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Blazer Pre-Draft Workouts 6/7


The Blazers will work out six draft prospects today at the team's practice facility: Ian Clark, G, Belmont; Glen Rice Jr., G, Rio Grande Valley Vipers (NBA D-League); Ed Daniel, F, Murray State; Trevor Mbakwe, F, Minnesota; EJ Singler, F, Oregon; Larry Drew II, G, UCLA.

Blazers Rumored to Want Out of #10 Pick


In an article yesterday on, John Canzano reveals that the Blazers are reportedly not enamored with any draft prospects they might get with the #10 pick, and further, if the draft were held today they would trade it. This came in a larger argument that the Blazers should not trade out of the first round, and that he isn't buying the rumors. Classic Canzano!


6 Easy Steps to the Playoffs

The Blazers did not win the lottery, and thus have no shot at drafting Ben McLemore, Victor Oladipo or Nerlens Noel. It's not a travesty, none of those three players would have given the Blazers...


2013 NBA Draft Primer, Vol. 2: Trading Down, "Weak" Drafts, BPA vs. Need, and "Value"

At the end of last week the Blazers announced Damian Lillard, the unanimous Rookie of the Year, would be representing the Blazers at the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery. That led me to remark: Last time...


Who Should the Blazers Take Number One Overall?

Because it is a foregone conclusion the Blazers will win the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery and have the first overall pick in the draft, I thought I should throw together a quick poll. This poll is...

Who wants to be sad?


I'm going to leave this here, without comment.


The Downside to Geno Smith

I'm not a fan of Geno Smith. I think he's a system QB and won't have success in the NFL. A lot of Geno-philes have argued the Chiefs should draft him because even though he isn't Andrew Luck or...


Could JaVale McGee be the answer at center?

"Who will be the Blazers' next center?" is the hot-button topic around Blazers Edge right now, with everyone from a college player in the draft to Samuel Dalembert to Dikembe Mutombo being thrown...

Cardinals Lock Up Waino


Deal is reportedly for 5-years, $97.5 mil.


Albert, trade rumors and the No. 1 pick

Branden Albert signed his franchise tender today, and the rumors started flying hot and heavy. And the crowd is predictably going wild because it is the season of smoke and mirrors in the NFL:...

Brian Urlacher, Bears to Part Ways


With Urlacher moving on after 13 Hall of Fame-caliber seasons in Chicago, could the 35-year-old ILB be a good fit for a one-year deal with the Chiefs?

Blazers Getting a Lot of Love Over at Grantland


Portland has the best uni's in the NBA. Hands down.


Blazers' Offseason: Who Stays and Who Goes?

Neil Olshey gave an interview to 1080 AM The Fan recently (audio here) and there were several very interesting quotes from the article I want to explore. (If you would all be so kind as to bear...


Question for those opposed to the Alex Smith trade.

Let's start with this: I agree with Reid and Dorsey trading for Alex Smith. Whether or not you think Smith going to be "Cassel 2.0", it is obvious Reid and Dorsey think he is a significant upgrade....


2013 NBA Draft Primer, Vol. 1: The Watch List, Round 2

In the first installment of my 2013 NBA Draft Primer series I gave Blazer fans a "Watch List". The premise was simple: it was a group of college players for Blazers fans to keep an eye on as the...


2013 NBA Draft Primer, Vol. 1: The Watch List.

We are at a crucial junction in the basketball calendar. The NBA All-Star weekend has come and gone, and was filled with high's and low's for Blazer fans. The NBA trade deadline passed yesterday,...


The solution at ILB?

With all the talk about the Chiefs' QB situation, and if draft prospect X is "worth" draft pick Y and this that or the other, I thought it would be a refreshing change of pace to look at one of the...

Nerlens Noel to the Blazers?


Nerlens Noel tore his ACL, and is out for the season. At this point he has two options: 1) declare for the NBA draft anyway, or 2) return to Kentucky for this sophomore year. If he declares he could fall in the draft much like Andre Drummond did last year, especially if it looks like he won't be ready for the preseason. If he is available when the Blazers draft (probalby 10-12 range), would you take him?


Shouldn't this matter?

If you ask a Chiefs fan, any Chiefs fan, about the Chiefs' biggest need this offseason every single one will tell you, "a new QB". It is the one thing Chiefs fans unanimously agree on. What we do...


What Would a LaMarcus Aldridge Trade Look Like?

Neil Olshey has made it very clear in his comments to the media in the past few weeks that he and Paul Allen (and I suppose Terry Stotts as well, though he is probably more concerned with...

The Blazers Should Draft Aaron Craft


In a "weak" draft class (no superstar talent at the top), Aaron Craft will probably be a mid-to-late first round pick. If the Blazers could trade their two second rounds for a frist to draft him they should absolutely do it. If you watched the Ohio St. - Michigan game last night, he was the reason they Ohio St. almost won.


What is the Blazers' "Core"? [w/ poll]

With the trade deadline approaching, talk on the Blazers' future and possible roster moves has run rampant on Blazer's Edge. And, if we're being honest with ourselves, this is our favorite part of...


The only offseason question that matters

Arrowhead Pride reader KVin2 takes a look at the only offseason question that really matters: who will be the quarterback?


Honoring Mike Brown with some Blazer Observations

In honor of Mike Brown's firing today here are five Blazer observations on the early season, one for each of the games Coach Brown lasted with the Lakers. 1. Damian Lillard is better than anyone...


By the Numbers: Falcons-Chiefs

One of the reasons we like sports is their simplicity. There's a clear winner and a loser. Whoever scores the most points, runs the fastest, throws the furthest, jumps the longest, or wins three...

The Cardinals are the best-dressed team in MLB


And the 3rd-best dressed team amongst the "big four" leagues in US professional sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA). Paul Lukas of the Uni Watch blog and ranked every professional team 1-122 and the Cardinals beat the Yankees, Cubbies, Red Sox, and every other team in baseball, football, hockey and basketball except Da Bears and the Habs. (The Reds, by the way, came in at 69.)

ESPN's Chad Ford gives the Blazers a B- in his offseason grades


I thought Ford was pretty generous on this one. The Blazers went from a mid-to-late lottery team to a mid-to-late lottery team. I loved the Blazers' draft (even though Meyers Leonard will primarily be a rebounder/shot blocker for his first few seasons), was thrilled to see the Blazers finally bring Joel Freeland and Victor Claver from the Spanish League, and Olshey didn't destroy the Blazers future cap room. But ultimately, none of that can disguise the fact the Blazers failed to make any significant moves to make them into a championship contender. Barton, Hickson, Claver and Freeland will be decent, cheap backups, and Lillard has a chance to be very good. But the Blazers missed out on Roy Hibbert and failed to land any other All-Star caliber talent. Did the Blazers have a bad offseason? No. But they didn't rebuild nor did they reload. All Olshey did this offseason was reshuffle, and didn't do anything to push them back towards relevance.


Blazer Draft Night Quick-Hit Thoughts

With the 6th and 11th picks of the 2012 NBA Draft, the Blazers selected Damian Lillard, PG, Weber St., and Meyers Leonard, C, Illinois. The Blazers have a two second-round picks, and I may update...


The Apologetic of Dontari Poe

After the Panthers picked Luke Kuechly at 9 I thought the Chiefs would for sure take David DeCastro at 11 if they couldn't trade down, if for no other reason than Scott Pioli likes proven...

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