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I was taught from a young age to love this great game called football by my maternal grandfather and my mother. (He only had a daughter and refused to not teach her about the game due to any 'gender issues'.) He was a Raiders fan and she's a Dolphins fan... well, in my household, you always gotta march to your own drumbeat- so long as it wasn't a divisional rival! For a long time I didn't follow the NFL, prefering college ball. Well, my grandfather and I always enjoyed watching this WR in Marshall, and I followed him from the draft to his pro team, especially since I felt the snubbing he recieved in said draft was unfair. (BTW, if you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about Randy Moss.) Well, I guess you could call me a bandwagon jumper at first because, well, after 15-1 and one damn field goal away (became a recurring theme...) from the SB, I was hooked. I do believe I've paid my dues, however- I've loyally bled Purple and Gold ever since, and as we all know it's not been 1998 every season since, has it?

I'm a former MMA coach/ self-defense instructor, having owned and operated a few schools in the Orlando area. Sadly the economy has left me looking for a "real job", such as it were, but oh well- at least I still have my beloved Vikings!

If I had my way, I'd watch every single NFL game, along with every single UFC match, NHL game, and college football game. However, life leaves me only enough time to pick and choose, so it's every Viking game, major UFC match and as much hockey as I can possibly find time for.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
  • MMA GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones
User Blog

So, What Now?


I put my Mr. Sunshine cap on and outline how best I feel the Vikings should blow things up. Because blowing it up is what's needed.

Ponder-ing The Vikings Quarterback Future


Get what you can out of that pun now, because I'm not sure we'll be able to use it for too much longer. This is a negative read by the way, you have been warned.

It's... Still... Just... Preseason.


Some panties have been bunched since last night. KJ explains why that's silly.

Your Minnesota Vikings 2013 Season... RESULTS!


The full results of the Minnesota Vikings 2013 regular season. You're welcome... world.

Why The NFL Shouldn’t Expand To London Full-Time


Goodell will likely get his way anyways, but the concept will fall flat on its face. And here's why.

OTA Recap


Something of a roundup regarding OTAs thus far, mostly of course from the media opened session on Wednesday.

Predicting The Vikings 2013 WR Corps


Yes this is insanely early. Yes it's likely totally wrong. Do I care? >points at face< This is my "I don't care" face.

I'd Like It But We're Still Not Getting Urlacher


Despite rumors a-floating across the interwebs today, I don't think we're going to see the former Bears stalwart in purple and gold.

Former Vikings RB Ted Brown Inducted Into CFHF


Congratulations to former Vikings RB Ted Brown on the honor!

Thank You Chris Kluwe


A personal piece from me to him posted publicly on the Daily Norseman because Chris Gates is an extremely gracious head writer/ editor. There are no comments open on this one. Start a FanPost if...

Interview with Hometown Hall of Famer Cris Carter


Presented by Allstate and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, KJSegall speaks with his first ever favorite Viking player.

Random Minicamp Stuff


A brief bullet point of what people are saying halfway through Vikings rookie mini-camp. WITH AN AUDIE COLE MENTION!

Ponder Had Medical Scare; Sugarman Averts Disaster


When Christian Ponder's injury flared back up, we nearly faced the situation of our starting QB having surgery on his throwing arm. Thankfully, Certified Athletic Trainer (tm) Eric Sugarman works...

Be Sure To Unfollow La Canfora By Draft Time


Keeping you up-to-date on who to unfollow on Twitter by the draft to avoid spoilers. Unless, of course, you WANT spoilers... in which case, you should probably follow these people.

A Day Later, We Stand With Boston


Someone thought that attacking innocent civilians would achieve some sick and twisted goal. And we remember- it never, ever will.

Antoine Winfield To Sign With Seattle


I sacrificed a goat to Odin and everything, but then I accidentally mailed it to Wrigley Field. I think that's why this happened....

Tyrann Mathieu Highlights LSU's Great Drug Program


We all knew the talented DB had some marijuana issues... but apparently we had no clue just how much so. How will this affect his draft stock? Would you still take him?

Looking At The Future Of Our DE Positions


The Vikings face an interesting conundrum at a historical position of strength. So why haven't they done anything about it yet?

Antoine Winfield Likely Going To Be A Seahawk


First off- no, this isn't a "breaking story"; it's more just supposition on my part. Feel free to cling to whatever threads of hope you may have that I'm dead wrong.

Ted vs. Kyle: Brian Urlacher


Ted Glover and KJSegall debate the merits of the Vikings potentially pursuing the free agent linebacker.

NFL Plans On Removing RB Position


Maybe not literally. But pretty much effectively.

An Ode To A Great


A final farewell to a member of the Minnesota Vikings who got another farewell he never deserved.

Harvin Is Gone; Whose Fault Is That?


Let's put a bow on the whole thing by asking a simple question.

Bears Targeting Loadholt


Our rivals from the Windy City are keying in on our Free Agent Right Tackle.

What Will The Vikings Do About WR Now?


A first-rounder and change for Harvin is better than what many predicted, but the truth is it still leaves us very shallow at receiver.

Harvin Traded To Seahawks For Draft Picks


Multiple sources reporting. Updates to follow.

Why I Think Vikes Will Make A Run At Mike Wallace


I'm right and Chris is wrong. Also, Ted's wrong too. Just cuz.

Interview With Hometown Hall Of Famer Carl Eller


Presented by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Allstate, an interview with legendary Purple People Eater Carl Eller.

AD Thinks Dwight Freeney Should Be A Viking


And I explain why our beloved team savior is, in this instance, wrong.

New Logo For The Minnesota Vikings


See if you can find the five differences!

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