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This can't just be bad luck

Why all the injuries? Is it the players? Some like Lee and Johnson had injuries their senior seasons in college, but what about Miles Austin, Mo Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, etc? Are the C...


what's the key to 2014 success?

OK, there are a lot of things that have to happen for a team to click on all cylinders and win a Super Bowl: coaching, good players, healthy players, execution, discipline, etc. So if you had to...


new poll: Who's your pet cat?

Vote away! Who is your pet cat? I listed all draft picks after the 3rd round plus a few select UDFA that seem to be getting the most buzz. Did I leave off anyone? Yes, I left off most of the UDFA...


Who's your early pet cat?

Who is the guy taken after the third round or UDFA that you think will turn heads and make a strong drive for playing time in 2014? My guy: Ahmad Dixon. Not a lot of negatives for him, and I'm not...


What MLB parks have you been to?

My first MLB park was the Astrodome. Saw Nolan Ryan and Joe Niekro pitch against the Mets in '86. Neikro won, Ryan lost. Went to Old Commiskey in Chicago next. Saw Carlton Fisk hit a home run. N...


Should Dallas draft a QB

Should Dallas draft a QB and if so, when? In what round? If the BPA on their draft board in a QB in the first or second round, should they take him or trade back? Would the 3rd round be too early?...


how does salary cap work

Let's say a team signs a DE to a $1 million base salary for 3 years. He gets a $1 million signing bonus. Then he gets incentives: $500k for making the pro-bowl, $500k for getting more than 9 sacks,...


Cowboys Way v Patriot's Way

Good ESPN article on the Pats http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2013/story/_/id/10254032/new-england-patriots-way-highway "The Patriot Way," Bledsoe said, smiling, in a bittersweet kind of way. "I...


Stuff that may only interest me

If I'm not mistaken, only one of the 12 playoff teams obtained their QB via trade: KC. The others got theirs via draft or free agency. Anyone know who the last team to win a SB with a QB...


Welcome to Shreveport!

We hope you enjoy your stay here! Here's a list of restaurants you may want to try Seafood/cajun creole: Blind Tiger, Herby K's, Marylin's Place, Ernest's ($$$), Shane's (alcohol free) Mexican:...


how many will Dallas win in the last 6

6-0 5-1 4-2 3-3 2-4 1-5 0-6 Given the past 3 weeks, I only see 2 wins: Oak and Wash. I can't see Dallas beating the resurgent...


Will the fans ever have had enough of Jerry Jones

Remember what happened in Detroit with Matt Millen? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Millen#.22Fire_Millen.22_movement Will fans ever boycott Dallas games and merchandise, or just keep feeding...


2013 playoffs

What have we learned so far? A big payroll won't guarantee you a World Series win (see Yankees), but a small payroll will guarantee you won't win a World Series. The lowest payroll of the...


what should the Astros do in the offseason?

There's been a lot of debate about what if anything the Organisation should do during the off season: stand pat, sign a couple of mid-range FAs, sign a big name if you can get a young quality guy...


B. Olney tweet

Buster Olney tweeted: " Rival execs noting Astros are following path of Devil Rays: Field a team so bad that they will draft No. 1 or near top of draft for years. " What do you think? Is that an...


White sox trade

another good move. While not as impressive as the Blue Jays trade, it means we should be going into next year with a lot of pitching in the minors. But my question is, now that we've dumped more...


Blue Jays trade

I like this one. We dumped Happ and picked up what appears to be some good prospects. The two major leaguers we picked up aren't impressive, but overall, I think Houston came out ahead on this one....


2003 marlins

When I point out to people that the last several teams to win the World Series have had a top 12 payroll, someone always mentions the 2003 Marlins. I think the 2003 Marlins were horrible for MLB....

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