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For DiPietro and Islanders’ Owner, a Bond Is Broken -


"Wang came into my office that day, and that’s when the whole relationship ended," Smith said. "I’m not sure, but I think Charles was in a panic about me meeting with Rick. He had this special relationship with DiPietro. So for me to be meeting with the agent — a normal part of my job — he didn’t want it handled that way." CLICK ON THE NYTIMES LINK

Sidney Crosby: Refs allowed Bruins to ‘escalate’ physical play in Game 1 loss | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports


Quick, somebody call Crysby a WAHHHHHMBULANCE!!!! If this was the Ises the league wouldn't do anything about it. Since this is the poster boy of the NHL they will do something about it, Im sure.

Islanders This Week | Is The Islanders Fanbase Dead? | Hockey This Week


QUOTE The place was literally blanketed with NYR dark blue jerseys in the stands from east to west, from north to south. I mean, you could not find any orange or white or light blue colors in the stands in any significant numbers. Last night was an absolute home game for the New York Rangers. From the cheap seats at the top, right down to ice level, it was all Rangers faithful. Just watch the highlight of Gaborik’s OT winner and see and hear the crowd reaction. WANGER DOING A FABULOUS JOB KEEPING THE FANS INTEREST!

Nassau says Islanders/SMG owe millions in unpaid rent, utilities, fees


This is a link of Newsdays top story about the Isles, Nassau, and SMG debts. It is the MOBILE sight link so it is free. NO NEWSDAY PAY WALL.

We Think Snow Drafts The Wrong People. On Purpose | Hockey Independent

Snow has been drafting since 2007, and has done a fairly terrible job. The statistics are there- 7 first rounders, 7 second rounders, 8 third rounders producing 3 players, and only one a first liner despite five lottery picks. Not that they’re a good team, but Edmonton somehow turned 9 first round picks in that same span into a first line, a second line, and 2 defensemen.

Entourage' star Kevin Connolly tracks down John Spano


Hes a long time Isles fan and is making a movie on Spano. I wonder what will come out on Wang. Click on the title of this post and it will link you to the Newsday article. If you dont have a subscription then just open up this thread. I will cut and paste the short piece for you to read.

'Entourage' star Kevin Connolly tracks down John Spano

Islanders Defenseman Doesn't Want to Be Pushed Back to N.H.L. -

Lubomir Visnovsky said he has had "enough already" and is tired of being "pushed" by the Islanders and the N.H.L. to return to North America rather than stay with Slovan Bratislava of the K.H.L. to the end of the season. Please, someone call this bitch a WAAAAAHMBULANCE!!! He is being pushed to do the right thing by the Isles!

Nassau Dems push new Coliseum


This is Jay Jacobs slapping Wanger in the face...Its like these clowns ,who are supposed to be looking after Long Island residents, best interests, have been ignoring everything that's been going on for the last last 5 years. Why the hell would he do this all over again? Did Jacobs forget about the millions upon millions he dumped into the LHP? This is ridiculous. Hate might be a strong word but I "hate" these politicians, especially, Jacobs and Murray.

Nassau Coliseum: 40 years of concerts


Losing the Nassau Coliseum means more than just losing a place for the only pro-sports franchise on Long island of which bears our name. Its about allot more than that. It as about the history and the future. WAKE UP LONG ISLAND before we lose an icon of Long Island.

Bettman: 'Still time' for deal to keep Isles on LI


But still no word from our fearless Wanger. Seems like he has thrown his hands up in the air.

Arthur Staple : Is Devils' Parise in Rangers' future?


First I read this about how Milbury passed up on Parisi. All the way up to the moment he was drafted he expected to be a NY Islander. Hornicks Blog quote: Even Parise was surprised at the time: "''We thought for sure that I would be going to the Islanders, and we were expecting it,'' the younger Parise said. ''But that's not the way it worked out. And I think it worked out a little better for me. There's no question.'' It did work out better for him didn't it? The truth hurts. But its gonna hurt even more if he ends up on the Rangers...

