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A Professor tucked away on Bell Mtn in Hiawassee, GA. Love ATL pro sports - Braves, Falcons, Hawks.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: Matt Bryant

Matt Bryant has been kicking for the Falcons for five years now, and he's a big reason for their success in many late game comebacks. Falcoholics know him as "Money," largely because we never...


DVOA Infographic for the ATL Offense

I've seen entirely too much questioning of Matt Ryan here lately. I know, I's just your opinion, and you have the right to express it. Sure, go ahead. However, it's also important that if...

KMarch's 2013 Utterly Meaningless Mock Draft

Your silence was deafening. When is it coming? When is he going to to publish it? I can practically hear it echoing through the hallowed halls of The Falcoholic. Well, now is the time for...


Advance Stats on Matt Ryan 2009-2011

These stats come from Pro Football Focus' 2012 Fantasy Guide. I highly recommend it to all football fans. There is a ton of information there that doesn't just pertain to fantasy football. Best...

PFF Draft Grader: Atlanta Falcons


PFF is going through the entire league and grading players drafted over the last 4 years. The link displays a pretty fair analysis of all the players that have been drafted over that span. Although I think you could quibble with a couple of his placements, overall it seems pretty accurate. Here's the summary: "You can’t buy yourself much more leeway than what the Falcons did in 2008 when they drafted a class that changed the fortunes of the franchise. Indeed, it’s extremely rare to find six players from one draft group to have played so much for a team, especially one that snared them a franchise quarterback. Since then, it’s been a mixed bag, with the 2009 group largely being disappointing and 2010 looking far more promising (especially on the defensive side of the ball). If there’s one criticism, it’s that Atlanta needs a bigger impact from some of its draft selections, as opposed to the solid, consistent type they’ve been getting."


Incredibly Meaningless Mock

I set aside some time to watch the NCAA Championship tonight, and, so far, it's a blow-out. What better way to pass the time then with a mock draft? I am not a professional, and don't even watch...


A Glimpse into the Future: 2012 Falcons Defense

If you don't follow Adam Caplan and you're on Twitter, you should rectify that immediately. Early today, Caplan had a string of tweets about the Falcons that were very insightful. Despite working...


Problem Solving: What to do with the OLine

The OLine of the Atlanta Falcons continues to be an issue, and may have grown into the biggest single concern for the team. Although the passing offense certainly took a step forward this past...


Reflecting on the Falcons Best and Worst in 2011

Pro Football Focus is an awesome site. Many here are very fond of it, but I can't recommend it highly enough to those of you unfamiliar. Each week, PFF points out the best and worst performances...

McClure Breaks Down 2 Plays vs. CAR


This is one of the many awesome weekly video features over at the official Falcons website. The reason I highlight this video is b/c the info McClure gives us about the two long TD plays last week in CAR. Todd indicates that Ryan audibled to the Quizz TD, telling Quizz to run that certain route. Additionally, Ryan called the Julio TD from the line in the Texas (no-huddle) OFF. This is some interesting info that really demonstrates the strength of Ryan's pre-snap reads. I highly recommend you take a look for yourself.

FO: Falcons #1 Ranked 4th Q DEF (DVOA)


As the title indicates, the guys over at Football Outsiders split DVOA (both OFF and DEF) rankings from Q1-3 and Q4. While this was done basically to highlight Tebow and the elite 4th Q OFFs (ATL doesn't do too badly here, btw, at #13. That does drop from there #9 ranking at Q1-3, however.), I think we'll all be surprised to see that the Falcons have the best 4th Q DEF according to DVOA.

FO: Under Pressure -- Sack Times Over 3 Years


This is a very interesting article that basically illustrates how our OLine has gotten progressively worse since 2009. As you'll see when you get to the 2011 stats there's a pretty significant drop in quality of our line. Unsurprisingly, this correlates with Ryan's struggles, and thus the entire OFF in general. However, over the last 3 years, Ryan still ranks among the top 3 in Sack Rate% despite having around the league average to get the ball out of his hands. Now, what's bad about this article? Drew Brees is dominating in this category.


A Saints Fan Delivers Needed Perspective

I'm not sure a lot of posters saw pdehaan's comment from the Postgame Thread on Sunday, but it deserves to be framed here on the Falcoholic, in my opinion. I know no one likes to lose - well,...

More Evidence that Turner is Far From Done


Michael Turner is currently sitting as the 9th most elusive RB in the NFL. When eliminating non-starters, he's currently at 5th. More proof that Turner's still an upper-echelon back despite the slop run-blocking he's receiving from the OLine (and WRs of late). While we shouldn't expect him to get more carries (please, MM, no), there's a strong argument to be made that he should be getting 2-3 receiving targets a game.


