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John Dorsey: The Man Behind The Scenes


A feature I did over at AA on Dorsey and how he's changed the culture at Arrowhead.

Alex Smith's 2012 completions were in the air longer than Aaron Rodgers'


Some surprising figures related to Smith's arm strength and accuracy in my latest piece at AA.


KC Chiefs Kool Aid: Last Call

via Well AP this is by far the hardest post I have ever had to write.  I wrote my original "Kool Aid" post almost one year ago.  Since then we have come a long ways.  I mean...


KC Chiefs Kool Aid: The Next Five Games

  via What a difference a year makes!  Last year at this time the Chiefs had just won their first game of the season, bringing their record to 1-5.  People were down on...


A Look at Offensive Stats and the Playoffs (updated)

Let me start by saying that this post is going to use a LOT of numbers.  I've been looking at what the Chiefs have done this season compared to other teams and also with playoff teams from previous...


Your Week 6 Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid

So let me start by saying sorry that this week's installment is a little late.  All I can tell you is that there is no Kool Aid for workplace internet filters.  So not only have I not had a lot...


Your Week 3 Glass of Kool Aid: Playoffs!?!?

via "PLAYOFFS?  YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS?" Well Jim Mora, maybe just a little. Okay, let me start by saying that I know its WAY to early to be talking about the...


Your Week 2 Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid: Out of the Basement

via Once again it is a pretty easy week to do a Kool Aid post.  I mean come on, after 10 wins in 3 years it's pretty easy to feel good about things when we start off the...


Kansas City Chiefs Kool Aid: A Cup Filled from the Sea of Red

via Let me start by saying that this is not going to be my typical Kool Aid post for a couple of reasons.  First, the Kool Aid is already flowing like water after that win...


Your End of Pre-Season Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid

via Let me start by saying that this post will not be KCporkchop's Big Ole Post of Awesome part 2.  This post will be a little more reflective and based in reason as opposed...


Was the talent level in the entire 2009 NFL draft really bad?

I'm not just talking about the Chiefs, that's been discussed to death. Today Denver traded away their early 2nd round pick because he flopped and was likely going to be cut. The Bears cut Juaquin...


KCPorkchop's Big Ole Post of Awesome

WARNING:  This post has no real intellectual value.  This post is not the place to come for a good debate.  It's just a post of silly, awesome, hoopla.  We finally won a preseason game and the...


Alright, let's see your 53

Okay AP, before the final cuts come down let's see how well you know your team.  I want your 53.  Let's assume they don't sign anybody and that nobody goes on the IR.  I know that's not likely, but...

Anybody see Haley's McCluster impression?


Check out today's press conference at about the 18 minute mark for his impression of Dexter when he asked him if he was okay after the Samuel hit. Pretty funny.


Why no one should worry about our use of Jamaal Charles.

via So a funny thing happened to me yesterday.  School was out for the day and as I often do I went to the mothership and put on Todd Haley's daily news conference to listen...


Three Kool Aid Stats for the Offense

I'm swamped at work and don't have time to do a full Kool Aid post, but in case you needed a little shot on Monday morning here you go. Look at these three key offensive stats through 2 pre-season...


Dear Mr. Whitlock

Dear Mr. Whitlock,   You don't know me.  I mean that in a couple of ways.  First, we've never met.  I'm just a 33 year old school teacher in the Wichita area that is a die hard Chiefs fan and...


A Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid - Training Camp Addition

A Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid - Training Camp Addition


Your 2010 AFC West Glass of Kool Aid

  via Hello Chiefs fans.  I hope the summer is treating you well.  I should probably apologize for not being around as much lately.  Being a teacher I have my summers off and...


A Bad Sign for DaJuan Morgan?

Q: The start of the season is a long ways off, but the fact that S Reshard Langford was running with the first-unit defense, does that tell us something about the work he has done this...


What should we expect from our new coordinators?

  via Let me start by saying that this is not one of my Kool Aid posts.  I was originally planning on using this post to show AP some stats that would give us some idea of...


A Glass of Chiefs Kool Aid: The 2010 Draft Edition

From the FanPosts. Bumped up the time to now. -Joel Well, the 2010 draft is in the books.  As usual, there were plenty of surprises.  Some of you are excited and some of you are not.  I've tried to...


Dear AP: You really need some Kool Aid

I know emotions are running high. I'm going to do a post draft glass of Kool Aid after the entire thing is over. In the mean time read this, have a beer, and relax. We are a better team now then...

"It's official - Scott Pioli has no plan. That, or he's been abducted by aliens and replaced by a...


"It's official - Scott Pioli has no plan. That, or he's been abducted by aliens and replaced by a doppelganger." Our old friend Walt at Walterfootball (you know the guy that tried to "prove" that safeties aren't worth top 10 picks and swore that despite Chiefs fans trying to justify otherwise we would take Bulaga) in response to the Chiefs taking Berry. Sour Grapes on being wrong Walt? What a great day!



  WARNING:  Attention all Chiefs fans.  In just over 24 hours the NFL draft will begin and we are about to enter a....   via In order to prove how serious I am about this...


The last safety to go top 5 was Sean Taylor in 2004.

The result, the Redskins YPG allowed went from 25th in the league at 338.2 the year before Taylor was drafted up to 3rd at 267.6 the year after he was drafted. Their PPG allowed jumped from 24th...

This is one Walterfootball Mock Draft that is a MUST READ!


The picks for KC and Denver had me rolling on the floor.

Dilfer: drafting Bradford could be a "catastrophic mistake"


I'm not a huge Trent Dilfer fan, but I am 100% with him on this one. I think taking him 1st overall and there by putting pressure on him to start right away could be a big mistake. This guy is going to need time to learn to read NFL defenses (his audibles were sent in from the sidelines in college) and play from under center. Don't get me wrong, I think he can be a Pro Bowl QB someday if he is given time to develope. I just think putting him out there day one when he's not ready on a team that won one game last year is asking for problems. Especially with his injury history. I'd take Suh and then try to get McCoy at the top of the second.


Someone help me understand, please! AKA (Am I drunk on Kool Aid?)

  First off, I appologize.  This is another post related to the draft.  However, I do not have any intention of this turning into a mock draft fest.  There's a post for people to do that.  It's...

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