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Any update on Walton?

I know Walton was placed on the PUP before the season, so he's at least eligible to return this season. Has there been any word on his progress? He would make such a difference to a banged up...

Weis "giving up" on season?


It might be giving up, but it also seems like a good idea.

Campo and the defense


Article from Dennis Dodd and CBSSports about Campo trying to turn the defense around.

Nothing we haven't seen before, I just thought it would be cool to post running pictures of the...


Nothing we haven't seen before, I just thought it would be cool to post running pictures of the trophy at its various destinations. This was in Chico 1/11/11. Where is it going next?

Guzan loan to Hull City?


It would allow him to play, at least. What are your thoughts on this?

Taylor stuck in New Jersey


Looks like the Jayhawks could be without Tyshawn Wednesday.

Giants winning "old school"


Article by Scott Miller from CBSSports "In staying current, the Giants do employ two analysts who study numbers. But, as Sabean says, 'we don't call them computer guys.' "

Selby Still Waiting To Be Cleared


Uh oh. This can't be good. "According to sources, the NCAA is looking into, among other things, a relationship between Selby and Robert Frazier, the business manager for NBA star Carmelo Anthony. It's a slow day so why not, front page for this bit of news, thoughts? Not hugely uncommon anymore. Thanks to the guy who used to be Giants for the link. -Owen K(Denver)

Selby breaks hand(or pinkie)


Broken in a pick up game after arriving at KU. Out 4-6 weeks, which isn't of major concern. Hopefully he has a full recovery.

Posey on his way to SF?


Wow, big news. Hope he doesn't rot on the bench.

CBSSports Power Rankings(plus interesting thought)


The Giants are at 18, which is irrelevant. Even this MSM writer thinks we're better off with Posey than Bengie. "Bump them up if ...: Bengie Molina blows out a knee during one of his eight-second, damn-the-torpedoes gallops down the first-base line, thereby clearing a place in the everyday lineup for the "not ready yet" (B. Sabean, 12/09) phenom Buster Posey. "

Meyer stepping down


Wow. This is insane. Completely out of no where. I hope he's alright, and wish him the best with his decision. Who do you think replaces him?

Jordan Rodgers visit


Jordan Rodgers is coming on his visit in two weeks. I don't know why, but I think we have a good chance to get him. "I believe the morale is just really low there in general right now," Rodgers said after helping guide the Butte College football team to its 22-15 win over Sierra on Saturday. "They're 5-5, but if they were 7-3 I don't think a lot of this stuff would keep coming up. They take a lot of pride in winning. I think there's just a lot of frustration over there period." ..."the allegations won't influence his perspective on possibly playing for Kansas next season. " So, recruiting hasn't been totally killed yet.

ESPN article on "Memorial" Stadiums


Good article about some very deserving people.

Bowker, Nate, Ishi and... Pill?


Those 4 are having a hitting session with Meulens on Monday. Sounds like they really want Nate to work hard on his offense this offseason. I hope Meulens can help him recognize a breaking ball.

RCT Fantasy Hockey final chance...


If we don't fill up by Thursday, I'll either open to the public, or just cancel, depending on what your opinions are. We need 4 more, so tell your friends, family, or anyone on the web you know. Password is paclife. Again, if we don't get 4 by Thursday, it might be the end of the league.

Prisco article on the loss


He makes a good point. Our offense doesn't need big plays to function, but they sure would be nice. The quote from Fabian Washington was interesting. ""They don't throw it down the field..." Are we making it too easy for other teams to press up?

RCT Hockey needs 4 more


4 more players needed to kick off our season. If we don't get 4 this time, it will open to the public. Password is paclife.

RCT Fantasy Hockey


Click the link to join the league I made on ESPN. Sounds like we're all beginners, so don't be afraid to join and throw your hat in the ring. The password is Paclife. Hockey isn't terribly high maintenance, so give it a shot. Let me know if the draft day doesn't work for you.


Inaugural Pac Life RCT FBB League Season Recap

I'm not sure how many of you have been paying attention regularly to our Fantasy Baseball League, but we had a wild and fun season.  This is a quick summary and recap of the first season in our...

Nate to play in Puerto Rico


I'm not saying Bochy is a great talent evaluator, but this sounds good. Although he really shouldn't need to work on being selective. "Getting more at-bats will help him learn the strike zone," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "Nate is strong. He can hit 25 home runs in the big leagues. But he needs to be more selective and disciplined up there. That will keep him from going through these ups and downs." I wouldn't mind seeing Bowker get additional work over the winter too. If Nate can get back close to hitting .285ish, with his defense and speed, he could be very useful. Also if he can reach his 25 HR potential like his minor league numbers. Bowker too.

Adam Eaton DFA'd


Yes, that Adam Eaton. Bet he gets re-signed to pinch hit against us.

OK McCovenites, work your magic. This is too easy.


OK McCovenites, work your magic. This is too easy.

Ducks make minor moves


Steve Eminger signed, Shawn Weller acquired.

Ducks' New Ice


Facebook preview of the new look. Don't know if the link will work or not.


Going on Wed 7/29

Just have a few questions for the regular park-goers. I've been before, but not since moving from the Bay Area. Anyway, I just wanted to know as far as tickets, what's the best section with 4...

Season grade from CBSSports


Scott Miller gives us a B+. Also, we has grit!

Wiz re-signs


I don't see it reported anywhere on here, but Wiz re-signed for 1 year, avoiding arbitration. Wonder how much he got.


Pac Life RCT fantasy baseball update

    Hey, just thought I'd give a quick update on the RCT fantasy baseball league.  Halfway through the season, KC88 and Wester Kansas AAA Allstars are tied for the lead.

Article on Pirates international reach


Pretty awesome to read about prospects from non-baseball countries. Wonder how involved the Giants are in this.

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