John Tortorella downplays benching of Marian Gaborik


This is obviously not about the Isles. But I think this is why Torts has his team in such a great position, playing so hard and smart game in and game out... Torts holds the best player on his team accountable by benching him in the 3rd period of an all important playoff game. When asked about it by the media. He wouldn't give them an answer. This sends a clear message to the team. "That it doesnt matter who you are on his team. It doesnt matter if its a playoff game or a regular season game, It doesnt matter if you're a great scorer like Gabby or a 4th liner". "If you aren't carrying your weight, you will not see the the ice"... I think we need our coach to learn some lessons from our cross town rival. One big thing that Torts brings is accountability. That's what we need from our own coach. I think Cappy is a nice guy. Sometimes nice guys finish last. I hope next season he brings some accountability to the team next season.

International Hockey : WHC: Unwavering Commitment



Dale Hunter steps down as Capitals coach –


GOOD RIDDANCE, DIRTBAG! The NHL should have banned him from the league anyway.

Ratner: Wait and see on Isles to Barclays


Bloomberg is Rangers fan so he couldn't care less...

New York Islanders: 10 Reasons Rick DiPietro's Contract Is Worst in NHL History | Bleacher Report


A jerk Ranger fan forwarded this to me. Its from January's BleacherReport. Im sory to say that they writer is correct on all accounts. WE are screwed

SNY Point Blank TV: Chris Botta talks Islanders hockey with Billy Jaffe |


6:00 in KO's struggles. Is KO confused about his role/identity? 8:00 in What they need to to do make the playoffs...Jaffe calls out ownership/GM If you want the cold hard truth, listen...If you want to avoid it then don't...Jaffe does call Isles management/ownership to task...I'm surprised nobody has spoken around here about this interview with Jaffe...Jaffe isnt ever coming back to us after this At the end of the interview Botta gives a short thought on what happened...Its hard to argue with him...I wish something like this was put on main stream media so Isles brass can't hide behind obscurity and answer for this...

Developers to offer new Nassau Hub plan

The quartet -- which met with County Executive Edward Mangano last week -- plans to craft a plan to revamp the Nassau Hub, regardless of whether the New York Islanders stay at the Coliseum, said Garden City developer Vincent Polimeni "The Hub with the Islanders and with the Coliseum is a needed thing on Long Island," Blumenfeld said. "The Hub without the Islanders can be an economic engine also." THIS: The quartet’s effort is not contingent on the Islanders remaining in Nassau, Polimeni said. WTF is going on? I am at a loss for words...

Bailey, Rakhshani to stay on same line

The pairing, along with Matt Martin , generated some good jump and a few good scoring chances Tuesday night in Carolina. But, as Bailey noted, "there's no stat for a good game. You need results in this league." I like what Bails is saying...He's showing dissatisfaction with just playing well...He wants to produce. He's maturing at a slow pace but hes on his way. IMHO

Wang has faith in Snow, Capuano


This is Wangs State of the Islanders...Its not pretty..

Garth Snow: No trades on the horizon


I supported Garth until now...This is ridiculous...We have a team of young kids and old men..

NHL chief: Islanders deadline gets close


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Monday that the New York Islanders are "getting close" to the point where work must begin on a new or renovated building before the team's Nassau Coliseum lease expires in 2015. we're getting to the wire...

Bailey unable to get untracked yet


Bailey hasnt generated much...But its's the same ole story with the musical line mates...Cappy say's he doesn't worry about him because he cares so much...

Rick DiPietro's injury history


Newsday posted this as an article with no reporter credited for it...What was the point?? Just to throw salt on the wounds???

Coliseum, research lab in new county plan

Nassau County officials submitted an extensive economic development plan to the state Friday that envisions creating a bioscience research and development park and a new Nassau Coliseum in the Hub.
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