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Help Please!

Hello, I'm a Braves fan, and I'm planning on going to the series between the Braves/Sox on May 28th and 29th. I just have a quick question as to what sides of the bullpen does each each team warm...


Heyward Stinks

What a flop. What can I say? #1 Prospect? I'd rather have Matt Bush. Or Greg Oden for that matter. His sophomore season showed his true colors. He's a depressing talent. All his HRs last year were...

Mike Francesa loses it on Mets


Too funny! Never heard an eruption quite like this..

"I think a Hall of Famer should be able to go to the All-Star game his last year. If I was going to...


"I think a Hall of Famer should be able to go to the All-Star game his last year. If I was going to vote, I’d go vote for Chip."

- Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals. Man this kid is such a douche! What an arrogant jerk!

Fantasy Football Help.

Hello I'm new here, but am in the championship and need some player starting advice please

Reds Very Intrested in JJ


I've thought for a while now that the Reds were the best fit for JJ.

Minor and Teheran for Eithier?


For all those who read SI you might have noticed Joe Sheehan wrote an article and in that article said the Braves should trade Teheran and Minor for Andre Eithier. Does Sheehan not realize Teheran is a top 3 pitching prospect? Does he also not realize how Eithier is a slightly above average LF? Call me crazy but I wouldn't have done this deal for Pence AND Bourn, let alone a player worse than those 2 and in the final year of his contract. Ignorance like that of Joe Sheehan is just laughable sometimes

10,000 Losses!


I'm not sure if was disscussed but shortly after winning our 10,000 game we lost our 10,000. Losing isn't something to celebrate but this shows how long this organization has been around.


Fantasy Football Sleepers?

I was wondering who are some of your guys fantasy football sleepers? My top 3 are: Josh Freeman LaGarette Blount Jacoby Ford who are some of yours? ALSO: Do you guys think Micheal Turner is a...

Fan Dies at Rangers Game


Tragic event for the family and even Josh Hamilton

Planning Trip to Citizens Bank Field, Help needed


Hello if you guys could just help me out a bit. I'm going to the Braves vs. Phillies game(s) July 8th-9th. First I was wondering where I could find standing room tickets? Also is it easy to scalp tickets there? Thanks all help is more than appreciated PS: Don't even bother with the link it's just a filler


Fantasy Help!?

I'm in a fantasy league, non-keeper, and the 5 stat categories are: Runs, HRs, RBIs, Steals, and BA. Team A would recieve: Carlos Gonzalez, Anibal Sanchez, and Gordan Beckham Team B would...


The Player that is Martin Prado

Over the past month I started to realize how rare of a thing we have in Martin Prado. After the 2009 season I said we should trade Martin Prado because his stock would never be higher than it was...

Opening Day Not Tommorow?


The weather looks horrible in DC tommorow. I can't imagine an opening day not being 60 degrees and sunny. But it happens and it's gonna be an ugly day in DC tommorow. You guys think the game might be ppd?


1st Mock 'o' the Season

First official pre combine mock draft for thee Buffalo Bills. 1) JJ Watt- DE/DT, Nebraska- Watt is going to blow people away at the combine with his raw tools and will shoot up draft boards. Watt...


OT: Inception...WOW!

Sorry if this is the wrong time, but I just finish Inception and am absolutly blown away. Times for TC and baseball are slow as of now so I thought I'd have some fun because the other movie OT has...

OT: MLB the Show 2011


I know many here are MLB the Show fans, so I made an OT for what you think about this one, what new features you want, how it is by far the superior video game in realism, and how PS3 is best! IMO: New features should include rain/delays/cancelled games, new advanced RTTS, more realistic player images like hair styles especially, better trading system(so people can't base their Rosterbation trades on The Show haha) etc. This game is already the best game out there and they can still make it much better

My 1st Mock

My 1st mock of the year...Luck is staying! Carolina (2-14) Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas Denver (4-12) Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU Buffalo (4-12) Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama Cincinnati (4-12) Cam...


Andre Johnson Week 4

New here, and am already a big fan of this site. I have Andre Johnson but with his banged up ankle and going against Asomugha shoukd I play him? I have as my other RB/WR - Shonn Greene - Beanie...


OT: Most Overrated MLB Players

Come on everyone, yeah we just blew one to the Natinals and we're all pissed but we still are in the playoffs if the seson ends today! So cheer up it is far from over! It's a slow day and there...


Help Please

Hello I have posted here about your teams odds of signing Jameson Taillion. But am here for a much, much different reason this time. I am a college student currenely going to USC, but me and my...


Let Loose!

I don't know if this is the right time for this...but I think many of us could use this. This is where we can all come and get pissed and let everyone know about it. This is where we can all...


Favorite Non-Braves

Side Note: I didn't know weather to put this as an OT or not so don't be upset if this should be OT Anyways during last nights game I was watching RA Dickey and that awesome beard throw a solid...


Jameson Taillon signing?

Hello i'm a Braves fan and I understand I am supposed to stay awhile before i post something but I just have a quick question. What are the odds Jameson Taillon signs with your team? I think it...

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