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Kegful of Insight: Preseason Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys Defense


The Dallas Cowboys starting defense in the first preseason game was not great, but was it terrible? A detailed play-by-play of the first drive.

Cowboys 2011 Training Camp: Act 1 - Remember the Alamodome


Some early impressions, surprises, and expectations following the closing of the first stage of Cowboys training camp.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: Let's Talk Tyron Smith


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: Let's Talk Tyron Smith. What are people saying about the first round pick in the early days of training camp?

Dallas Cowboys Defense Under Rob Ryan: Jay Ratliff Never More Excited?


The Dallas Cowboys defense under Rob Ryan has Jay Ratliff excited? Imagine what Ryan's organized chaos can create with a versatile defensive linemen who could even play linebacker.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: A Tysson Poots Exclusive


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: A Tysson Poots exclusive interview, where he discusses his abilities and experiences at Cowboys training camp.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: The Young Offensive Line


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Battles: The Young Offensive Linemen are getting a lot of reps and so far signs are good. Good the Cowboys finally have a young and aggressive o-line?

Dallas Cowboys 2011 Offseason: Still Waters Run Deep


Is the Dallas Cowboys somewhat quiet offseason misleading? Is this already a better team than last year?

Cowboys Training Camp Player Battles: Dez Bryant vs. Mike Jenkins


A look at Cowboys players who will be battling each other in training camp, including Dez Bryant vs. Mike Jenkins. How have Dwayne Harris and Josh Thomas done in camp?

Rob Ryan's Aggressive Defense Already On Display At Practices


Rob Ryan's Aggressive Defense Already On Display at Dallas Cowboys Practices

Jason Hatcher Turns Down Cowboys Offer: Dallas Going Cheap On Defensive Ends?


The Dallas Cowboys have lost one of their free agent defensive linemen, could they have serious salary cap issues and be unable to sign others?

Cowboys Training Camp: First Day Tweets


Cowboys Training Camp - twitter updates from training camp's first practice

Cowboys Offensive Line: No More Jekyll and Hyde?


Releases and new acquisitions could be proof of a new style of offensive linemen sought by Jason Garrett and the Cowboys

Jerry Jones Admits Mistake And Releases Roy Williams...But Now What?


Jerry Jones admits a mistake and releases Roy Williams, but now what? What wide receivers might be free agent targets for the Dallas Cowboys?

NFL Football Is Back And Safe For A Decade! And I Would Like To Thank...


Now that a deal has been struck, who do we have to thank for the 2011 NFL season?

Cowboys Defense Under Rob Ryan: The Pieces To The (D-Line) Puzzle


Dallas Cowboys defensive line under Rob Ryan will certainly play differently schematically, but will it have a lot of new faces? A look at what Ryan may do the the Cowboys personnel.

NFL Lockout: Players Delay Vote; Issues To Be Worked Out


The NFL owners thought they had a deal, but the players didn't see it that way, yet. The vote is delayed on the player's side and we still have no football.

Did Gerald Sensabaugh Talk His Way Out of Dallas?


Will Gerald Sensabaugh's claims to wait out the 72hour period before all teams can bid on him make him a bad fit for the Dallas Cowboys and coach Garrett?

Cowboys Defense Under Rob Ryan - Linemen and Gap Assignments


What will the Cowboys defense look like under Rob Ryan. We examine the possibilities along the defensive line.

NFL Remembers Its Legends


The NFL Remembers Its Legends - there will be a Legacy Fund for retired players, maybe 600million in a fund today, maybe $600 in their after ten years, either way, it's good news.

NFL Lockout: And When NFL Owners & Players Clash - The Cradle Will Rock


Whenever unions and big business clash - The Cradle Will Rock - and the a new NFL CBA could bring new rules and a 72 hour restricted FA period that leave teams and players in a mad scramble and...

Odd News: Stats Continue to Praise Cowboys Offensive Line


Does the Cowboys offensive line deserve the praise from various statistical grades and rankings? What could the numbers be missing?

