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DiPietro takes shot to mask in practice


At the close of last season Katie Strange asked him about how he felt regarding the competition he would face to get the starting job for this year ...He seemed to dismiss the fact that there will be competition to the Isles fans chagrin...But he's been nothing but a great sport about being a backup since he lost it to Monty...Hopefully hes not concussed and can get back soon...But DP is cursed so its a good thing that we have spare goalies at the start of the season...Its hard not to feel for the guy....

Coliseum-Belmont plan draws mixed reviews


Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray said a research and development would "fit in beautifully" with the town's zoning for the Hub. She added that a carefully crafted plan would likely require no approval from the town. That is what Kate Murray says now that shes afraid of losing the Coliseum..and the Islanders to Belmont....Wang must despise Murray...

$347 million plan for Coliseum site


Architects, engineers, government officials and labor leaders came together Wednesday to unveil a new $346.5 million plan for the 77 acres surrounding the Nassau Coliseum . 100 mill just to renovate the place???I guess dreams of a state of the art arena like the Rock is a pipe dream???I guess it would be better than nothing...Beggars cant be choosers

The Isles website boasts an article from Brian Compton saying "the Time is Now for the NY...


The Isles website boasts an article from Brian Compton saying "the Time is Now for the NY Islanders",,,It was positive but this was at the end of it...On the ISLES WEBSITE, lol

Real estate group eyes Coliseum land plans

Bobby Nystrom is part of a task force formed by the ABLI. I cant believe it!

Breaking down the Coliseum vote

The Democratic Party opposed the ballot measure, spending an estimated $35,000 to help defeat it, said county Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs . From Thursday through Monday, the party auto-dialed 120,000 households containing people ages 55 and older and 50,000 households it had targeted to encourage opponents of the plan to vote. Isnt it ironic how its the Dems who are against taxes going up???Look at the lengths they went to smear this referendum...

Tax hike if no Coliseum deal, report warns

Nassau County homeowners could see their taxes increase by $16 per year per household if the New York Islanders leave and Nassau Coliseum closes, a new report by the county's economic consultants found. Maybe it was actually a good idea to wait and allow the opponents to get their negativity out there early because now the positive articles will be fresh in voters minds...

Report: Coliseum may cost homeowners less

Nassau officials Wednesday touted a report that found the average homeowner could pay as little as $13.80 more per year to finance a new Nassau Coliseum . "The risks associated with this plan have been minimized and the rewards of job creation, new revenue and an increased quality of life are significant," County Executive Edward Mangano said in a news release. The report's author, Steve Antonio, acting director of the independent Office of Legislative Budget Review, said to reach the $13.80 figure, the county would have to funnel all the money it receives in a revenue-sharing deal with the New York Islanders into reducing Nassau's general property tax fund levy. I guess this is the start of the media push for a YES vote!!!

Garth Snow discusses his five years as Isles' GM - New York Islanders - News

The Garth regarding JT : "Absolutely. He was obviously the big addition when we drafted him. You can't make mistakes in the draft -- and when you get those players, you have to develop them properly. When you watch (the rookie scrimmage), you'll see the fruits of that labor". Doesnt that make you feel like our GM gets it???This is what I like to hear...

Lease details not final before arena vote


Now a republican has questioned the deal. I'm starting to prepare myself for the worst. Better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, right? This team is on the verge to become a serious contender for years to come. It would be an injustice if another city gets to reap the rewards after all the suffering we have dealt with. But thats where we're headed. I know LHH is a positive site about the Isles but its time to face reality. This referendum is getting hammered left and right. Why should we expect a super majority after all of this negative press??? Im affraid, "its over johnny"...

"Nassau County's economy could lose $243.4 million annually if the New York Islanders leave the...

