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Twitter / ChiefsInsider


Who would you realistically cut to make space for him if you were Dorsey?

Video by kcchiefs


Message for the season, what do you think?

Twitter / OptimumScouting


I would really like to keep Brandon Flowers, is there anyone in the second round who could exceed the production he has given us over the years?

What's your value


Okay, I really am getting sick of people saying "Overpaying" as much as they are today, so I have to ask what is people's opinion on being overpaid as far as Geoff Schwartz go? What would you pay a fringe Pro-Bowler and top 10 (around 7) RG in today's NFL? I have to know because this whole "Overpaying" concept is bugging me now, and yes Geoff Schwartz was that good.


PFF: Next Man Up

Injury: Justin Houston, Chiefs OLB (Dislocated Elbow) Next Man Up: Frank Zombo What They’re Losing: Houston’s pass rushing prowess is no secret, but he’s our highest-graded 3-4 outside linebacker this season thanks to his equally-impressive run defense. His 38 defensive stops are the second-highest total at his position. What They’re Getting: Zombo has an ineffective pass rusher going back to his Packers days. He has 19 quarterback pressures over four NFL seasons; Houston had 22 in his last five games. Outcome: Zombo and Dezman Moses mustered just two quarterback pressures on 55 pass rushes after Houston and Tamba Hali left against the Chargers. Even if Hali suits up, Houston is the more complete player and a bigger loss for Kansas City. Injury Report: Next Man Up, Week 13 |

Toribio Gone


#Chiefs waived DE Anthony Toribio.

Twitter / caplannfl

Puh-leeze: Chiefs' defense could have used just a tiny, tiny bit of help from the offense


ROOKIE MISTAKES BY SMITH: If you want to know what separates Alex Smith from the elite quarterbacks in the league, look no further than a few sequences on Sunday night. Forget the fact that Smith completed just 21 of 45 passes, and that most of those completions were check-down passes. What keeps Smith in the second or third tier of quarterbacks in the NFL is his fear of risk-taking, and his lack of understanding regarding the big picture. But hey, the good news for Alex Smith fans is that Smith protected his quarterback rating, throwing no interceptions and salvaging a 77.1 figure which will allow statisticians to argue that he wasn't to blame for Sunday's loss. Great. Here's the thing, though: When you're down by 10 points at the end of the game, Alex, and the Chiefs need the all-time miracles of miracles, I promise you we won't ridicule you if you take a chance down field and throw an interception.

How will this team Rebound? That's the next question.


Only major concern I have after this game is demeanor of players in locker room. Seemed more than just down. Seemed like they felt helpless.

Twitter / TJCarpenterWHB

Locker Room Strife?


None of them will say anything DIRECTLY at Bowe, but KC offensive linemen seem to take greater issue with his actions than other players.

Twitter / TJCarpenterWHB

Will the Kansas City Chiefs Burn out Jamaal Charles Before the Playoffs? | Bleacher Report


Howie Long breaks it down...Obviously he isn't stoked about how much we're using Jamaal

Kansas City Chiefs | 2014 NFL Draft Needs and Potential Fits for Every NFL Team | Bleacher Report


Quarterback is the biggest need of the Chiefs. However, he has the best prospects available as being guys we draft in the 3rd round. Personally, I would be upset if we didn't get our hands on a great prospect in the first round. I'd be willing to trade up if the asking price was reasonable, since this team is clearly competing right now.

The Disappearance of Dwayne Bowe


I've repeated this a lot here, it is not Dwayne Bowe's fault for his lack of production, so stop throwing him under the bus! This is one of the few articles on B/r that I actually read from beginning to end, that was worth the read.

B/r: Midseason NFL Awards


Some guys from the Chiefs got a few votes for various things. The main winners were Justin Houston for best Linebacker in the league, Andy Reid for Coach of the Year, and Eric Fisher for biggest rookie bust. Best team in the league? Will probably make those who think an undefeated record should get the spot pretty mad.


Why I don't like the Chiefs against the Broncos Right Now

My first fan post, and it is mostly opinion based, so don't take anything personally! 1) The obvious first reason is because Peyton Manning has that offense rolling. He can make mistakes, like...

Why does Alex Smith get a break?


It seems like every Chiefs' fan gives Alex Smith a free pass, and makes it sound as if he's free of errors to this point in the season. All the problems that happened on offense are not his fault, it's a combination of the offensive line not giving him time on every single play that he has to check the ball down, throw it away, or run with it. And when it's not the line's fault, it's the receivers' fault not getting completely open on every single play (When Bowe specializes in out-muscling/out-jumping defenders). When will Chiefs' fans hold Smith accountable for anything? Maybe question his lack of willingness to put the ball in his position for his receivers to make plays? His inability to get rid of the ball quicker when he sees the blitz coming, or audible to a different play? It seems like everyone trashes Bowe and the offensive line, but Alex Smith is the golden boy who can do no wrong. When does that change? It's annoying, unfair, and becoming a common theme.


