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MLB Rank of Various AL Central Starting Pitchers by fWAR

  1. #1 - Anibal Sanchez - 2.0 WAR
  2. #6 - Justin Verlander - 1.6 WAR (not including today)
  3. #7 - Max Scherzer - 1.6 WAR
  4. #12 - James Shields - 1.2 WAR
  5. #13 - Doug Fister - 1.1 WAR

Highlights from a Talk by MLBAM CEO Robert Bowman

Where the revenue goes and how the future looks for MLB Advanced Media.


Jeremy Guthrie: Two Comparisons and a Question

I, like many (but certainly not all) other Royals fans, was dismayed by the news that Jeremy Guthrie had been signed to a 3-year, $25 million contract. This signing, on the heels of the...


Possible 2013 Rotations Compared to American League Average

There has been a lot of talk about how pitchers slot into different roles (i.e. a "Number 4" starter or an "Ace") but I think it might be more useful to think about the starting pitching as a staff...

Worst Five Position Player Qualified Seasons from 2002 - Present

  1. Neifi Perez - 2002 - Royals - -2.9 WAR
  2. Bernie Williams - 2005 - Yankees - -2.2 WAR
  3. Yuniesky Betancourt - 2009 - Mariners/Royals - -2.1
  4. Aubrey Huff - 2009 - Orioles/Tigers - -1.8
  5. Ronny Cedeno - 2006 - Cubs - -1.6

The De-Lucker, Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer


Apologies if this was already discussed, but this article discussing fielding independent wOBA has a nifty spreadsheet that provides some good news for Hosmer and some bad news for Moose.

The Grittiest Prospect in All of Baseball


This may already be common knowledge around here, but I just discovered that pitching prospect Jason Adam's full name is "Jason Kendall Adam". There can now be no doubt that this season is not "Our Time" because it will never be "Our Time" until a Jason Kendall leads us back to glory. Despite our best efforts to use "mistake-free" players, we will never have enough grit to bring about "Our Time" without a bona fide Jason Kendall.


All Is Not Lost

It is undeniable that the start to the season has been disappointing. However, judging by the response of some of the posters on the site (even a few regular posters) it seems that it might be in...

Umpires show ethnic bias in ball/strike calls—unless they're feeling watched


Interesting 5-year study when the QuesTec system was only in half of the stadiums, but Pitch/FX was everywhere.

Wilmington Starters by FIP

  1. Jake Odorizzi - Age 21 - 2.05 (Best of 34 Carolina League pitchers w/ 50+ IP)
  2. Noel Arguelles - "Age 21" - 3.45 (14th in the league)
  3. Elisaul Pimentel - Age 22 - 3.64 (19th in the league)
  4. Timothy Melville - Age 21 - 3.66 (20th in the league)
  5. Justin Marks - Age 23 - 3.83 (24th in the league)

Hosmer hits go ahead HR in 8th


It was his second HR of the game and his 5th in the last four games. If NW Arkansas loses today, they are eliminated from the playoffs.

Royals on Active Roster Ranked by wOBA (fangraphs)

  1. Wilson Betemit - .422
  2. Billy Butler - .365
  3. Mitch Maier - .313
  4. Yuniesky Betancourt - .305
  5. Mike Aviles - .300

A Note On


I live in the San Francisco area, so is how I watch the Royals. From the game threads I know that there are at least a couple of other guys out there using the service as well. This is a week late or so, but I just noticed that there is now a free app for the PS3 that features HD streams and DVR functionality. It's pretty cool. Also, does MLB Extra Innings make sense anymore for anyone but a restaurant/bar? It costs almost twice as much as, so if you are going to pay for two years of it, you'd be basically paying for two years of and a new PS3 anyway. Edit: The PS3 app is free, but you still need an active subscription.

Off-Season Focus on Defense Paying Dividends...


... for the Royals' opponents. In the chart at the bottom we can see that the Royals are fourth worst in the majors when it comes to runs prevented on defense at minus 14. The three teams tied for worst are at minus 15. Seattle leads all teams at plus 21.

Jim Tracy Pulls A Trey Hillman


After throwing 128 pitches in his no-hitter a few days ago, Ubaldo Jimenez threw 121 pitches today against the Nationals. That can't be good for Ubaldo's arm going forward.


On The Bullpen

It is no secret that the bullpen has been the most depressing aspect of the Royals' young season.  However, based on the data available, I don't think the members of the bullpen (at least a few of...

Oldest Royals Minor Leaguers to Play Yesterday

  1. Victor Marte, 29
  2. Mike Aviles, 29
  3. Wilson Betemit, 28
  4. Cody Clark, 28
  5. Scott Thorman, 28

Random Kauffman Stadium Facts from Wikipedia

  1. Kauffman Stadium is the only stadium in the American League named in honor of a person.
  2. Kauffman Stadium was the sole baseball-only facility built in the majors between 1962 and 1991.
  3. Academy Award Winning Actor Chris Cooper, who grew up in Kansas City, attended the University of Missouri, and narrated the documentary of Ewing Kauffman's life story, was on the construction crew that built Kauffman Stadium.
  4. A construction strike delayed the opening of the Stadium and Kauffman added money to make sure it would open in time for the 1973 season and the 1973 All Star game.
  5. * Kauffman Stadium is the sixth oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. [edit]

White Sox, Teahen Agree To Three-Year Deal


Teahen and the White Sox have agreed to a 3-year, $14 Million deal. It buys out one year of free agency.


Why is the AL better than the NL?

There have been a few posts recently where the difference in quality between the leagues has been a contentious topic in the comments section.  However, nobody is arguing with the fact that the AL...


Royals Review Demographics

I read Royals Review daily, but I don't usually post a whole lot.  I only say that because I'm sure there is a large number of people like me and probably even more who read frequently and don't...

Ka'aihue to not get September call up


Previously, the Royals brought up pitchers Victor Marte, Carlos Rosa and Dusty Hughes from Omaha. Hillman said the DiNardo and Gordon promotions signal the end of September callups. That means that Omaha first baseman Kila Ka'aihue (.252, 17 homers, 57 RBIs) will not get a look this year, as he did in 2008.

Interesting Minor League Site


I found this site today, and it is pretty interesting. It has a lot of useful information. The prospect rankings are a little off perhaps, but they were probably made before the season. You can add players to a tracker so you don't have to look up each minor league team every day. They also have minor league batted ball data.

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