NFC East Free Agent Battlegrounds


NFC East Free Agent Battles: Could Doug Free be a target for all four teams? Could Cowboys and Eagles pull the old switcheroo at safety?

NFL CBA Seesaw: Deadlines Loom As Negotiations Continue


Reports of NFL CBA negotiations claim an agreement is likely in the coming week. But could they be PR noise or deductions based on important meetings dates like the Minneapolis court room?...

Emmitt Smith vs Barry Sanders: The Latter Sounds Off, The Debate Rages On


Barry Sanders asked if he was better than Emmitt Smith and though he "would never say that", the question deserves a debate.

Longest Series of Sustained Meetings Scheduled


This kind of push for 4 day-long negotiations before the 4th of July weekend seems very promising to me. This is the longest series of scheduled talks since the lockout began. While it could simply be an effort to make up the days that will be lost during the holiday weekend, the optimist could also interpret it as a sign that both sides believe that a final push could end this mess and help the two sides strike a deal before the long weekend, perhaps even announcing the agreement on the joyous holiday, in an attempt to avoid missing any training camp days and preseason games...something both sides should recognize as a detriment that could dilute the quality of football in 2011. It may be Independence Day, but perhaps it will also be the day the owners and players recognized their dependence on each other.

Victor Butler Talks Rob Ryan Defense: DL as FS?!


It is great seeing a player so excited to get to practice and learn more. I have a feeling this is part of the culture change Garrett had in mind. Plus, I too am really excited to see what Ryan can do with our defense. __________________ "It's crazy," Butler, a reserve outside linebacker, said gleefully after speaking to a group of kids attending the Premier Football camp at John Paul II High School in Plano. "You've got d-linemen lining up at the free safety spot. I'd love to see Jay Ratliff line up where Alan Ball is. It sounds crazy but when you get out there and run it it makes a lot of sense. I am super excited. I was hoping for [organized team activities]. That's how excited I was. Nobody hopes for OTAs. But I was hoping for OTAs so we can get in this defense and run this defense." Butler's enthusiasm, in part, is derived from curiosity. Ryan's scheme, after all, features a variety of exotic alignments and unconventional blitz packages. From down to down, even the positioning of players can change. "His defense creates a lot of stress," quarterback Stephen McGee. "He knows how to attack formations. They know where certain formations are vulnerable and how they can overload coverages to where guys want to throw the ball. They know weaknesses by formation for most teams. That's why he is so good."

Are Football Players Really Earning Too Much?


I found this interesting because of the current lockout and all the talk about the players being millionaires that should be happy just to play football. Apparently, if you compare them to other athletes, NFL payers aren't making that much. I know, it sounds strange, but then you look at the list and there are 2 golfers and 1 basketball player making more than the top earning NFL player AND... Despite football’s popularity, NFL players just don’t earn like the competition. 19 NBA players and 17 MLB players made the list, while only eight football stars were on it. I don't know about you guys, but I think football players should be earning more than other athletes. Their careers are shorter and in my mind their combination of talent and athletic ability are more difficult to find and can't be taught as easily as swinging a bat or golf club. And when you think this is also the greatest earning sports league in the US, it just seems odd. Sure, more players mean the average will be lower, but to have the top earners a fraction of the list just seems wrong in my mind.

The 10 Major Issues at the CBA Negotiating Table


This is a good read with more information than propoganda and politics. It discusses the 10 major issues that need to be resolved before a new CBA can be agreed upon and adds the current stance for both sides. It could be debated that this information is just a lot of assumptions, but it certainly seems to stack with what little has been revealed through the media (hidden behind PR statements from both sides).

Congratz to the Mavs! Did anyone ever think Jerry Jones would be envious of Mark Cuban? In the past...


Congratz to the Mavs! Did anyone ever think Jerry Jones would be envious of Mark Cuban? In the past 6 years the Mavs have 2 conference titles and just won the franchise's first Championship trophy.


Don't Say Goodbye to Marion Barber...

  Just say "see you around" and perhaps Happy Birthday. HAHA I can only half-apologize for the title teaser. Like most, I expect the Cowboys to release Marion Barber once football operations get...

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