (FIRST EVER) Week 1 Player Picks!


The long awaited start of the season is here, bringing with it the most anticipated event in all football. Not since the possibilities of "fermentation" were fully understood has there been this...

Seeing Double?


Normally. with the season less then one week away we would be shuffling our teams around like crazy, perfecting our own special blend of players designed to catapult us off the starting blocks into...

Making It Work


It appears perfecting the new format may take longer then expected, however, this is no excuse to start the season off on the wrong foot.

M.T.T. Barometer?


Many beyond our community may not understand the reasoning in this post but hopefully some of the "old guard" within the community will appreciate it. I give you the M.T.T. Barometer?



Has there ever been a time like this, where a complete starting 11 of NEW faces to the premier league could be assembled in WEEK 1 and actually be one of the BEST teams out there?

The High Cost Of Defending


I was wondering if you've noticed the high cost of this years "remaining" defenders? Now, I am not talking about the top 1-2 from each team but the cost of the #3 and #4 positions on many teams on...

Who's Your Huckleberry?


For those who have been around here the past couple of years, know very well that my style of play can be a "bit left of center" and my personal learning curve is long and winding! That said, I...

Stretched to the limits?


Frustration seems to be mounting and many questions seem to be going unanswered. The start of the new season is only a couple weeks away and whether we like it or not we may have to begin the...

Coping with change.


In two recent polls here at NMA, we discussed how you would approach the addition of the bench. With the latter of the two showing a possible change in the wind, lets examine this strategy further.

Load Up... Blow Up?


As the start of the new season rapidly approaches, many seem to be "punch drunk" on the amount of funds available to start the new season. Will you be able to have the line up of your dreams each...

Playing the bench


If you haven't heard, there have been several changes to the Yahoo game, in particular, bench players. There will also be a Captain's choice (double points),more money to spend, an Auto Pick and...

Getting started for your 2013/2014 season


New faces equal new opportunity to adjust old strategy.


Get your butt ready: WEEK 1

Frisking the Fixtures – Gameweek 1 Filed under: Frisking the Fixtures - Posted by: Paul The publication of the 2013/14 Premier League fixture list brought us that little bit closer to the new...


NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REUTERS) It has been confirmed that the manager known as K.M. will ignore his own MoJo! A few weeks ago after visiting a tropical island, K.M. returned with a very powerful MoJo. Since that day...


Singled out.

Just for the fun of it I looked to see if I could field a half way decent team of all SINGLE gamers, all at RETAIL, with the EXCEPTION of Cazorla, who I figure everyone has and is keeping through...


NCAA Basketball!!!

I know... I know... but nothing is going on anyway. In my opinion, one of the greatest tournaments in all sports. Young kids playing their hearts out every night. I love it! [Editor's note: Way...

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