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Hawkeye fan born and raised in the KCK.

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B1G Basketball Week in Review 1/6-1/12


It was an exciting week for the conference in basketball. Are the Buckeyes in trouble after falling to 0-2? Can Purdue build momentum after notching their first conference win of the season? ...

B1G Basketball Week in Review (12/31-1/5)


The B1G Basketball Week in Review is back to recap the first weekend of the conference season.

B1G Basketball Week in Review


The Big Ten basketball slate featured more intra-state rivalries this weekend and overall it wasn't very pretty. The conference season starts in a few short weeks and there are only a few more...

B1G Basketball Week in Review


The B1G managed to salvage a tie in the B1G/ACC Challenge after starting 2-4, but that wasn't all that happened in basketball this week. While most of the college sports world was focused on...

B1G/ACC Challenge Day 2


Maryland at Ohio State Vitals: Value City Arena, 7:00pm EST, ESPN, School Facts: The University of Maryland is ranked #62 by US News and 73rd by Forbes while Ohio State is ranked #52 by US News...

B1G/ACC Challenge Preview Part 1


The Big Ten and ACC's annual basketball clash returns this week. Which conference will come out on top?

B1G Basketball Week in Review (Nov. 25-Dec. 1)

It may still be football season, but there was basketball in the B1G this week. From major tournaments to cupcake beat downs this week had it all and this is your guide to the week that was in B1G...


B1G Early Season BballTournament Preview Week2

B1G Early Season Basketball Tournament Preview Week 2


B1G Basketball Week in Review (Nov. 18-24)

It was a pretty ho hum week for the conference on the court. I spent half of the week driving from Tallahassee to Iowa City where I watched the Hawkeyes defeat Penn in basketball and Michigan in...

B1G Early Season BBall Tournament Preview Week1

2k, Puerto Rico, Coaches...All Reviewed


B1G Basketball Week in Review

The full conference last week, reviewed


Melrose Avenue

So I should apologize in advance for this. I was bored this afternoon, listening to Eddie Grant (don't judge me) and was still upset of the fact that I the Hawks lost on Saturday. Also I got a...


College Park Question

I have been doing some research online but I figured reaching out to students and alumni on here would be beneficial. I am in the process of evaluating PhD programs and right now Maryland is...


Big Ten Tournament Seeding: Rooting Interests

I posted this earlier on facebook but I figured I would be well served to throw this out here and see what other people thought. Feel free to tell me I am wrong (I often am) or if you see a...

Interesting Study on Replacing Coaches


Since the topic of replacing Kirk has come up I thought I would share this link that a friend of mine forwarded to me. We obviously can't draw any specific conclusions about our situation from this, but this should at least spark some more elevated conversation about our own situation.


Moving to Tallahassee

Good evening all, So I am moving to Tallahassee this fall and was wondering if there was any place to look for a good apartment. I was wondering if anyone on here has an idea of which landlords...

Miami OH head coach rips Iowa


Piece about Todd Lickliter in which we get criticized for, "not realizing it's Iowa". Nothing against Coach Lickliter because by all accounts he is a good prison, but I am pretty sure program lows in wins and attendance coupled with an inability to keep your players from leaving is fair reason to fire someone.


Question for Georgia fans

Hey y'all, I have a quick question for you about some of the recent expansion rumors.  Numerous sites, including this one, have cited a distinct opposition to the addition of teams to the SEC which...

Ohio State is in More Trouble


Sounds like there is going to be another improper benefits investigation at OSU, this time regarding player's car deals. Also seems like the AD was in charge of monitoring it to so LOIC is probably inevitable if this turns up anything remotely out of place.

New mascot of OMHR was unveiled Saturday. Thoughts? Photoshops?


New mascot of OMHR was unveiled Saturday. Thoughts?  Photoshops?

Ed Podolak hit by car


(Via BHGP) Former Iowa Hawkeye and Kansas City Chief Ed Podolak was struck by a car Sunday Morning while attending a friend's wedding in Scottsdale, AZ. He is currently in stable condition but reportedly suffered serious injuries. Here's hoping the current Hawkeye anouncer a speedy road to recovery. Keep him in your prayers.

Details Emrge On Minnesota Recruiting Violations


This just begs the question, does Tim Brewster have a clost full of cardboard school children somewhere or did he do that specifically for Henderson?

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