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Top Five Boise State Touchdown Dives

Top play lists often consist of long runs, devastating hits, and occasionally tee-fetching dogs. At OBNUG, I'd like to take a moment away from those plays and bring you the Top Five Bronco plays...

Plinke Signs with Portland State


I am curious where Hightower and Eric Agbaroji end up.

Broncos in the NFL


See the players/coaches of the week in the NFL this week. The offensive player of the week, unsung hero of the week, and coach of the week are all former Broncos.

There has been discussion of card-carrying Nuggies. I've decided to take it upon myself to create...


There has been discussion of card-carrying Nuggies. I've decided to take it upon myself to create the cards. I will be carrying mine to all games in the future. It guarantees admission to tailgates.


Traveling to Michigan? OBNUG Tailgate?

I propose a Michigan travel thread. It doesn't have to be on this post, but you can comment here, that works for me. Is there going to be an OBNUG tailgate? Where are nuggies sitting? Travel tips?...

Boise State to the Big West


And the Big East, and have announced the Big South conference for their swimming team and the Big North for their women's curling team.

Kellen doing his thing


Can Kellen have a redshirt rookie year, and then come in and be a four year starter? I think so. Maybe he just takes a little time (6 weeks) to get to the point where he could coach the offense.

So long, Idaho, and thanks for all the fish


Idaho goes to the Big Sky for all non-football sports and independent for football. I think they'll drop down in a few years unless they put together a BCS run as an independent. Good luck??

Sports Illustrated's preview of the Broncos


As always, a fine write up. The Broncos come in at number 23, if you look all the way in the top ten you'll notice MSU Spartans. Too bad SI doesn't have a channel that could bid for the Big East contract, I'd watch that every single day.


Broncos are in the Third Tier in Program Perception

Mandel has us ranked Knights? Are we barons? or Serfs? or Tsars?

Coach Pete is the best bargain in College Football


The rest of the article is behind the Insider wall, but Number 1 on the list is our own Coach Petersen. The best bang-for-your buck in all of college football.

Drmic makes another list of top Basketball Players


This list is focused on players that were outside the ESPNU top 100, and Drmic is on the list even with his injury this year. We've got a bright future in basketball.

The Big West option may be opening up


Looks like there is a chance that all other sports would go to the Big West. That would be great for recruiting in California, but still allow us to retain the money from the Big East.

Chris Petersen is No. 2 coach in America, according to Sporting News


Considering BSU was two points away from four BCS bowls in five years, I think that would have been enough to make Coach Pete number 1. Oh well, I guess we'll have to settle for second place. Although Pete fits Boise much better than Saban would.

Walter Football on Doug


My favorite part of this article is the amount of pros vs cons. It's almost as if they had to struggle to put together a list of cons about Doug at all. "Done with the pros, do you guys have any cons?" "...." "Too well rounded?" "Good enough for me, let's publish it"

Bruce Feldman thinks Kellen is super tall


And classy, tall and classy, just the way we like him.

Challenge accepted: Kellen Moore measures 6-feet tall at NFL Combine


Must have grew 1/4 of an inch in the last month. I'm assuming that means that he let his hair grow a little long for the week.

Booyah, Kellen will Coach Gruden


This is going to be my favorite April 12 ever.

DJ Harper is coming back


I know we assumed that this would take place, but officially DJ is coming back for his sixth year.

QEB Dismissed from the team


Coach Pete usually gives a couple of chances. I don't know if I want to find out what he did to get kicked off the team. Hopefully it will be good for him in the long run.

Matt Miller a 1st team All American


He is with some pretty big names to, in Lee from USC and Watkins from Clemson. I'd take that wide receiver combination on my team for the next four years.

Goodbye Pease


Three coordinators in three years, maybe we have to stop being so good at everything. It looks like Prince will take over.!/IDS_BroncoBeat/status/155382608686088193

Boise State DT Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe is reinstated


T-A-T gets to play against Air Force. His crime: receiving $13,600 in benefits from his host family from treating him like part of the family. For shame.

Good old Jay Swillie catch


We all know what is on the 50 yard line, but check out the 54 yard line. This is when Fresno State realized that you don't mess with Jay Swillie.

If Forde could interview yard lines


I think instead of the 50 yard line I would interview the 34 yard line where the pitch happened. I know the 50 is the line of scrimmage but the miracle happened 16 yards down field.

Another CB verbal


I think the only thing more exciting than verbals from corner backs is verbal commitments from defensive ends. Of course maybe he'll end up a DE in the end.

100 Days until opening game


100 Days from now, and that's all we got until Georgia. Woot woot.

Brandyn Thompson is going to be a Redskin


There you go, come on Jeron Johnson and Ryan Winterswyk.

Pettis a Ram


Booo Yah, Awesome.

Titus comes in at #14


Of top Non-AQ players. Woot woot!

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