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AL East & Wildcard Races: August 4-10

Let's start off by looking at how things shaped up last week: W L Toronto 5 3 Baltimore 5 2 Seattle 3 4 Kansas City 4 3 Tampa Bay 3 4 New...


AL East & Wild Card Races: The Week Ahead

Scoreboard watching season is officially on ladies and gentleman. This post can serve as a place to check out how everyone stacks up in the week ahead. With the trade deadline on Thursday, this...


AL East Pitching Matchups June 9-June 15

Last Week's Record: Toronto: 4-1 Baltimore: 3-2 New York: 2-4 Boston: 0-5 Tampa Bay: 1-5 Pretty good week so far for the Jays! They’ve gained ground on every team in the division...


AL East Pitching Matchups June 2-June 8

The Jays currently lead the division and are TEN games above .500. This calls for a fan post. The division seems to be more interesting to watch than ever before, so I thought I would highlight the...


Projecting The BlueJays Offensive Splits

With the regular season just 3 weeks away I thought I would do a simple exercise to help get a good look at what to expect from the Bluejays offence. I decided to project players in terms of how...


Optimizing The 2014 Lineup Vs. Righties

I'm getting pretty bored with this offseason so I thought I'd look ahead to how I'd do the lineup in 2014. The Jays could add pitching but I am not anticipating them adding any starters besides...


Jays Musings

With not much happening with the Jays lately I figured I'd do a fanpost to strike up some conversation. Here are some thoughts I've had in the last week. I'd love to hear what you think of these...


My 2014 Jays Offence

I've been experimenting with the Jays 2014 lineup and thinking about who to acquire to get the most production out of it. As far as the lineup goes my main goals were upgrading the defence while...


5 Potential Bargains For The Jays

I've been looking around trying to establish my offseason wish list for the Jays. Here are 5 players that could be significant bargains for their 2014 team: 1) Dean Anna- 2B Breakdown: Anna is a...


Trade Ideas For The Jays

With the trade-deadline approaching I thought Id get some thoughts on 2 outside the box trade ideas I have for AA. I'm interested to hear your opinions in the comments. These players aren't exactly...


A "Different" Idea- Wladimir Balentien

Looking at the Jays offence, there isn't much more to do. Aside from 2B and DH, I think this team's opening day lineup is quite clear. For 2B Izturis and Bonifacio seem like decent options, that...


A Trade For R.A Dickey

The Jays have filled nearly all their needs so far this offseason. One area I think the club should look to improve in is the starting rotation. With the payroll higher than I ever expected, the...


Why The Jays Should Acquire Vernon Wells

This morning I read how the Angels may be trying to package Vernon Wells in a Dan Haren swap. The Angels have (reportedly) been close to simply releasing Wells all together, so they may take any...


Revised 2013 Jays

It's a pretty long read, if you aren't interested in the WAR and stats behind the moves then I would just skim over the breakdown's. Whatever you enjoy. Lots of moves, it is almost impossible for...


Why Farrell Needs To Go

Okay maybe 'need' is a strong word, but I think the Jays would be better off without him. I like Farrell as a manager, but I'm not convinced he is all that more valuable than say, Sandy Alomar...


The Jays of 2013- Competitive With a Farm

Warning: May Contain Some Outside of the Box Ideas I was just going to modify my last post as I went along, but I thought it would be too confusing in the comments. Here's some more ideas of what...


Who do you want at C, 2B, SS, LF, CF and DH?

Back at it again, Looking for some opinions on some things. Let’s just start with the offensive side for now, but remember, the more you spend on position players the less you can spend on...


Starting Pitching Trade Ideas, James Shields?

Just wondering who everyone would like AA acquire this trade deadline, here is some potential options: James Shields: He may potentially be available given the rays pitching surplus. Even though AA...


Blue Jays Pitching Staff 2012

     Enthusiastic Toronto Bluejays fans believe 2012 could be their year to contend, with a young and exciting core of players, a highly regarded farm system, and flexible payroll options. As the...

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