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Who will be our #2 receiver? The answer may surprise you. (with GIFs & stats)

Last time I talked about the Alex Smith trade and why we are in a window of time to win with our core group of player. I also talked about how he fit with our plan moving forward. This is focused...


Making Sense of the Alex Smith Trade: An Analysis

In this piece, I want to discuss why I think Alex Smith was brought here. Some on this blog cannot find any reason to do so, noting the following reasons: a) He is a re-tread, somebody who is old...


John Dorsey's brilliant QB draft comments

It struck me as odd that the tight-lipped Dorsey I have seen the past 2 months would come out with an interview out of nowhere and randomly start to spew out comments about this year's QB draft class being subpar.

Leandro Barbosa's Struggles


I had no idea this guy went through all this stuff. That is just crazy. Also heard he is out for the season with a knee injury. I pray the best for him.

Anquan Boldin and Jacoby Jones could be released this off-season


Seems like they would fit in well what this team needs. Jones is the best returner in the league right now and could make a difference with Toub. Boldin could provide another legit receiver opposite Bowe.

Dave Toub's goal is to win games on ST, thoughts on current PRs


Notable: On current PRs: "We certainly have three guys we’re going to let battle it out with Arenas, Wiley and McCluster," Toub said. "McCluster is somebody that’s very intriguing to me. He can really make you miss. I think he’s got a lot of untapped potential as a punt returner." On Colquitt: "I like the punter," Toub said. "I like him a lot. I never really had a punter than bombed the ball like this. He’s going to bomb the ball and give you good hang time and distance."

The Next Mike Wallace


According to CBS position rankings, he is the 8th best receiver and 55th overall. Perhaps a possible 3rd round selection for us.

Darelle Revis on the trade block


I highly doubt the Chiefs make a run for him though. 1) We already have Flowers and some decent options behind at the #2 spot. It is not our largest need 2) We don't know how good he will be after his ACL and he is still getting older 3) Dorsey has made it clear he intends on building through the draft and less on hitting on big FAs. History in GB has shown this. 4) Not sure Revis would even want to be here. We do have Bob Sutton here but I don't know there is a substantial connection there. Have to think he wants to play for a contender and we are not there yet.

Excellent Geno Smith Scouting report


This website has lots of other good scouting reports and news. Thought I would pass it on.

Geno Smith passes to Jon Baldwin (actual footage...kinda)


Geno Smith passes to Jon Baldwin (actual footage...kinda)

How to get Jon Baldwin Open


According to this, he has followed a similar course to TG, except he has yet to prove himself. Do you guys think its because he can't get off the LOS? I haven't really kept my eye on it.


Suns GIFs: Suns vs Cavs (11/9/12) Marcin's Block Party

My attempt here is to display the force that is Marcin Gortat and how he led this team to victory. He was the MVP of the game despite stars like Dragic and Telfair playing great. The people in the...


Suns GIFs: Suns vs Pistons (11/2/12)

This post will highlight some of the nice plays from the night and showcase a few of those plays that you may have wanted to see again or post in the comment section too. Let's just start off...


A Christmas Story: It was over almost as soon as it began

Twas the night before the season began and tens of thousands of fans greeted the season like a child on Christmas day. Last Christmas, my Mom and Dad were poor and had lots of hospital bills to pay...


Thoughts on the new era and departure of Hill/Nash

It never really occurred to me that such a thing would happen until I open up my laptop half-asleep and saw the headline on this website "Steve Nash Era In Phoenix Nears Its End." My eyes literally...


Make your formal prediction for the 2012 Draft here

The 2012 NBA Draft is only a few days away and I can't count how many lists and posts there have been over prospects as of late. Let's see who here on this blog has a good handle of how the draft...


What kind of one-sided trade can you envision?

It was suggested in a previous post that a one-sided trade maybe the best chance the Suns have this upcoming off-season to get some star power. Suns Owner Robert Sarver indicated that a trade is...

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