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I was taught from a young age to love this great game called football by my maternal grandfather and my mother. (He only had a daughter and refused to not teach her about the game due to any 'gender issues'.) He was a Raiders fan and she's a Dolphins fan... well, in my household, you always gotta march to your own drumbeat- so long as it wasn't a divisional rival! For a long time I didn't follow the NFL, prefering college ball. Well, my grandfather and I always enjoyed watching this WR in Marshall, and I followed him from the draft to his pro team, especially since I felt the snubbing he recieved in said draft was unfair. (BTW, if you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about Randy Moss.) Well, I guess you could call me a bandwagon jumper at first because, well, after 15-1 and one damn field goal away (became a recurring theme...) from the SB, I was hooked. I do believe I've paid my dues, however- I've loyally bled Purple and Gold ever since, and as we all know it's not been 1998 every season since, has it?

I'm a former MMA coach/ self-defense instructor, having owned and operated a few schools in the Orlando area. Sadly the economy has left me looking for a "real job", such as it were, but oh well- at least I still have my beloved Vikings!

If I had my way, I'd watch every single NFL game, along with every single UFC match, NHL game, and college football game. However, life leaves me only enough time to pick and choose, so it's every Viking game, major UFC match and as much hockey as I can possibly find time for.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
  • MMA GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones
User Blog

What Should Ponder’s Future With The Vikings Hold?


I'm writing about Christian Ponder, which might make it SEEM like I'm trolling- but cross my heart this is an actual, factual article with an actual, factual question.

Teddy Doesn't Want To Talk About QB Competition


Like another famous Teddy, one Mr. Teddy Roosevelt, our QB Teddy Bridgewater sounds to be more the 'walk softly and carry a big stick' type.

Basketball Is Bad. If You Like It You Are Bad Too.


In KJSegall's continuing quest to rebuild America by destroying the sports that are destroying it, he now takes aim at the recently ended NBA in hopes to prevent the next season- or any other...

Why You Are Correct To Hate Soccer


In a twist of horrible irony, KJSegall restores sanity to the Daily Norseman.

To Develop Or Not To Develop The Quarterback?


Exploring a bit the idea of starting a rookie QB right away as opposed to sitting and developing them first.

Can’t Be Good At Everything? Be Great At Something


Returning to a philosophical(ish) query I posed pre-draft, I take a look at how Zimmer and co. are choosing to rebuild our woeful DEF.

Draft Party In Florida!


Live in Florida? Going to be in Florida for the draft? Feel like paying for a flight to Florida? Come hang out for a Vikings draft party on May 8th!

Invest Where Strongest Or Diversify For Balance?


Another 'this way or that' musing from superstar writer KJSegall.

Trying To Foresee Spielman's Draft Strategy


What effects will free agency have had on our draft strategy? We look through two possibilities here.

An Ode To A Now Former Viking Great


A salute to Jared Allen... we all knew it was coming and it was the right move, but it still stings some. Let's face it, the guy was AWESOME.

NORV! Is Busy In The Lab


Hmm. Great offensive coordinator... not the best front page picture choice, huh?

Kluwe v. Priefer Just Went Full Nuclear Island


Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe begins to seriously up the ante on his Priefer allegations, and also begins to name names.

To PAT Or Not To PAT?


That is the question. Apparently being discussed by the league, that is.

What Will Be Your Super Bowl XLVIII Narrative?


Oh, the contrived narratives we create for our Super Bowls. Let's create some now!

How Desirable Are Vikings To Coaching Candidates?


SPOILER ALERT- we're probably not very. :-(

Vikings Sign Six To Futures Contract


INCLUDING BRADLEY RANDLE WHOOO BRADLEY RANDLE! Hat tip to The Viking Age for getting this first, BTW.

A Tribute To Leslie Frazier


It may seem odd to give now fired head coach Leslie Frazier a final, fond farewell, but all things considered he deserves a final hat tip. The best of luck to you, Frazier.

Ridiculously Early Draft Debate! GO!


It's not like we're going to have enough time to turn this dead horse into outright atoms, so let's get started now.

The Seahawks: To Hate Or Not To Hate


Some Vikings fans view the Seahawks as an evil team on par with NFC North competition. Others not so much. Where do you stand?

Greenway Has Been Playing With Broken Wrist


Clay Matthews can't play without his thumb. Chad Greenway, however, can play without a whole freaking wrist.

BREAKING: A.J. Jefferson Arrested, Released


This is very fresh so pardon the lack of details, updates as they become available will be posted.

Should The NFL Change "Locker Room Culture"?


Looking at the recent hubbub surrounding NFL locker rooms and whether the NFL should intervene to make them more "workplace friendly".

What Now- Jerome Simpson Edition


A more in-depth look at the future possibilities for the Vikings WR, and the implications for the team at split end.

Should Vikings Trade In 2014 For Roethlisberger?


There's no Vikings games on today, so I decided to take a stab at a rumor. Sound off.



Not a story about the Miami situation, but an overview and some thoughts on the practice themselves- and the competing viewpoints of two key Vikings.

Phil Loadholt Out This Week


Either Leslie Frazier just tried the greatest ninja coach-speak move EVER, or Phil Loadholt isn't playing Thursday. I'm betting the latter, unfortunately.

Well, We Tried.


The trade deadline came and went. The FO tried to work some magic, but you can't make something out of nothing.

No, The Vikings Aren't Trading Adrian Peterson.


I take the time to refute a very dumb idea. Mostly because I have nothing better to do? That must be it.

Leslie Frazier Should Be Fired. But He Also Can't.


Our HC had a lot of supporters after last season, but he's dried the well on that. However, thanks to a simple and depressing fact, he won't be going anywhere this season.

Are Players Banned From Talking About Winfield?


Chris Cook made a very odd statement today, Tom Pelissero reports.

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