Battered Jamaal Charles can’t continue to carry offensive load for Chiefs -


Reading an article on AP yesterday that said our offense is good enough, didn't sit well with me, but I didn't comment on the article. However, what did not occur to me was what our already anemic offense would look like if Jamaal, at some point this season, can't suit up after taking beating after beating behind this terrible offensive line. So I ask again, is our offense really good enough or are Chiefs' fans in denial? Jamaal is on pace for 392 touches this season!! Do you really want that? Or are you too busy enjoying the moment to see the possible gaffe?

What Changed?


Besides losing Eric Winston, who was a plow on the right side of our line last season in the run game. What happened between now and last season that has made our offensive line look so terrible to the point that the NFL's leader in YPC is averaging a paltry 4.2 YPC average? The pass protection has been shoddy, but I don't really care about that, this team needs to run the ball and run the ball effectively. Can someone clue me in on how our line got WORSE than last year? Obviously I know that Eric Fisher sucks, and I said the moment that we drafted Jeff Allen that he was a bust. But why can't we create lanes at all for Jamaal like we could last year, what changed? Did losing Winston hurt that much?


Redesigned Chiefs' logo


Brandon Carr


Brandon Carr told us if the #Chiefs offered him a contract before his last year he would've signed long term for much less than 50 million.

There is one thing about the Brandon Carr thing that annoyed me at the time here on AP, and seeing some comments, still annoys me. It is the fact that people closed their eyes and covered their ears at the time when as Brandon was leaving, he said that he would give KC a home town discount, and now, 2 years later he's saying the same thing. So why do people keep saying that "He wasn't worth that contract the Cowboys gave him," every time he gets brought up here? He WASN'T going to get that type of contract and still stay here.

Playing for second place already? - Kansas City Chiefs Blog - ESPN


Adam Teicher throwing in the towel after just one game into the NFL season? Pathetic. I know the Broncos looked good, but the NFL is more than just a single game, it's 17 weeks of unpredictability. Teicher really disappointed me with this one.

Emphasis on pass hurts Chiefs run game - Kansas City Chiefs Blog - ESPN


I've been thinking this since the second preseason game where we got a bigger sample size. The offensive line can't run block to save their lives, Jamaal Charles will have a down year if they don't improve. They've HEAVILY regressed from last year in my opinion. I know the Kool-Aid drinking is a lot funner to do, but the reality is this, the offensive line just plain isn't that good in a very important phase of the game. It almost feels like we'll be relying on Alex Smith's arm to open up running lanes, and I don't know about you guys, but I would prefer it to be the other way around.

32 Observations: Preseason Week 3 |


Through 31 preseason pass rushes, Justin Houston has yet to come up with a single pressure. He is the only 3-4 outside linebacker with at least 26 pass rushes without one. ---- Sadly, I have noticed this, do you think that we Chiefs' fans were too soon in crowning Justin Houston our best pass rusher?

ReFo: SF @ KC, Preseason Wk 2 |


I’m not in the business of making excuses for someone, but how bad is the hand of Eric Fisher (-4.5)? I ask because his performance was of such a level and he seemed to be favoring his hand so often, that the question had to be asked: are the Chiefs doing the right thing getting him game time as opposed to letting him heal?

WR Jonathan Baldwin, Kansas City Chiefs: Stock Down | Stock Up, Stock Down from NFL Preseason Week 2 | Bleacher Report


Just because you have all the physical tools in the world doesn’t mean you’re a lock to be a star in the NFL. If Jonathan Baldwin serves no other purpose for the Chiefs throughout his career, at least he can act as a constant reminder of this lesson.

Jaguars training camp 2013: Luke Joeckel as advertised - Big Cat Country


I was happy we drafted Fisher, but hearing how he's been struggling in training camp has made me want to check in on Joeckel, since they are both making the transition from left tackle to right tackle. In case anyone else was wondering, here you go.

Five Years of PFF Grades: Top 10 Edge Rushers |


6. Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs (+111.7) Hali can thank his phenomenal 2010 for his spot here. Before that he’d never really put things together consistently, and since then he’s struggled to repeat — but 2010 was some year. Dominating the 3-4 outside linebacker rankings, Hali was a pass rushing menace with a quite outstanding 97 combined sacks, hits, and hurries that remains a PFF record to this date. Like a lot of guys on this list, he’s not the most complete player with his work in the run game less than stellar and him hardly an outside linebacker you’d trust in coverage, but, like guys that have come before him, he’s so good at making life hard for the quarterback he’s well worth this spot.

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