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I was taught from a young age to love this great game called football by my maternal grandfather and my mother. (He only had a daughter and refused to not teach her about the game due to any 'gender issues'.) He was a Raiders fan and she's a Dolphins fan... well, in my household, you always gotta march to your own drumbeat- so long as it wasn't a divisional rival! For a long time I didn't follow the NFL, prefering college ball. Well, my grandfather and I always enjoyed watching this WR in Marshall, and I followed him from the draft to his pro team, especially since I felt the snubbing he recieved in said draft was unfair. (BTW, if you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about Randy Moss.) Well, I guess you could call me a bandwagon jumper at first because, well, after 15-1 and one damn field goal away (became a recurring theme...) from the SB, I was hooked. I do believe I've paid my dues, however- I've loyally bled Purple and Gold ever since, and as we all know it's not been 1998 every season since, has it?

I'm a former MMA coach/ self-defense instructor, having owned and operated a few schools in the Orlando area. Sadly the economy has left me looking for a "real job", such as it were, but oh well- at least I still have my beloved Vikings!

If I had my way, I'd watch every single NFL game, along with every single UFC match, NHL game, and college football game. However, life leaves me only enough time to pick and choose, so it's every Viking game, major UFC match and as much hockey as I can possibly find time for.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
  • NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
  • MMA GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones
User Blog

Strike Me Down...


If defenses know how to rattle Ponder, he needs to find a way to rattle them right back.

NFL Power Rankings... Round 'Em Up!


Looking at where the Beloved Purple now sit in the nation's top power rankings.

Floridian Vikings Fan Get-Together


Chance for Viking fans in the Sunshine State to celebrate/ commiserate together, depending on how the game goes.

My Twitter Followers Suck


They know what they did. Oh, this is the compliment sandwich piece, BTW.

Looking At How Deep Our Safety Position Is


Pondering the quandary that the Vikings will be in upon Mistral Raymond's return, complete with poll!

Things From Across The Interwebz


There have been some happenings across the world of the Minnesota Vikings- nothing particularly big, but worth a general overall look regardless.

Reviewing The Glaring Weakness That Lost The Game


Looking at that one critical area that cost us our win and needs- NEEDS- to be fixed going forward. Also, duck bacon is yummy.

Key Vikings Facing Some Injury Concerns


While Adrian Peterson may be fine going forward, things aren't so certain for Jerome Simpson.

MNF Open Thread: It’s Tebow Time (Maybe?)


Join in while watching Monday Night Football, and make your bets on when Tebow will start here.

And Nothing Shall Ever Rise Again In Tennessee


Compliment sandwiches for post-victory snack time.

Percy Harvin Wins NFC Player Of The Month


Congrats to one Sir Percival Harvin, who has earned top NFC honors for his September performance.

I Smell A Trap


Should the Vikings sleep on the Titans and scribble the 'W' in early? Methinks not.

Minnesota Vikings Compliment Sandwiches


Some 'compliment sandwiches' for the team that leads the NFC North

Vikings D-line Key To Victory


The Vikings will rise and fall this week with our pass rush.

A Few Thoughts Regarding Last Night's... Incident


Where we talk about the multitude of implications from last night's reffing debacle.

A Topsy Turvy World


A euphoria-laced optimistic diatribe about the Vikings' potential 2012 future, while there's still time to hope and dream.

Antoine Winfield Works To Build Team… NOW

During the preseason we heard Jared Allen speak about his general disdain for the term "rebuilding year", saying that he wants to win now, and expects that everyone who suits up in a Viking uniform...

IMPORTANT NFC NORTH UPDATE: The Green Bay Packers remain in last place. ...that is all. Enjoy your...


IMPORTANT NFC NORTH UPDATE: The Green Bay Packers remain in last place. ...that is all. Enjoy your evening everyone!

Why I Am In Favor Of The NFL Over The Refs


I know we haven't discussed the ongoing labor dispute between the NFL and the NFLRA around here much. Some of the other writers here have briefly touched upon it from time to time; Ted made a case...

McLeod Bethel-Thompson or Sage Rosenfels?


Oh, the puns capable here... is it thyme for Sage? Or- can there be ONLY ONE? Also, I'm well aware that this question may be answered by the time I even hit post. Rick Spielman has a history of...

Adrian Peterson Back To Contact


"Coach, you better tell those defenders to buckle up." Those there would be the words spoken by Adrian Peterson to RB coach James Saxon today after the team decided it was time for AP to get hit...

Vikings Injury News


Well, that was something, wasn't it? Now I'll go ahead and say this right now- I didn't see the game. I haven't seen anything aside from highlights this preseason... which makes me about on par for...

The Minnesota Vikings Are Lucky


Say whaaaaa....???? Yes, I should dare say so. Why? Well, let's review. We have two important pieces of our offense- Adrian Peterson and Jerome Simpson- who are either not available our first...

The Minnesota Vikings And Rick Spielman’s Gambling Ways


I was originally going to title this ‘The Vikings Went To Vegas', but then I immediately realized that the article's headline would show up on some sites without the benefit of immediate...

A Necessary Cross-NFL-Lines Moment


In case you hadn't heard- and I actually hadn't until a fellow writer mentioned it to me earlier- Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's eldest son was found dead today at the age of 29. This,...

Remember The One Where KJSegall Said He Was Going To Go To Training Camp?


Yeah, that was a funny one wasn't it. Haha-funny. In what I'm sure is well-received news all around I am unfortunately going to have to let my fellow writers here as well as you all down. Due to a...

Remember When I Said Bryant McKinnie Was Going To Let The Ravens Down?


Cuz I totally did. Not in a story per se, but at least in my comments wherein I reflected a belief that while ol' McyD's did do well enough in 2011 to warrant the pick-up, he was going to...

Vikings Interested In Keeping Training Camp At Mankato


This is the last year the Vikings have on their contract with Minnesota State University to hold training camp there, but it appears both sides are eagerly working hard to extend that. This is the...

Adrian Peterson Is A MANIMAL!!!!


It’s hard to deny that for the Minnesota Vikings, the past few seasons have featured two true marquee players- Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. Sure, there are a few other stars, like Percy Harvin,...

Ben Leber, Brett Favre No Longer BFFs


Ben Leber, former Vikes LB extraordinaire, did not take too kindly to Brett Favre’s comments recently that one of the primary reasons for his return in 2010 was the extra $20 mil in cash that was...

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