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User Blog

The Expendables 3 Movie Review

Hey there Maniacs! I'm back from my self imposed exile of needing to take care of the lame ass real wold shit that governs our lives to bring you my thoughts on the new Expendables movie. But...


Check out the newest recruit to Team Alpha Male!

Well, it seems like that E-Trade baby has finally branched out and gone down a different career path - and for the better, too! This kid has blistering hand speed, vicious kicks, and the kind...


FFT: A Dame To Kill For Edition

Hey there Maniacs, it's that time again, for your weekly fix of hot chicks, absurd fail gifs, and Johnny Boy posting the kind of badonk-a-donk that registers on the Richter Scale. First up, I bet...


Harry and Lloyd - 20 Years Later

You know, I was going to come up with some touching, heartfelt story about a couple of guys I met 20 years ago. But, being that I was 10 at that time, it's probably better that I don't... No need...


Friday Fun Thread: Philly Rant Edition

Alright Maniacs, it's my turn for this week again and I'm happy to bring you guys your weekly fix of laughter, T&A and general stupidity. So let's get started, huh? Browsing through some comedy...


Friday Fun Thread and the Seven Words

Hey there Maniacs! It's that time of the week again. I'm here to bring you your weekly dose of laughter, knowledge, and fap material to ease you into the weekend. I won't really be doing any of the...


Glover Texiera and the lack of Gunting

Despite the UFC's marketing machine doing its best to convince us that Glover Texiera was Jon Jones' biggest and most dangerous test to date (again), those of us that actually pay attention knew...


Fornication Friday: Cinnamon Whiskey Edition

Welcome, ladies (assuming Ella and Kara are still with us) and Gents, to the Cinnamon Whiskey Edition of Fornication Friday, so named because I'm drinking Black Velvet's Cinnamon Rush Whiskey as I...


The Inaugural Motivation Monday

So, Maniacs, the first full week of 2014 is over. I'm sure that in the history of Mania, there has been a Motivation Monday series of threads, but it's not here now, so here you go. I'd like to...


2013's Final Epic FFT

So, my fellow Maniacs, the year is at a close. Well near enough, anyway. Pablo hit me up yesterday while I was trying to recuperate from a massive stuffed pork and mashed potato dinner and asked me...


A Christmas Message from The King

Merry Christmas, Maniacs! While you guys are enjoying this special time with your families, I just thought I would share a special message from the King himself, Elvis Presley. It's just the right...

The Tapout Crew


MMA fans hate these guys. People who don't like MMA think we're all like these guys. These are the just bleed guys. It's the Tapout Crew. It's a short little video that had me laughing and thought you guys might enjoy it. Or not. Didn't want to waste space with a fanpost, so I thought I'd gamble on a fanshot. So here you go, bitches. Enjoy.


Happy Monday, ya bastards.

via It's Monday, and that means the weekend is over. At least for those of you lucky bastards that get a whole two days off with the rest of the working world. Today was my...


FFT: Led Fap-lin

Well, Maniacs, I'm back. Last week, Pablo asked me to do an FFT for last Friday, then remembered he had Plainview doing last week's FFT, so looks like I get to book end this week with fan posts. So...


Life is a Game of Inches

In less than two months, I will be thirty years old. I'm not where I want to be in my life, either because of bad decisions, lack of action, or simply letting my failures conquer me. Maybe growing...


The Dark Knight Rises As It Should Have Been...

Those of you Maniacs that follow me on Twatter know that I'm a movie guy. I studied film production and screenwriting a little in college and have wanted to be a writer since I was a kid; which...

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