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I currently work as a moderator.author for the prestigious Raiders blog Silver and Black Pride and hope to become a professional sports writer.

I also am a big time fan of Notre Dame, the San Jose Sharks, and San Antonio Spurs. I love music and play both guitar and bass.

Watch, play, and drink Sunkist.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • NASCAR Mark Martin/Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • General Philadelphia Soul- AFL
  • Golf Anyone not named Tiger Woods
  • Tennis The Williams sisters
  • Boxing Holyfield
User Blog

Raiders Future QB Options


Will the Raiders draft a Quarterback?


Arranging Acronyms: My Thoughts on the Line-Up

After a tough defeat to the Thunder where we had Parker and Duncan back, my mind began to wonder about what might be wrong with our lineup.   Now I'm not on the "Bench Parker and Duncan" wagon yet,...


List of Songs that Summarize my Feelings of the Portland Game

  Two reasons I'm doing this: 1. I'm bored with my Raiders and my Vikings both not playing today.   2. Because I love spreading my musical wonderment on here.     So without further ado, my...


A Few Thoughts from the Game

I apologize if i accidentally say that which has already been stated, but these are things I feel I must speak of.   First off, it's a great sign of what may be to come when the Spurs beat a better...

2010 Offseason


I figure since the season has died, been gutted, flushed down the drain, then eaten by a sewer gator, i may as well get into speculation as to what the 2010 offseason should be for the Raiders.   T...

KA1Z3R's Previews and Predictions: Week 7


In last week's post I was 7-7. I guess i was looking for upsets in all the wrong places. But this week I look to improve from a lowly 7-7 and hope to give you guys some more tips on who to start in...

KA1Z3R's Previews and Predictions: Week 6


I remember doing predictions and stuff for Week 1 action on Sunday before the Raiders-Chargers Monday Night match, and I'm back to do it again.   Read ahead for who I have winning the big matchups...

What the Raiders Need to Do Next Part 2


For those of you who read a rather popular post of mine titled "My Thoughts on What the Raiders Need to do Next," I must inform you, I held back on my rantings and ravings. Now why did I hold back? ...

Know Your Community: Silver and Black Pride


Inspired by a comment I made with mikesd in my previous article that stated how it seems like a few of us regulars really know each other really well, I've decided to post a thread for us to get to...


For those of us seeking entertainment till the start of the season

The great KA1Z3R has come to soothe the cries of those who crave entertainment in these few days before the birth of another hope filled Spurs basketball season.   Though I suppose these are really...

My Thoughts on What the Raiders Need to Do


What the Raiders are doing wrong. An in-depth analysis at the the Raiders failures thus far this season and how they can be remedied.

Grading the Raiders: Week 1


An in-depth look at just how dominating the Raiders played monday night and a look at what the future might hold.

Sunday Non-Raiders Football Thread


While just about every team is gearing up for their first game of the season, the Raiders still have to wait one more day. Until then there's plenty of great games to check out and for those who...


Fun Stuff Involving Manu

I'm sitting here bored and decided to come up with some cool little things about Manu Ginobili you may not know about. Hope you enjoy.

Message to all Silver and Black member and readers. I'm going to be taking a break from posting...


Message to all Silver and Black member and readers. I'm going to be taking a break from posting after the upcoming weekend when I'll finish up the Working Towards the 53-man roster series with LiveAdam. School's going to be my top priority right now, and with the culmination of homework, basketball practice, possible choir shows, family and friend obligations, my work on the site will be limited to an occasional article. But I will be able to be a frequent commenter so it's not like I'm leaving the site. I apologize to my frequent readers on here. I will be doing a Weekly Raider post to recap on the Raiders games (with the Weekly Raider being that game's MVP in my opinion) and a preview of the games (since I would have the time to post these on weekends) unless I notify one of you or one of my fellow authors that I will be unable to and ask that they post it. apologize for the inconvenience and go Raiders!!!

Working Toward the 53-Man Roster: QB/Special Teams


How's Oakland's QB situation going to play out? In-depth analysis of each quarterback plus a look at the raiders special teams.

Working Toward the 53-Man Roster: Wide Recievers and Tight Ends


Who makes the Oakland Raiders roster at wide receiver? In-depth look at the Oakland Raiders wide receiving corps that every football fan would be interested in.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but due to my working on the new Matchup series, there will be...


I apologize for the inconvenience, but due to my working on the new Matchup series, there will be no Weekly Raider this week. Once again, I apologize but hope you enjoy the Matchup Preview series in the fanposts section.


Raiders Matchup Preview: San Diego Chargers

How do the Raiders match up to the Chargers this year? An in-depth look at how Raiders will fare against the AFC West rival Chargers this year.

Weekly Raider Issue #9


Raiders training camp status on Jay Richardson. Also NFC team predictions.

Weekly Raider Issue #8


Can Jon Alston become the Raiders starting LB? More info inside.

Weekly Raider: Issue #7


Does JaMarcus Russell have what it takes this year? In-depth look at what Russell has to work with this year.

Weekly Raider Issue #6


Just how good is punter Shane Lecher? In-depth look into Lechler's career.


Hope This Helps You With Offseason Boredom

Still two weeks till training camp starts for our beloved Raiders. So while waiting for our many offseason questions to be answered, I offer up a small debate type post on a topic my friends and I...

Weekly Raider Issue #5


What to watch for this year at the Raiders' Training Camp. In depth look at Raiders linebacker Thomas Howard.

Weekly Raider Issue #4


What lies in store for Michael Bush this year? Plus a look back on 50 years of Raider Football.

Weekly Raider Issue #3


  via imagecache2.allposters.com   Alright all, thank you for continuing your subscription of Raider goodness with The Weekly Raider. You know the drill our Weekly Raider, my thoughts, and of...


Weekly Raider Issue #2

An undeniably fantastic breakdown of Darren McFadden.


The Weekly Raider: Issue #1

Rated-R Superstar has inspired me to begin a series I like to call The Weekly Raider. The series will include: a Raiders player, their bio, stats, my expectations for them this season, and an...


Music Thread. Daily song for May 6th. posted in comments

My god is it dull in the world of the NFL? I wouldn't know, I don't watch ESPN for fear of hearing crap statements about the Raiders draft. So I thought to liven things up, I'd throw you some...

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