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Friday OT: Who invited this prick?

An intelligent, older gent the other day, told me impeccable trouble-shooting and astute problem solving will take you a long way in today's world, and I fucking believe that to the fullest. 1....

Evolution of Baseball Video Games


In case you missed this, check out the video.


RRCCA XVII: Midnight Special

Plagiarized from Wikipedia: The Midnight Special was an American late-night musical variety series that aired onNBC during the 1970s and early 1980s, created and produced by Burt Sugarman. It...


Friday OT

8 minutes to make a thread lets go.............With Spring Training right around the corner shit is starting to get pretty fucking real. Will James Shields and Santana make us a contender? (I can't...


RRCCA XIV Attention Playlist is in the comments

I'm a one on one type of guy, I don't like the extra uneccassary bullshit. The Route I think we oughtta take this time is one a bit more of intamacy. To the fucking point. Acoustic. Amplified...


Friday OT: Colder than a dingle berry on a polar bears ass edition

1. How do you feel about snow? Love it, hate it or just think it's ok? 2.Favorite Royal of All-time? 3.Were you one of those dumbasses that thought we'd all be dead today? (or...


Constantly Cantankerous: This is my thread

Somebody make one up, I'll be back at about 6 anti meridaneuwman. I'm not gonna let these die. 75 word minimum, that's a buncha bullshit.....................Drafted by Thomas Jefferson...

So,uhhh, what's your policy on Columbus day?


So,uhhh, what's your policy on Columbus day?

Teepees suck but pow wow's are cool, Columbus was an asshole, but I am a fool. The Santa Maria would never return to Spain, For he let some dickhead sail it that lacked a functioning brain. My question is this to you Royals Review, Will we ever compete for a title on Columbus Day too?

This is the real KCK

We'll cut the bullshit, I may get a little intoxicated and unruly from time to time, but this is me and, this is mine. I'd like to clear Crooow's name of all wrong doing, for he is not I, and I am...


Hocus Pocus You're at 12th and Locust Friday OT

"Only the first two taste alcoholic, it's just pissin after that" Uncle Steve, Summer of 2004.


Quick Friday OT Thread

Snoochie Boochies

Dick Kaegel what a Dick


Good read after the first three paragraphs.

God damnit Crow get the playlist up


nothing like a keytar to get the juices flowin.


Will Aaron Crow join the rotation?

I have no idea if this will happen but, it really doesn't seem too far fetched given the injuries this year.

Rage guitarist, Tom Morello Cubs fan


Pretty cool, Tom is one of the more under rated guitarists out there.


The names Perez, Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez will be called up this weekend vs the cardinals, Now ya'll's guess is as good as mine on whether the Yostest with mostest decides to let go of quintero or Pena to make room for...


Robert Moog's Synthesizer and You

Courtesy of google We're celebrating Robert Moog's 78th Birthday today. Most likely all of you have in some way been affected by the funky, erie, and trippy shit that originally resonated from...


Alcohol or Nitrous? SJ Duesenberg or a Packard Twin 6?

I Highly recommend anybody that's in the area to go check out the summer nationals at topeka this weekend, even if you're not an avid gearhead, I promise you'll appreciate the top fuel funny cars...


Nobody got Going Berserk?

John Candy, You Fat Ass Fucks. Luke can pitch don't doubt the man he'll be in pinstripes in 3 years. Helllllllllllllll Yeahhhhhhhhhh overinflated of onesself? How about inordanite delusions of...


Rockfest who's comin man?

I aint dead yet, Going Berserk because the Royals are uhhh opposite of omnipotent, but what could be better on a Saturday in early May than Slash shreddin the axe? I'll be there in a Royals hat, (I...


Must See Movies From The 80's

Been wanting to do this for awhile here, and the subthread in todays game thread reminded me, here are a few examples, Bad Boys, The Wraith, Corvette Summer, just shit like this everyones forgot...


Your Opening Day Kansas City Royal Razzy Awards

Worst lead actor; Luke Hochaver a first inning like that makes Dan Reichert look servicable. Worst supporting actress; Yuniesky Betancourt will have you asking for Chris Getz. Worst excuse for a...


Favorite opening day ever?

Im gonna have to go with 03 when we were down by 5 or 6 in the bottom of the ninth and we came back with a Beltran walk off bases clearing double or some shit like that, that was also the only...

We aint gonna die ............


We aint gonna die ............

No we aint gonna die.....Royals My Homeland

My main man


Lenny Dykstra a true american hero.

Tommy Hottovy probably sucks but hes got a pretty cool name and hes from KC


Tommy Hottovy probably sucks but hes got a pretty cool name and hes from KC

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