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Brewer is officially a Maverick!

First! Heck yes! GO MAVS!!!!! I need more words, so I thought I'd throw this in there. For any idiot saying Roger Federer is done, go F yourself. Try actually watching him, and not stupid ESPN....


Poll: Should Harris come back?

I love that there is so much conversation on this topic. It thrills me, so I want to know what the people want. Brian's fanshot was beautiful, yet sadly those can't have polls, not that they're his...


Melo is a Knick!

I don't expect this thread will get any traffic, as it will probably be on the front page within minutes. But, Ha! I got it here first... Not that it matters. Anyways.... I need 75 words, so I'll...


Ready to eat my words.

To be perfectly honest, I would like to convey a quick message. This concerns Peja, and I'm sure that many Mavericks fans agree with em when I say this. Lately, I haven't been shy to voice my...


Have we learned nothing?

This post is mainly to once again, for the 20th time, show my outrage at the acquisition of one Peja. What this move shows me is that once again, the Mavericks organization is proving they are...


Notes from the LA game.

Today I got to watch my very first Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center. It was awesome. Despite almost getting mugged in this great city, me and my brother had a blast. Well, I did. He...


Colts Appreciation post.

Lets take a minute to appreciate all the good that happened. Wake up! We are so spoiled! We were so injured this year and we overcame it all to win 10 games and a home playoff game! We won our...


Honest question for all Colts fans...

 I have an honest question for all Colts fans.. Really? Really?! Do you seriously think Peyton might actually leave Indy over these minor issues? Sure he got sacked a lot, sure he has issues with...


Why a Trade would kill us.

Hey guys. After the jump I'll explain why I truly believe this season is all but done. No, not because Dirk is out, or because we have lost Butler for the season. No, no, that would be too simple....


A few talking topics about this game...

Lets keep this short and sweet. I want to know these things... 1.The Timeout call with 29 seconds.. We should have held that to ice the kicker/burn more time so they cant get a better field-goal. 2...


Its funny how...

Once we are finally clicking, Caron has to get hurt. This is but another chapter in our long history of always getting screwed. Oh well. The real point of this post was to point out that tonight...


Quick and fun tidbit I ran across.

DISCLAIMER: I read this on Devil's take, so give him the credit. I am simply singling this out, and adding 1 more thing to it to spice up the... awesomeness that this is. If the Colts were to win...

Mavericks Granted the Gift of Invisibility.

You read it correctly. The 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks have come across something that we need to cherish. We, the Mavericks, are invisible. Over the course of the year, we seem to elapse past the...


Interesting tidbit I ran across.

DISCLAIMER: If this is old news, I apologize. As Dallas Maverick fans, naturally, we have a dislike for 3 things. The San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat, and David Stern. Oh wait, it is just me that...


Need the help of some stat guru's.. Please?

Hey guys. I was arguing with some friends about QB-WR combos, and My argument was obviously for Manning-Harrison and Manning-Wayne. I'm terrible at looking up/finding stats, so I was wondering if...

After the Fact: Mavericks 12 game win streak snapped.

Overall a terrible performance by the Mavericks, who saw the Bucks snap their 12 game win streak at home, on an embarrassing night. More (quick) details after the jump. The 1st quarter saw Dirk...

Farewell to the Allas Mavericks.

A typo?! Everyone freak out! Ahhhh!!! No, no. I am simply referring to the nickname that the Mavericks were dubbed. That nickname seems to have gone away recently. I hate to give credit to Avery...


One of the Greatest Feats in Sports History..

This is a post to honor the Colts. To honor Peyton Manning. Sunday's game marked the end of something. The end of a run that we had. We had won at least 12 games, in an astonishing 7 straight...


I Want To Know....

A lot of things! But I want to know something about the Colts. These are questions by a fan, for the fans. I simply want to know a lot about Indianapolis, So I'll express that now. These are some...


The Burning Question: Did Peyton Choke?

In a word, Yes. Cue the insults and hatred towards me. I will explain after the jump.


What I'd Like To See!

  Not that my opinion matters, but this is what I'd like to see Sunday against the Patriots. Jump, jump, jump, jumpidee jump jump jump jump. Murrhahahah!

Intimidation; Is Jason a Kidd amongst men?

Hello MavsMoneyball-ers. This post is a 2 topic post. After watching a lot of basketball in these opening weeks, as well as closely observing this sport for years, I think it is time for my...

Standing In Our Way: Ourselves.

To start things off, here are some quotes from anonymous Dallas Mavericks players, as well as coaches, or anyone that is tied to the organization. "We're really a better team than people believe. I...


The Case of records, and Brett Favre

Hey guys. I'll try keep this post short and sweet. NFL Records, to some, are a big deal. No reason they shouldn't. The best of high school play college, which whom very few make the NFL, and to set...

The Curious Case of Roddy B

Hey Mavs Fans! The Season is right around the corner, and I'm sure just like I am you guys can't wait until the season tips off! Not only does tip off return Maverick Basketball into our hearts,...


Colts Fantasy Idea?

Hey guys. I will try to keep this short, so here goes. I think one of the really good, established writers for this site, should make weekly fantasy reports for Indy, and post them around 10 or 11...


The Colts' Running Game: Designed to fail?

As I sit here watching the Colts plunder the Giants, I can't help but to wonder, is the running game designed to fail? Since I'm all but positive someone will reply to this post without reading the...


Fantasy Player: Joseph Addai

Sorry about the recent posts pertaining fantasy Football, and i guarantee this will be my last. This being my first year playing it, and you guys knowing a lot about it, i figure one more help...


I get by with a little help from my friends.

Hey guys. I realize this topic is well, off topic but i figured i could get some help here online from fellow Colt lovers. I am in a very competitive Fantasy Football league with some friends, and...


Matt Leinart

I heard he will be released from the Cardinals after losing the job for QB to Derek Anderson. If this is the case, what about picking him up as a backup? A longshot, I know. Probably too expensive...

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