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A Professor tucked away on Bell Mtn in Hiawassee, GA. Love ATL pro sports - Braves, Falcons, Hawks.

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Tweeting Falcoholics

One of the most popular features during the season is where the events of the game are recounted through the tweets of Atlanta Falcons Fans.   I think it would be good if exchanged Twitter handles...

3 Current and Past Falcons coaches as Future Head Coaches?


The link takes an interesting look at possible future Head Coaches in the League, and some familiar names pop up. Joe DeCamilis (past ST coach), BVG (surprising, no?), and Bill Musgrave (past QB coach) are all on the list. MM is notably absent from the list. What do you think of those choices? I was taken aback that BVG was on the list, but Prisco makes some decent points. What about the exclusion of MM; is that a relief or concern?

Must-Read: Defending the Indefensible


The article is from Pro Football Focus and is mainly about Tom Brady. However, there are a lot of graphs of how Brady ranks in certain situations, and our own Matty Ryan shows up time and again. I don't know much about Pro Football Focus or their game evals, but there's no denying that this makes #2 look pretty damn good.


Let's talk about Saints, baby

Let's talk about you and me.  Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.  Let's talk about Saints. Join me after the tasty pic and the jump.  via No,...

Schulz: Falcons pick right time to make big move


I really like this article, not just because it's very positive, but also because it reveals what TD was thinking here. Key Quote from TD: "In our mind, the explosiveness we were going to get with a player like Julio outweighed what we were going to get on the defensive side. We’ll never get away from the idea that if we see something we want, we’re going to jump up and get aggressive and go after it."

Likely Free Agent Pool in 2011


CBS Sports has compiled a FA pool based on the 2010 rules that will likely carry over into 2011 if no CBA is agreed upon soon. As you'll notice, many of the Falcons that were feared to be gone are not on the list, since, once again, a player must have six years of experience in the league. On the negative side, this also limits the options available at key positions like DE, LB, and WR.

Pro Football Reference - Winning vs. Stats: Matt Ryan


Some good stuff here, tinged with some latent jealousy. I think he hurts his argument toward the end when he points out that Brees is only .5 yards higher which puts him in the top half of NFL QBs. I also think he fails to take into account MM's OFF style, and how good Matt Ryan is not only in clutch (end-of-game) situations, but 3rd Downs in general.


Are we writing Norwood off too early?

From what I've read here at the Falcoholic, we all seem to believe that Norwood's tenure with the Falcons is finished.  Norwood has mixed some exhilarating plays with an assortment of injuries that...


Common Sense: Why Not Trade Up?

Several posts over the last few weeks have been discussing the Falcons' option for the draft.  When discussing first rounders, many of the comments fit this template:  "I like ______ at 27, but if...


Forbes: Atlanta Falcons Rank 26th in Team Valuations

Should we still question whether or not Blank and Co. need a new stadium?


Most Wanted - FA Targets

With the conclusion of the reg. season the draft has rightly become a hot topic here on the boards.  But let's not forget about Free Agency where TD has made some noise each year he's been with the...

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