"Nassau County's economy could lose $243.4 million annually if the New York Islanders leave the region" "However, Seton Hall University professor Kurt W. Rotthoff, a sports finance expert, said people would instead spend the same dollars at movie theaters, restaurants and other venues, mostly still in the county. "It is just a shift in consumption between two things," Rotthoff said." - This quote makes me want to puke! Also, a top Nassau official accused members of the Association for a Better Long Island , a real estate group, of attempting to "extort development rights" for the land surrounding Nassau Coliseum from Mangano. Eden Laikin, director of government research, wrote on a county website Thursday that ABLI members offered to support Mangano's Coliseum plan if he "agreed to sell them development rights." -It gets uglier From Click here: Firm: Nassau loses big if Islanders leave the region

Call for probe of Nassau's push for Coliseum


Wow, this gets uglier and uglier by the minute...Those who oppose this, oppose this, for their own selfish reasons...They will bite their noses off to spite their faces...

Newsday slams Mangano..


This could effect the referendum...Manganos inetgrity is in question...Will it matter to us?

Legislature mulls $4M in Coliseum repairs

The existing contract between Nassau and the Islanders requires the county to pay for nearly all repairs to the 39-year-old arena, the second-oldest active facility in the NHL . A new lease agreement between the county and the team would allow the parties to split the burden of caring for a new Coliseum. The Islanders will handle the expense of major renovations and annual repairs of $500,000 or less, according to the lease. I like the timing of this request for repairs...

Ducks owner to bring team to Nassau


WOW!!! This could help, big time! But we will still have dems trying to trash the deal...

Battle for new Coliseum hits high gear

"With a little more than three weeks to go before an Aug. 1 referendum, proponents including labor unions have mapped a plan that includes a flood of phone calls and door-to-door campaigning." 'Democrats do not expect to campaign against the vote, arguing the measure will likely fail and if it does pass, they control the development's ultimate fate. At least two Democrats would need to approve the bonding, a prospect Jacobs described as unlikely. "We don't want to spend resources on something that is not going to pass," Jacobs said'.

LI business groups split on Coliseum plan


A selfish business group will try and ruin this...They complain that the taxpayers are on the hook for a deal that only benefits Charles Wang...Isnt that telling of their motivations???They want a piece of the pie...I resent this scum! Yet another negative article from 'Ragsday" newspaper...

Islanders press release: Facts on Coliseum Referendum



Nassau to weigh funds for Coliseum vote


Nassau needs to vote for a vote in order to

Residents question Nassau Coliseum plan

East Meadow resident Michael Turner argued the referendum should be moved back to Primary Day in September or Election Day in November to give the public more time to digest the plan and to avoid the cost of the special election, estimated at more than $2 million. "This is a rush job," Turner said. "It's a multiyear bond issue and you are ramming it down our throats. Walker (Deputy County Executive) cautioned that politics had derailed past attempts to build a new arena. "This has been the single most politicized issue for the past eight years," he said. "We asked for a stand-alone election to avoid the silly [political] season." I HATE DONT LIKE YOU ANTI-LONG ISLANDERS!!!! Sorry, lost my compsure...

Nassau doing review of Coliseum property


Democrats argue, the administration of County Executive Edward Mangano should have kept the commission involved from the get-go to ensure that SEQRA was performed correctly. "By improperly excluding the Nassau County Planning Commission, the Mangano administration may have made a serious blunder," Minority Leader Diane Yatauro (D- Glen Cove ) said. "They should have used the commission's expertise, as we Democrats did with the Environmental Bond Acts in 2004 and 2006." The Democrats will look for any reason to sabotage the new "areener" from being built. Just like the republicans of the ToH did with the LHP proposal. I have to admit that I'm ripe for the Tea Party. Who's with me???

Critics: Coliseum deal would mean tax hike


Why is it that they never mention the repercussions if the areener isn't built and if the Isles left???I'd like to see newsday tackle that issue and give that to the people to mull over.

Rangers to play Flyers in Winter Classic


Looks like Islanders vs Rangers wont happen in a Winter Classic...Meh

Mangano deal would give Wang control


The hub Advisory Committee wants structured parking to maximize the property. I can appreciate the reasons why and hopefully Wangano can accommodate or it can be another nail in the coffin...

Validity of Nassau Coliseum vote at issue


This isnt good. Murwangano rushed this without any due diligence. Im so tired of this BS as an isles fan.. I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink No,no,no

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