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I grew up playing football (American) in high school and hating soccer. Later, at age 19, I served a mission in Paraguay for my church and I saw first hand what soccer means to the rest of the world. When I came home, I enjoyed the World Cup (mostly rooting for Paraguay) every 4 years. When MLS expanded into Seattle, my wife was expecting a boy, so it made sense to grab some season tickets early (planning for future father/son bonding experiences). I've never regretted that decision. Over the first 3 seasons in addition to taking my family to many games, I've taken 33 different friends to games and 3 of them have become season ticket holders themselves. I love everything about the Sounders especially that I've been a part of it since the beginning, well 2009 that is (some argue the beginning was in 1974).

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Security missteps

I sent the following letter to my season ticket rep tonight after the D.C. United game. I wanted to share it here to encourage others to voice their opinions or concerns about what happened...

The truth about SKC/USOC

As the Sounders prepare to take on Sporting KC this Wednesday, I thought I'd share this... A few months ago, a Sporting KC fan was kind enough to post a video of the shootout from the USOC final. If you can bear to watch it again, make sure you pause at both 5:44 and 6:44 and compare. Both keepers were equally off their lines when they made the saves. Ricardo Salazar gifted the cup to KC. Also, technically last year's USOC final goes down as a game that ended in a tie. A penalty shootout followed afterward to decide a cup winner. Bottom line, Seattle is still undefeated in Sporting Park. That won't change on Wednesday.

New sections available for CCL match


No one's really paying attention to CCL these days, or so it seems. Recently, the Sounders quietly opened 6 additional sections (134-6 and 234-6) on the west side of CenturyLink Field. In reality, demand appears to be pretty high as those sections (at midfield) appear to be nearly sold out already. The attendance at CCL games is not at the same level as MLS games, but it seems like 20,000+ is a possibility for this second and series deciding game vs. Tigres. For comparison, 23,433 were present at the home leg vs. Santos Laguna last year when we hosted the first leg.


Sounders #awaysupport

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's a slow week and this seems not to be getting the attention it deserves. Discuss. - Jeremiah I had my first experience in supporting the Sounders away from home on May 28th, 2011...

Alvaro Saborio of Real Salt Lake wins the MLS Dive of the Year Award. Inspired by RSL Soapbox.

Alvaro Saborio of Real Salt Lake wins the MLS Dive of the Year Award. Inspired by RSL Soapbox.


A reason for RSL fans to cheer for Seattle on Tuesday

Tomorrow night is the 98th annual U.S. Open Cup Final.  It will be played in Seattle between Sounders FC and the Chicago Fire.  So why am I creating a fan post (my first) at RSL Soapbox?  To...

Thought the Dallas fans here would be interested in how their team is being scouted. Here's...

Thought the Dallas fans here would be interested in how their team is being scouted. Here's Sounders FC play-by-play man Arlo White breaking down Dallas for today. His talking points: (1) George John out (2) Brek Shea (3) Maicon Santos (4) Dallas makes history in Mexico


Relocation, not Expansion--Revisited

Yesterday Dave Clark covered some of Don Garber's comments about the future of the league.  I agree with his (Dave's) follow up comments on where the league is going (MLS 3.0) and the great...

Nice video demonstrating Portland's selective memory of how the rivalry has unfolded over the...

Nice video demonstrating Portland's selective memory of how the rivalry has unfolded over the years. For a complete view of the history of the rivalry, check Wikipedia where we learn that Seattle leads overall 40-26-8 and also in playoff meetings 3-2-0. Know your history.


710 ESPN's New Sounders FC Podcast

Inspired by the comments/discussion that follwed from sidereal's "710ESPN is dead to me" post, on Saturday I decided to contact someone at and ask why Sounders FC Weekly, hosted by...


FakeSigi... doublespeak?

K61's Note: If you're arriving here after reading FakeSigi's defense of his "lambasting of the MLS propaganda machine," I have responded below in the comments. I have to admit I enjoy reading...

Sounders FC scout DC United

Thought it might be interesting for the DC United fans to see the scouting report for their team. Sounders FC puts one of these videos out before every game. The guy talking is our local play-by-play announcer, Arlo White. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Sounders handle Charlie Davies. Could be a very entertaining game.

