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Ask a Card fan on Texans blog


Texans fans can be fun, so I started an Ask a Cards Fan on their website. Go check it out as I probably won't be able to comment much this week due to work.


Ask a Cardinals Fan

Had some interactions with you guys during draft time and pre-season, and you seemed reasonable, so here's a thread to ask us things. I'll post something on Revenge of The Birds so hopefully more...


Ravens trade for left tackle

The Ravens traded for left tackle Eugene Monroe of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Monroe was the 8th overall pick in the 2009 draft and is still on his rookie contract. Last year, Pro Football Focus...


Retiree, did I win?

I was not able to watch the game, I have the DVR setup to tape the game sometime this week. Had a death in the family and dealing with that since Wednesday, so I was not able to watch the game...

"Pound for pound, best player on the field"


Some scout had that to say about Tyran Mathieu in an article by Wolfley. I don't know how much of this is some fluffing by Wolfley, but it would be nice if what this article says turns out true.

Iraq Veteran Cheerleader


Why has this not been brought up before? She seems awesome.


Eric Winston

Hey guys, wanted your opinion on Eric Winston. My Cardinals just signed him and it seems like a good signing. However, it seems that the Chief fans think the guy is a bum that "false started" his...

Cards Preseason Review on KSK


from the only somewhat/marginally famous Cards fan, Will Leitch. Also, some other guy.

DRC claims on field flaws never "pointed out"


Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie says no one had ever pointed out his on-field flaws until the Broncos did while pursuing him in free agency.


One man's plan

First off, the entire offensive staff and Whis needs to go. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go into the reasons, we all know why. Promote Horton to head coach, sign a real offensive...

This isn't a Skelton post


This makes me extremely happy, a Cards post on one of my favorite websites, Kissing Suzy Kolber.


2012 Team Report

The attached link is to a 2012 team report for the Arizona Cardinals on Footballguys. Granted, the focus is on fantasy, but this is actually a really good article that breaks down by each...

2012 Offensive Line Rankings


Evan Silva at Rotoworld ranks the NFL offensive lines, and the Cards are not rated well. Not sure I can argue with the ranking other than Silva's blurb about Massie.


Mike Wallace

I'm sure most know that Mike Wallace would like a new contract and is a restricted free agent. Besides giving up a first round pick, what kind of salary is he looking for?

Cardinals Fan


This is just too good. Cards fans are the best in baseball, am I right?


Week 5 PFF

While I don't subscribe to Pro Football Focus, I do appreciate their insights.  Maybe it's confirmation bias.  Anyway, here's a link to their breakdown of Week 5.



I found a breakdown on Kolb on pro football focus, Kevin Kolb: Schaub-like or Feely-ish? . I think it's pretty interesting.


Undrafted Free Agents

In my attempt to quit my complaining about the draft, I've decided to take a look at some undrafted players that I would love for the Cards to go after.


Pat Tillman

November 6, 1976-April 22, 2004.  Rest in peace, Pat.  Your country thanks you.  I wish the truth of your service was known, but regardless, you were a true patriot.  A man of principles and...


Fitzgerald and the Patriots

I was reading the Bill Simmons/Sports Guy's chat wrap up on ESPN today and he made an interesting point.  Don't question why I keep reading Simmons when he's gone way down hill, but check this out: ...

Required reading on the O-Line


It's been since Week 2 that Football Outsiders has looked at the Cards o-line, and they see improvement.

OLine Breakdown against the Falcons


I cannot recommend this article enough. A fantastic look and description of the issues the Cards o-line had last Sunday.

Gruden on Leinart


While Gruden isn't the end all be all, he does make a valid point.

Football Outsiders on Cards Def


I'm not sure agree with everything this guy says, but I think it's some nice breakdown of the defense against the Packers. It also seems to jive with how the second half defensive breakdown. The Pack made adjustments at half, and maybe we didn't. I hope this week there are more defensive adjustments.


Cardinal Expectations

Will Leitch sums it up perfectly.  Prior to last year, I knew one Cards fan outside of Arizona my whole life.  That was when I lived in Houston in 1996.  Even Cards fans in AZ were of the reluctant...

Cards Hate


Really didn't think it was possible to hate the Cards, but Kissing Suzy Kolber found a way.

Sando's All NFC West Offense


Levi as the All NFC West right tackle? Really? I know some of the right tackles were bad, but couldn't a left tackle take his spot? In my view, Levi was just not good at all this year.

Leinart breakdown from Football Outsiders


I'm not a Leinart apologist, and he still might be a bust, but improvement is nice to see.

Deadspin: why your team sucks


I missed this yesterday, but this is pretty funny. And yes, Deadspin has gotten worse since Leitch left.

John Sickels on the Timber Rattlers


Extensive breakdown on some of the Timber Rattlers.

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