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Always love an $c fail


Not sure if this was posted before...but who cares. One can never watch an $c fail as classic as this too many times. Enjoy!


Apathy: I'm Not the Only One Who Doesn't Care About Our Hoops Team

As I've glanced at the post-game roundups and seen (but not read) the game threads for our basketball team this year, it seemed to me that the number of comments in the game threads was lower than...

NBC Nightly News feature on Derrick Coleman


Not sure why I actually watched the news on TV Friday evening...but it was cool to see this part about Derrick Coleman!

BN Lexicon 2.0 - UPDATED

Lexicon to help out new or casual visitors to the site understand who or what many of the regular community members are referring to.

Grantland on Alford: "A guy who brushes rape under the rug"


"UCLA hiring Steve Alford is probably the most intriguing new hire in the country, but I don't want to waste time discussing whether a guy who brushes rape under the rug and struggles in the postseason will find success at a program that has fired or requested resignation from each of its last five coaches. I think we can all guess how that will play out." The story also slams the SPTRs. It's a good read.

Joseph Fauria had a great day!


Fauria's line Sunday: 3 catches, 3 TD's. Not bad for a rookie! Quoting the article: "In six games he has nine official targets, seven catches, five touchdowns, four different dances and one shoutout from Jimmy Fallon."

Thoughts and Pictures from the Nebraska Game

A BruinsNation community member's thoughts and pictures from Lincoln - where UCLA beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 41-21

ESPN article on Gerrit Cole


Cole was pitching as the Pirates assured a winning season for the first time since he was two years old.


I'm fighting for my future Bruin...can you help? (updated)

I consider BN to be a true community, and I look forward to logging on in the morning and at night – I avoid it at work or I’d never get anything done. After years on here, I feel like I know a...

Request for the BN community: Got a great picture of Royce Hall to share?

I was thinking a few days ago that I'd love to have a print of Royce Hall up on my wall. I did some searching online, and about the only decent one you can find is $80. It got me thinking: I'm...

The UCLA Store likes the old Pauley center court better!


The UCLA Store likes the old Pauley center court better!

Found this when searching for something completely different. Regardless, I had to share! Source...


Found this when searching for something completely different. Regardless, I had to share! Source here http://www.collegeotr.com/college_otr/in_the_rose_bowl_itll_be_psu_vs_usc_16493 (Frontpagers - my computer won't let me hotlink. Please clean if you can. Thanks!)

What we have here is a failure to communicate...this was the topic of this morning's email from the...


What we have here is a failure to communicate...this was the topic of this morning's email from the UCLA Store. Note the date of the Rice game.


A Break From Sports: Fun Old Pix of UCLA, Westwood

Amazing pictures from the Los Angeles Public Library giving us wonderful slices of UCLA history.


[Updated w a POLL] Has Howland Earned the Right to Stay?

A look at Ben Howland's overall record as the UCLA basketball coach which raises disconcerting question about whether he should be the long term coach of the Bruin program.


My Response to UCLA Marching Band Request for Funds

A UCLA alum (4 yr member of Bruin marching band) responds to request for band funds: not 1 cent until Dan Guerrero is fired.

Jerime says UCLA is as talented as KU


And yes, this was after the game. Anderson on KU's guards: "I think they’re just — they’re just polished guards. They play solid. I’m not saying that I’m overly impressed by their games. I’ve seen them play for a long time. And I think that it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle." And on a team-by-team comparison: "I think for us and our team, it’s really never the other team and guys being that much more talented than us," Anderson said. "It’s really about us. And we have to look into ourselves and figure that out quickly."

Article on Reeves in KU's hometown paper


This was the lead article on their web page at the time I'm posting this (though they tend to change it every few hours), even though KU's win over Georgetown was only about 5 hours ago. Interesting stat in the article: In three halves with Nelson, UCLA has outscored the opposition, 110-91. In three halves without him, foes have gotten the better of the Bruins, 124-106.


Cumulative stats after the Colorado game

(another Fox71/KSBruin co-production) Here are the new cumulative stats to mull over.  The stats from the tenth game aren’t going to have a very big impact on a season’s stats.  There are a lot of...


Fox's musings...team stat/ranking correlation?

(Fox71's words and numbers, my formatting and posting. -KSBruin) I’m becoming a stat geek.  I was wondering if there was any sure fire correlation between some team stats and top ten in the...


Cumulative Stats through 'Urinated on in Utah'

(All data here were entirely researched by Fox71, and the writing is primarily his, though I've made some edits/tweaks with his permission, and added my own conclusions and editorial at the end....


Updated national rankings after the ASU game

(Please note: though this is posted under my name, all data after these parentheses were entirely researched by Fox71. My computer simply seems to like formatting better than his does, and I'm...


Lockout? What lockout?

Updates on various UCLA basketball players - both men and women - during the ongoing professional "lockout."


Updated national rankings after the Cal game

(Please note: though this is posted under my name, all words and data after these parentheses were entirely written and researched by Fox71. He was having some formatting issues on his computer, so...

interesting article on BSPN's role in conference realignment


One part that stood out to me: "With sister network ABC, ESPN holds at least some of the football and/or basketball TV rights of a vast majority of the NCAA's Division I conferences and all but two of college football's 35 postseason games — including the five games in the top-tier Bowl Championship Series. ESPN is the outright owner and operator of seven lower-level bowls."

Any iPhone 4 users on BN?


I recently switched phones so can't use this anymore. I'm hoping someone can put it to good use showing Bruin pride. (Frontpagers - delete this if you feel it inappropriate. After seeing bruinbabe2000's posts with Jonathan's shirts, I've often wondered if there was some way we could set up some sort of BN classifieds.)


An 'alumni game' with Bruins now in the NBA?

The possibility was raised here not long ago (apologies to the original poster for not having the energy to track it down) of creating some sort of exhibition game with the current men's basketball...

KLove all over the news


Playing beach volleyball/hyping his latest endorsement in the link above; also, giving his two cents about the Timberwolves coaching search here.

Stats for Bruins in the NBA, past and present


I found a link to this via the website for the Lawrence, KS newspaper. It was interesting (but not surprising!) to find that while KU has had 55 players make appearances in the NBA, UCLA has had 77. (Just checked Kentucky, out of curiosity: 71.) While I'm sure many of you are familiar with this site, I don't know if everyone's seen this part of it - I hadn't!


A quote from Coach for Howland

A short but sweet fanpost - if you were not among those lucky enough to find your own, here is the quote for today on the one-a-day Coach Wooden calendar. Someone needs to sneak in and put it on...

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