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Graduate, scholar, beer-drinker, expert grillmaster. Making it home for Louisville football games where I've been known to arrive at 4:00 AM and be the only one there... also PhD Student at Ohio State (which really means I sit on the internet all day in the name of "research" and "advancing knowledge")

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
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  • NCAAF Louisville Cardinals
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User Blog

A [Summer] Day Off

With Football Season just around the corner, Mike Rutherford gone and getting married and the only thing coming out about Louisville Sports revolving around a (poorly written) Sports Illustrated...


Getting To Know The ACC Mascots

Because they're beautiful.

Ye Olde Virginia-Louisville Rivalrye


Hello Future/Current/Forever Rivals! Wrote a post over at our Mothership discussing potential rivalry game themes/trophys/etc. Looking forward to playing y'all and hope you enjoy! We're a pretty welcoming bunch over at Card Chronicle, so feel free to comment there!


Ye Olde Virginia-Louisville Rivalrye

Dearest Commonwealth of Virginia, Hello, old friend. It hath been a while since we've last talk'd. While we share a border, and our county of Jefferson (where Louisville is) is nam'd for one of...



This time of year, we Cardinal Fans don't have much going for us. We have our beloved Cardinal Nine, a few other sports ending their season, an endless stream of pointless early football previews...

Road to National Championship Banner

I've returned from checking my bank accounts and scuba diving on Grand Cayman. Its a beautiful place and I've developed a new fondness for Caybrew, the local island beer. I want to thank neilh89...

The Path to Repeating

Tonight we leap forward, not just an hour, but into March. Saturdays Senior Day win over UCONN is just the start of our journey this year, as it was last year with our win over Norte Dame. After...


Make your Mark: Map your CCBM Photos

Via the recommendation PeruvianCard in the Tuesday News and Notes, I made a quick Google Map so that we can plot our CCBM photos. Its pretty easy to use - all you do is go in, click edit and...


Bringing the Hard(Ware) Home Edition: Updated National Championship Banner

The moment that one shining moment played was the moment it really set in for me. I went home and had one of the best sleeps in a while, woke up this morning, got to my office and started chugging...


What we #WinFor Tonight and Tomorrow

Last year I wrote about how the Final Four matchup with UK was very very very similar to that of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team facing the Soviet Union. There were a stark number of...

Rice out at Rutgers


Last nights news and notes had the offending leaked video. Guy deserved it... That is just simply uncalled for as a human-being to another.

Updated Road to National Championship Banner

Today was a emotional roller coaster. I doubt there is anyone out there who wouldn't agree. I just wanted to say, I think we're all praying and wishing well to Kevin.

Updated Road to National Championship Banner

Again, I'm quite overwhelmed with the positive response these have received and thank everyone for using them. You guys are Real Cardinal Heros.


Updated Road to National Championship Banner

True story: I'm in Indianapolis playing hockey this weekend. I wasn't able to watch the game, but in 30 second spurts while coming back and forth from the bench on my iPhone and Jawbone (we also...


Back by Popular Demand: Updated Road to National Championship Banner

So after last nights win over North Carolina A&T, I have put together a new image and included a bonus image by request of GoCardinals (I'll update this too as we move on). Here is current one: ...


Tourney Bound Facebook Banner and Profile Photo

So I got creative and this has become all the rage on Facebook - decided to post here to share the love. The first image is a banner that you can make your own. Here is current one: And - if...


FOR HIRE: The CC Marketing Team - Rename the Big East

As we all know by this point - the Catholic Seven +2 are leaving to create their own conference and taking the Big East name. Rickmbari and others have openly pondered what the new name could be....


The Walk of Shame/Hangover Game: OSU vs Indiana quasi-nonofficial LiveThread

Lets collectively take our minds off the loss last night... Watch some basketball that doesn't have any immediate ramifications on, well anything. But a few rules: 1: Don't be a negative nancy...


Why the Orange Bowl fits...

Bear with me for a moment... In the spring of 2005 I went to the old Gattiland on Hurstborne Lane, got all jacked up on coke, pizza and cinnamon sticks, and watched the Elite Eight game where...


Introducing the Perfect Cocktail...

Ladies and Gentlecloids, Today, I present the latest concoction, the new craze, the splendiferous milk delivered to us from the gods upon high! It is not just a cocktail, it is more than a...

The Dreams of Fat Wayne A Kegs N' Eggs & tmjoel01 Joint Fat Wayne dunking Chicken Nugget...


The Dreams of Fat Wayne A Kegs N' Eggs & tmjoel01 Joint Fat Wayne dunking Chicken Nugget (Knowles) into that sweet Honey Mustard.


If only I had found this two weeks ago!

Catch That Cardinal Spirit (via SirFITZMeister) Stumbled upon this little gem today... I was a little excited and surprised that I hadn't seen it on Card Chronicle before. For your early 80's...


Former Cardinal, Okoye, likely leaving Chicago Bears

I'd like to say I'm upset but... I'm not. Not having him on the defensive side of the ball as a Green Bay fan makes me a little happier. Regardless - The article lists the Bengals, Buccaneers,...


Similarities Between 2012 "Dream Game" And 1980 "Miracle On Ice" Are Abundant

The sports I love the most are Ice Hockey and Basketball. I grew up playing hockey in Kentucky (which is like surfing in South Dakota) and just got back from Indy where I was playing hockey. One of...


I feel pretty good about Michigan St.

So yesterday I had the chance to go and preview our foes in Nationwide Arena in Columbus. I won tickets via AT&T Ticket Chasers promo that my friend back here alerted me to (he won tickets too)....


Even Ohio State fans hate UK

So I go to Ohio State (disclaimer: I need to call it The Ohio State University so I don't get chased out of here) where I am a PhD student. Because of this I get the joy (oh yay!) of teaching...


Dunking Cardinal 2.0

via i743.photobucket.com Got bored this afternoon and made this little guy - posted in FanShots at first, but the compression on SBNation sucks - even here there is a nasty halo-effect. Note:...

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