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Crowdsourcing a financial model of the Royals

There's a google spreadsheet out there with an attempt at modeling the Royals financials over the last seven years. It's a good idea, but some of the numbers are off, and they keep changing and...

David Glass is a lying liar


Says $70M is the budget for all player expenses, not just MLB payroll (We spent over $80M as recently as 2010). Says beyond that he's subsidizing the team out of his own pocket (The Royals almost certainly get $70M from MLB before counting a dime from their own ticket sales, TV rights, etc). David Glass is a bald-faced liar.

Neither of the top 2 WAR teams will make the playoffs


I don't really understand why WAR differs so dramatically from the win totals. I get that they're measuring different things, but I don't understand why the spread between most and fewest WAR is only 28 wins, and I don't understand why WAR matches up so poorly to actual wins.

K-State Wins the Battle of Big 12 YouTube videos This guy is awesome.


K-State Wins the Battle of Big 12 YouTube videos This guy is awesome.

Nats' 1st round pick Giolito shut down after 2IP


I don't really pay that much attention to draft projections and pre-draft rankings, but this year I was surprised to see that an injured high school pitcher rated very highly on several draft boards. The Nats took him, paid him almost $3M, and got 2IP out of him before they had to shut him down and send him to Dr. Yocum.

Royals' base running numbers are not so good


I don't ever read the Ball Star articles in the Star, but this piece by Brad Nielsen is pretty good. It draws on B-Ref and Baseball Prospectus numbers (no mention of fangraphs) to illustrate exactly how much harm the Royals have done to themselves on the basepaths this year.


Easiest Way to Keep Tabs on Our Prospects (update 7/20)

Like all (except maybe one) of you, I'm tired of hearing about the Royals' awful past, and I've pretty much given up on the Royals' present. That only leaves the Royals' future, and that means the...

Rany vents his frustration on the Royals


"Kansas City will be the center of the baseball world for the first time since they won the 1985 World Series. This is unquestionably a good thing — All-Star Games bring attention to the host city and dollars to its local economy, which is why Bud Selig doles them out like doggie biscuits to get teams (and municipalities) to do his bidding. It's also a bad thing, however, because by putting a spotlight on Kansas City, the game also puts a spotlight on its team. And it's impossible to take a good, hard look at the Kansas City Royals without asking, 'Shouldn't they be good by now?'"

Big 12 doing 13-year grant of rights


KC Star's Kerkhoff says that the Big 12 Presidents have agreed to a 13-year grant of rights, which means that when we end up in the Mountain West Conference in 2 years, we're going to be in even worse shape than the MU fans predicted. Note: he says CBSSports reported this, but I can't find a report anywhere on their site.

Great breakdown of the last 30 secs of Purdue game


Jesse Newell is back to doing what he does best. This is a great screenshot breakdown of the KU-Purdue finish: Purdue's last designed play, Robinson's rebound and Tyshawn's dunk. Among other things, it makes me appreciate Robbie Hummel even more. Credit to BCRavenJHawk for finding it and posting it in a comment to today's links

The Despicable Florida Marlins


I know that there's a perennial debate on here as to whether people are motivated solely by money. Here's what it looks like if people act that way without any pretense.

UNC AD 'generally a proponent' of 128-team hoops tournament


I was disappointed when we didn't get Cunningham for AD, but now I'm not so sure we didn't dodge a bullet. This reasoning seems self-evidently stupid. Comparing all of Division I to the top level of professional sports makes no sense. Adding another round of the tournament does real harm (increases the randomness making it more of a crap shoot) in exchange for no real benefit (first round matchups would vary from a typical first-round NIT matchup in the 16-17 / 15-18 games to typical early-season cupcake games in the 1-32 / 2-31 games). If anybody wanted to see Nebraska play Rhode Island in single elimination, they can watch the NIT. If they want to watch powers beat up nobodies in single elimination, they can watch the campus games of the preseason NIT. Whatever Cunningham's problem, the NIT is the solution


Thanksgiving cooking discussion thread

We've got some chefs (I'm looking at you, Beau Jackson) and some experienced home cooks on this site, so I thought we could trade tips on Thanksgiving cooking.   Post your tips for turkey...

Posnanski: Paterno is a scapegoat


I know a lot of people on here don't like Posnanski, but I do, and I can't really express how sad I feel to see him say things like "I've never seen anything handled worse. Maybe New Orleans, post-Katrina." He's just the same as those idiots on the Penn State blog, and I'd thought he was lot better than that. UPDATE: New Pos post on Paterno: I don't really think he helps his case, but judge for yourself.

Turner Gill's Guide to Wholesome Living


On the one hand, it sucks that our coach is so awful that he's the butt of jokes around the country. On the other hand, some of these jokes are pretty funny.

NYT: Syracuse and Pitt in Talks With A.C.C.