Jason Kreis reacts to horrific injury

Kreis had not yet seen the replay (but had heard a lot about it) when he made this statement: "I would like to see the players take some accountability within themselves," he said. "I know it's done over in England where the players union will have sanctions and look very, very harshly among themselves, because they've got to treat each other with the proper amount of respect and the proper amount of professionalism." "If it was anything like everybody is saying it was, I hope there are strong, strong sanctions, and not only from the league, but I'd like to see the players union consider sanctioning themselves as well," said Kreis. Interesting idea for another, independent authority (the players union) to also provide help in addressing the problem of reckless, physical play in the league.

So I open up the sports page of the Seattle Times this morning and this huge photo of Zakuani's...


So I open up the sports page of the Seattle Times this morning and this huge photo of Zakuani's goal is right in the middle of the front page. Inside, the entire third page covers the day's events. It has the rest of the front page article covering the game, another article covering the significance of Kasey's performance, and some decent AP coverage of the other MLS matches. Both of the Times' articles were written by Joshua Mayers. While the Sounders still don't get as much love as the Mariners or Seahawks from the Seattle Times sports staff, it's getting better. A big thing still missing from this Sunday's coverage are some charts, graphs, and tables analyzing the game. For the best of those, we continue to turn to S@H. Still, it's good to see that the times they are a' changin' (pun intended). We'll get great mainstream media coverage of the Sounders someday. That day is starting to feel a little bit closer.

Dario Sala Thanks FC Dallas Fans

"So, in January, I officially retired from playing soccer and began a career as an agent. The move has been an easy one, as I had been informally recruiting players to come to the league for years. Now I just get paid for it. I’ve already signed several players to teams here and in Latin America, including Mauro Rosales of the Seattle Sounders." Interesting that former FCD goalkeeper Dario Sala was involved in recruiting and now representing Mauro Rosales (aka. #TheTrialist).


Possible implications of using Groupon to sell tickets

Note: I've added the word "possible" to the title as my intention with this post is not for it to be an indictment, rather a voice of concern from a devoted fan.  I first learned of our Front...


Sounders FC appearing on Wikipedia March 19th

On Saturday, March 19, the Wikipedia article covering Seattle Sounder FC is scheduled to appear on the Main Page as "Today's Featured Article."  This date was chosen to commemorate the 2 year...


UPDATED: Hawks Nest NOT open for business

Update: Epic fail on my part.  It turns out this was just a mistake.  Jeremiah has confirmed (and commented below) that the Hawks Nest is not opening up this season.  Just to show I'm not a...


Paul Allen named Sports Citizen of the Year

I figured I'd post on this since I didn't see anything on it yet. Congratulations to Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC owner Paul Allen on being named Seattle Sports Commission Sports Citizen of...


Relocation, Not Expansion–Reprise

I started working on this post a while ago, but got side tracked and never got back to it.  Dave Clark's recent post entitled "MLS Must Go South" sparked some interesting conversation which caused...


Bravo Rapids fans, bravo

Given the frustrated tone of my other fanpost on this site, I wanted to follow up after the Eastern Conference final with an acknowledgement post.  I watched the game on FSC and was very...


Season Ticket Renewal Observations and Thoughts

I finally was able to catch my ticket rep on the phone last week and renew my season tickets for 2011.  I had a number of additional questions to ask him that spawned some interesting...


Time to hold the Rapids FO accountable

Disclaimer: I live in Seattle and I'm a Sounders FC fan. I read a lot of blogs and ever since the MLS showed up in Seattle I've been both a Sounders FC fan and an overall MLS supporter.  I'll be...


Literary license comin' atcha (FakeFakeSigi style)

Background reading: The post The responseWell look what I found hanging in the closet, a "literary license" ballcap.  It totally doesn't fit the head of an embryonic MLS fan like me, but I'm...


MLS needs relocation, not expansion

Editor's note: Can't say I agree with all the findings, but there is lots of interesting stuff in here that is worth discussing on the front page. - Jeremiah K61's note: If you enjoy hyperbole and...


Observations on the Columbus game

First MLS goal for Nkufo. First MLS goal for Sturgis. Fastest Sounders goal in league play ever (at the 3:18 mark). The second fastest (3:49) happened when Zaquani scored against (believe it or...


What to do with Brad Evans?

Sounders fans discuss the future role of Brad Evans


Still no word on the friendlies!?

After Sunday's game against TFC we'll be 20% through the season already.  We still have not had an announcment about when we can use our A, B, and C tickets and more importantly against who the...

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