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Lady, 33, BC Alum, Living in Italy, Sports Addict, Statistics Addict, Woodworking, Computer Genius, Web Athlete, Cyclist with a bad Niekro Knuckler.

I also happen to write for Windy City Gridiron (Chicago Bears Football). I'm rather annoying.


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Boston College Eagles
  • NCAAB Boston College Eagles
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Cycling Andy Schleck, Cadel Evans, Stefan Schumacher, fffflance.
User Blog

Why I'm not concerned about Kiffin's ability to quickly implement the Tampa 2 in Dallas

Hey there BTB. I'm a writer for Windy City Gridiron, and i've been thinking in my spare time a few things about the Tampa 2's current state. Since I don't think many of us in Chicago have any idea...

Who's the best player on the Bears?


There's a case for a lot of players on the Bears to be called 'the best'. But what makes them the best?

Don't Worry About Trestman and Cutler...


... because the fate of the season doesn't hang on the Bears perpetually hat-haired head coach, nor their Smoking QB. It lies squarely on the shoulders of Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker.

Emery's Average Draft


Examining why Jon Bostic and Arthur Brown shouldn't have even been close for the Bears, why the NFL Draft is so error prone, and why drafting average players may be better than drafting good players in the long run.

Bears' Schedule: Predicting the First Quarter


We'll be breaking down the Bears schedule, by quarter, in the next couple of weeks, first up weeks 1-4. With Cincinnati, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Detroit, there's a few familiar faces and a few AFC North opponents who look to take the Bears down.

What the Chicago Bears Can't Do in Tonight's Draft


And it all begins with not picking Matt Barkely...

What it takes to win a Super Bowl - Pt 1: Coaches


What separates good coaches from playoff coaches, and further, what separates playoff coaches from Super Bowl coaches.


The Math and Statistics thread

I figured there would be at least some value about having a place where we, as a community, would be able to bounce some statistics off each other. I think after Spongie's great intro to what we...

What Mel Tucker Needs to do to beat the Packers


Or what Brady and Baltimore can teach Mel Tucker about beating Green Bay

Candidates to replace Rod Marinelli


A quick list of possible defensive coordinator candidates to replace Rod Marinelli.

Who is Marc Trestman?


A Bright Offensive mind who's journey led him across the NFL for 20 years, and then to Canada, and finally here to Chicago.

City of Meatballs


Set to the tune of the Smiths.

Will Emery lead the Bears to the Promise Land?


Finding a new Head Coach is difficult business, especially replacing one with as much success as Lovie Smith. Phil Emery's challenge to the Bears may have meant he bit off more than he can chew.


Wk 16: Potential Playoff Teams vs Other PPT's

Colts vs ‘Playoff Picture Teams’: 2-3 (2 loss to non-PPT)Texans vs PPT: 4-3 (all losses to PPT)Denver vs PPT: 2-3 (all losses to PPT)Baltimore vs PPT: 4-3 (2 losses to non PPT)Green Bay vs PPT: 4-4...

Coaches That Don't Deserve the Axe & a Few That Do


Finding that magic combination of coaching and talent requires a skillful touch... and the discipline to sometimes let things run its course.

Picking the Best to Replace Lovie


If Phil Emery pulls the plug on Lovie Smith this year, the Bears won't be at a loss for quality talent to fit the future vision of the Monster of the Midway.

Nightmares for a Week: Clay Matthews


Clay Matthews has caused headaches for the Bears since he entered the league. Week 14's thrashing exposed the immaturity in the Chicago Bears offensive line.

All I Want for the Holidays is a New OC


Whether its Norv Turner, Andy Reid, or a new and improved Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates. Something has to change next year.

Lovie the Coach, Lovie the Coordinator


Evaluating Lovie Smith, not only as a coordinator, and but as a coach, and how responsibility for his product stacks between him and the rest of the NFL

Free Agent Tackles would Break the Bears Bank


As Attractive as Clady, Albert, or Long is, the Bears can't afford the price tag without mortgaging their future today.

Bears defensive woes against TE's begin again


It may have been more Vernon Davis than the position, but Davis tore up a Chicago Bears defense that has been good against TE's this year

8 Men in the Box Ain't Nuthin to Martz With


Running out of the 2TE/2RB formation was not one of the bright spots for the Chicago Bears loss to the Houston Texans. Plenty of blame for everyone to go around

Is Jay Cutler Erratic Under Pressure?


If a team blitzes Jay Cutler, will he give the ball away?

Evaluating Shea McClellin's Progress


There's been rumblings about certain first round picks by the Bears over the past week. Chris Williams is up and gone, Gabe Carimi looks like our weakest lineman, and Shea McClellin has to show something, prove something in his first year.


Ask Bears Fans Anything Bears-Related

Hello fair Pride Of Detroit, I'm Kay, the weekly X & O stathead from WindyCityGridiron, the SB Nation Chicago Bears' site. And I'm just here opening the floor for some clean, real-talk from...

Introducing Garbage Time and Effective Time


Some teams pin their ears back and go for the throat with a large lead, and some teams move to a more conservative approach from their usual plays. Determining when that transition is helps clarify context in using statistics.

Dewey defeats Truman in WCG Member League #2.


Dewey defeats Truman in WCG Member League #2.

Bears defense vs Maurice Jones-Drew


Maurice Jones-Drew had 56 yards on 12 carries and 0 touchdowns, and the Bears squashed flat one of the most productive runners of the past few years with solid execution and great gameplanning.

Tice and the Chicago Bears Offense Calm the Storm


Concerns levied at Tice and the Offense were put on notice after the methodical drubbing that the Bears put against one of the better defensive teams in the league.

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