Fantasy Help from Your Local Falcoholics

Time for a new thread, so have at it, folks!  It's getting to that time of year where it seems like every win is grinding it out.  A lucky break either way can mean making or missing the playoffs....


Fantasy Help From Your Local Falcoholics

Instead of doing a weekly Fanpost, I think it would be a better - and less congested - idea to just keep a fantasy fanpost up until it gets knocked off.  Yes, it took me six weeks to realize that...


WK 6 Fantasy Help from Local Falcoholics

Beware the teams that are starting the Ravens D/ST.  They've averaged an ungodly amount of points per week, and their schedule is really such a joke that they only have two decent offenses...


WK 5: Fantasy Help from Your Local Falcoholics

What ails ye thee, dear friends?  It looks like our own Julio Jones is turning into a solid WR2 must-start with WR1 potential possibly this season!  Pretty exciting stuff.  Thankfully, I showed...

Football Outsiders: Breaking Down Julio vs. Brandon Browner


Take a peak at this examination of the head-to-head battle between these two this past Sunday. Browner had been struggling, but played his best game of the season on Sunday. However, a couple of big plays just couldn't be stopped thanks to Julio's determination and Ryan's near-perfect ball placement. Browner had his fair share of moments, however.

Cap'n Obvious Reports: Falcons Last in Pass Blocking Efficiency


Pro Football Focus' new signature stat is PBE (pass-blocking efficiency). Unsurprisingly, they have ranked the Falcons OLine last in the league. What's worse? Well, Sam Baker actually ranks as the worst LT, and Blalock as one of the worst OGs in the league. Although RGGR, McClure, and Clabo don't make apperances in the bottom-of-the-bottom list, all still have a negative overall grade. We've got to get this fixed.


WK4: Fantasy Help from your Local Falcoholics

Hope everyone is good and enjoying fantasy dominance. As always, if you submit a question be sure to include whether the league is PPR or not, the players and the matchups they'll be facing to save...


WK 3: Fantasy Help from Your Local Falcoholics

Week 2 was great, let's keep it going.  I know I burned at least one or two of you last week with my fantasy advice, so that pretty much means that I've now become a fantasy expert!  Yes!  Eat it,...


Michael Turner: Now With More Burner!

First off, I know it's been just two games; I know.  But, c'mon folks, how awesome has Turner been?  Like pundits, many of us have fooled ourselves into the "Michael Turner is too _____ (fat, slow,...


WK 2: Fantasy Help from Local Falcoholics

Back again. If you need some advice, confidence, counseling, or if you're just simply clueless.  Let's hear it.   Reminder:  When you're giving us your issue, please note if the league is standard...


Discussion: Why is the Falcons Defense Prone to Giving Up Big Plays?

First off, this is not a post that is going to proclaim the end of days.  Nor is this a post that's going to be overly critical of the Falcons DEF.  I think it is interesting to think back on all...


Week 1: Fantasy Help from your Local Falcoholics

So I came up with a hopefully brilliant idea that I would like to do weekly here within our Falcoholic community.  I'm sure, being the Football Nutz we are, that most of us play fantasy football....


Playing with Fire: An Argument for the Burner

Dating back to last year and continuing into this preseason, there has been a good deal of debate about Michael Turner.  The discussion has gone from hemming and hawing about his rumored...

Hilarious Must-Read about the Bucs


Man, oh man. What to say about this article. While I'm sure the majority of us here read PFT, though it might be good to bring more attention to it. This whole quote by Gerald McCoy is gold, Jerry, gold!: "Man, I’m telling you man, they came out, they’d turn around huddle, snap, oh, ‘There’s the Mike, Go!’ I was like, ‘Dang! Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?’ He didn’t care. He was like, ‘You’re not going to line up."’ McCoy said. "When we turned around one time I checked back around and my hand was going to the grass and they were like, ‘Hut!’ And I said, ‘Noooooooooooo!’"

PFF Preview - Atlanta Falcons


PFF takes a look at our Atlanta Falcons. While they find much to be confident about, they also don't hesitate to douse us with a bit of realism at the same time. Interestingly, Lofton and 'Spoon are areas of concern, as well as our much-discussed Nickelback. What do you think of their opinions?

Looming Problems in Soldier Field in Week 1?


I'm sure all of us are aware of the unmanicured mess that is Soldier Field. Bears players have been wary of it since last season. The problem was so bad this past week that the Bears had to cancel a scheduled exhibition practice. Thankfully, it finally appears that the Bears organization is going to take this problem seriously. However, this is something that the Falcons' equipment managers need to pay attention to. The last thing we need is players getting injured in Week One due to sub-par field conditions.

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