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Batting Stance Guy on TV

Just a heads up for those interested, Gar Ryness, better known as "The Batting Stance Guy" will be on the Letterman show tonight. And his brother Bryce, a Broadway actor in "Hair", will be on...

BP's Postseason Odds

We have less of a chance than the Rockies? Also, average wins by NL Wild Card= 90.3.

Pirates want to trade

We can't lose to the Rockies.

Manny being loved

"The fans have been great to me, especially in LA," he said. "What can I say, I’m just blessed everywhere I go. People like me, the way I play, the way I do things." Really, people like the way he plays? So when do we get to boo him? It's been too long since we played the Bums.

Crazy bat-handling skills

Pretty amazing what he can do. But what can he do with the bat in the box?

Memphis violation in 2007-2008?

Wow. Good thing we won, otherwise that would get messy for them.

Look who's saving Seattle

Won't that be fun to face him?

CBS Article

Not really anything we didn't already know. Maybe Bochy read this and decided to put Rowand at leadoff.

Bochy's son pitching at KU

Brett's pitching stats so far this year. Bet the Giants sign him just for Bochy to use. Why not, with all the other weird roster decisions.

65% chance Henry signs with KU

This could be similar to stories already posted, but I think it's new... Kentucky vs Kansas.

2011 All-Star game

Arizona's Chase Field gets it. In the middle of summer.

More Tebow-mania

Yuck. Feel free to delete this, just know several of you get riled by this kind of stuff. "I felt like he was a prophet for saying it," linebacker Brandon Spikes said. "He just said it and we got it done. He was a prophet."


RCT Fantasy Draft

Just wanted to put something up to discuss here. So we need one more owner, as it stands, or we postpone? I'd like to get it done tonight.

A talk with John Sickels

From another SBN blog, Sickels is "interviewed". Figured you stats people might like this.

Recent Article on Vizquel

Just found this looking for info for an art paper. Thought you guys might be interested.


How important are Sherron and Cole?

Well, with the win at Oklahoma, we saw that Oklahoma had difficulty without Blake Griffin(obviously).  But are either Sherron or Cole that important to us?  Do we have the people to step up if...

Reorganizing Football divisions

From Cal's SBNation blog, they had a little bit of fun, and organized conferences by geography.

Peppers wants out

So if we run the 3-4, should we get him?

Japanese Free Agents' Impact

A look at how the departures of players from Japanese teams affected those teams. Shinjyo is at #18.

Furcal to...

The Dodgers??? Didn't he just agree with the Braves yesterday? And I hope he hurts his back again so the Dodgers are screwed with yet another overpaid player.

Little out 2-4 more weeks

Broken hand. Seems like he's cursed.

Giants' new lineup

Nice, Rowand hitting sixth.

"Million-Dollar" pitchers signed

The top two finishers in the Million Dollar Arm contest have signed with the Pirates.

Playoff Probability

Pretty useless this early, but it's nice to see we have good odds to make the playoffs.

Keith Law approves of Affeldt

Sorry if this has been put up somewhere already, but he approves. What more do we need?

Giants offseason activity

Apparently we're talking to three former Dodgers.

Giants trying to dump Zito?

Yeah, this isn't particularly "news", but it's interesting. Also, we want a right fielder? Really?

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