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Participation in athletics has been an important thread running through my life since adolescence. On this path I have made many friends, several of whom have made their living at the professional level. It has been my privilege to compete against them as they honed their skills--as I, in turn, was honing my own. Athletics got me to college. Athletics pointed me toward a spiritual life and understanding. And, athletics helped me to dream of a better life. I owe much to many people, so what I try to give back is MY RESPECT to those who share a like minded appreciation for the role of athletics in the lives of men and women, young and old.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Ball St. Cardinals
  • NCAAB Richmond Spiders
  • Cycling Me
User Blog

Why do you think Cleveland lost, again?

This question may or may not be important to you as a Blazer fan--depending on what you believe the answer is and whether or not you believe Portland has the same kind of problem.  Lebron said he...

"Oden will probably spend most of his summer here in Portland"


"Oden will probably spend most of his summer here in Portland"

Nate McMillan on The Fan this afternoon

Toughness and Intensity!

We have seen the season play itself out from start to finish. And while solutions to our team's, "problems," have been popping up out of the earth like unwanted gopher holes in our grandfather's...

Patty's contract situation?

  1. Does playing in ten games give him a guaranteed contract for next year?
  2. What does this mean for Patty going forward?
  3. Why the tenth game now?
  4. Was this the correct move?
  5. Does this have anything to do with the KP situation?

ESPN Coast to Coast analyst Cris Broussard just said teams 2-7 in the West have a legitimate chance to win a series in the Playoffs.

  1. Who was he intentionally leaving out?
  2. Why? Is he just plain ignorant or something?
  3. What is it that Blazer fans are missing about their own team?
  4. Is he alone in giving Portland so little respect?
  5. What changes are apparently in order that we are too close to see?

Is Nic Batum a geometry major?

Some passes are a test of charactor and they lead to questions like:  Does the ball handler hit the open man?  Do passes only find members of a player's own particular, "club?"  In Basketball, a...

Are the Blazers being sneaky?

  1. Get Camby for the stretch drive?
  2. Get Oden back and in shape toward the end of the year?
  3. Have both Oden and Camby ready at playoff time?
  4. Surprise!
  5. Win a series or two?

Fess up: Who did you criticize during the early going and preseason that proved you wrong?

Thinking about it, I realized that a number of the guys who received early criticism this year are now turning out to be the teams heroes.  Who did you pick apart that you shouldn't have early on? ...


Name the Blazer you refuse to say anything overly negative about (poll).

We call for trades and we seem to focus on the flaws of our, "beloved," Blazers?  I am wondering if there could be any sort of consensus that some player, coach, or training staff member might...


Was Nate being truthful about having a flare-up with Andre? (poll)

This is not a fire Nate or a bash Nate post.  It is an attempt to ask a simple question about Nate's damage control meter.  Does he engage in revisionist damage control? And is it appropriate for...


Continuing To Think Long Term…. What We Have Learned From The Travis Outlaw Situation?

I will use a combination of the poll results and comments from yesterday's post in an attempt to synthesize how Blazers' fans feel about the way TO is used by the coaching staff. It is my hope that...


Thinking Long Term.... What Does Our Coaching Strategy With Travis Outlaw Really Mean???

Let's forget the defensive lapses for a moment and consider the messages being sent by the use of Travis Outlaw as a fourth quarter finisher and late game play maker. It would seem appropriate to...

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