I read this as a big blow to KU if it goes through. It makes it hard for the ACC to take Midwestern teams without creating travel nightmares (I'd grudgingly begun to accept the idea of joining the ACC as long as they took 3 other Midwestern teams and went to a pod scheduling system). Also, it appears that they're focusing on their identity as an east-coast conference. It deals a nearly crippling blow to the Big East, including dropping them to only 7 members for football. It puts the Big East's AQ into the BCS in jeopardy and therefore puts the survival of the conference in jeopardy. I don't see how our rumored fallback position of a Big East invite (should the Big 12 collapse) is much consolation now. It gives the Big Ten an opening to try to pick off a couple more Big East teams in hopes of forcing the conference to collapse and bring ND into the Big Ten at last -- leaving fewer slots in the Big Ten for us to potentially land in. The only good thing I can see from this is that it makes a Big 12 collapse marginally less likely by cutting off all teams (including Texas) routes of escape. Not that I like being in the Big 12 with Texas being the bully, but it's better than no conference at all.

Dumb Promotion of Harper by the Nats


The Nats promoted Bryce Harper from A-level Hagerstown in the SALly League to Harrisburg in the Eastern League. Aside from the wisdom of skipping a level, the Nats are taking him from a league with an average OPS of .725 to a league with an average OPS of .720 and skipping a league with an average OPS of .689. It's the opposite of what the Royals have done with their hitters, forcing them to hit the Midwest League (.690) and the Carolina League (.689) before letting them hit in the friendlier environments of AA and AAA. I prefer the Royals' approach.

Melky is not reverting

  1. Mar/Apr: wOBA .326 wRC+ 102
  2. May: wOBA .343 wRC+ 114
  3. Jun: wOBA .352 wRC+ 121

Great piece by Jeff on how hitters age


For those interested in data, this has a lot of potential to inform the debate on what the future holds for Billy.

Why the Royals Are a Better Baseball Team Than the Yankees


In March, This guy wrote a story about why cheering against the Jayhawks was un-American that I, a Jayhawks fan, thought was pretty stupid. This is not much better. Still, it's nice to have people carrying the Royals flag in major publications like The Atlantic

Does anyone have access to a historical WAR database?


I'm trying to get a handle on the development curves of players through their team-controlled years, and I've been piggy backing on this Tom Tango study. I can back out enough information to see that players seem to have a very distorted development curve with a huge surge in productivity in their 5th and 6th years (regardless of the age they're called up) but to get more detail on the early years, I'd have to be able to look at the data directly. Does anyone have access?


Eric Hosmer, Super Two and You

A lot of the discussion of Eric Hosmer's callup centers around the financial impact on the Royals.  If Hosmer qualifies for arbitration after his second year (so-called Super Two status), the...

Any Mizzou fans need tickets for games in DC?


I'm a native Kansas Citian living in DC (hence the name KSinDC) and I've got tickets for the games at the Verizon Center. I posted some of my extras on eBay, but I thought I'd also check here. Anyone need tickets (Full disclosure: I'm a Jayhawk, but I'll be supporting you guys against the Big East hype machine)

Any Mizzou fans need tickets for games in DC?


I've got 4 seats relatively low in the upper deck at the Verizon Center that I'm selling in hopes of raising money to go watch the Jayhawks next weekend. I can probably sell them for less than I'm listing them for on eBay.

"North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said he has never been a part of a game where his team has...


"North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said he has never been a part of a game where his team has been down by 19 points and then come back to win"

- Erin Andrews reporting on North Carolina's comeback against Clemson yesterday. Any Kansas fan knows this isn't true. I'll never forget that game against defending national champion UCLA in 1995. I can't believe Roy did.

Rany: the '02 Twins are perfect model for Royals


"The 2002 Minnesota Twins won their division – and began a streak of six division titles in nine years – with the most homegrown team I’ve ever seen from a contender. Of the 22 key players on their roster (the 12 hitters with more than 150 plate appearances, and the 10 pitchers with more than 67 innings), 13 of them had signed with the Twins as amateurs. Another seven had been acquired while still in the minor leagues. Just two of their players – Rick Reed and rookie middle reliever Tony Fiore – had ever suited up for another major league team. Not one player on their roster had been signed as a major-league free agent."


Where are the Sundbergs of yesteryear?

I keep thinking about this paragraph in the ESPN retrospective on the 1985 Royals: From the start of the '85 season, though, Schuerholz, the general manager, enjoyed a near Midas touch with every...


The Difference between the Royals and Rays is not Draft Busts

It seems that everyone's frustrations with the Royals, and especially Dayton Moore, have come to a boiling point this weekend.  I know mine have. A combination of events have brought the ghosts of...

Olivo passes kidney stone during game, keeps playing


I was never one of Olivo's biggest fans, but I knew he was tough. I'm not sure I realized how tough though. This is nuts.

This week in strange management moves

'Excited' Hoiberg takes over in Ames I know it's off topic, but it's just a nice reminder that there are organizations out there that make even more inexplicable management moves than the Royals
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