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Crazy WWE fan's lawsuit against Natalya

In perhaps the strangest lawsuit ever filed against a wrestler, Natalya was recently accused by a WWE fan of being an evil dominatrix guilty of domestic and sexual abuse. Thankfully, the suit was immediately thrown out for being a deranged fantasy.

Cageside Quote: Roman Reigns on the break-up of The Shield


I could have really seen The Shield closing down every single show for the next three years. I think we had that ability and that we were that hot. I think it's an understatement that the vast majority of the fans loved The Shield. But we didn't have too many opponents left to face. Possibly the Wyatts, but you can't really go above Evolution, especially after beating them twice. Between myself, Dean and Seth, we're doing the exact same thing The Shield was doing, but we're doing it on our own now.... I knew that whenever the split would happen, all three of us would be doing something special. I'm proud to say that fortunately for me I'm in the position I'm in, that fortunately for him Seth is in the position he is in and the same with Dean. We all came out looking good and smelling like roses I think from The Shield's break-up.

In an interview with Patric Laprade of SLAM! Wrestling, Roman Reigns understands why The Shield were split up at the peak of their popularity and is happy with the end result, not just for himself, but also his former partners Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

WWE hires senior TV exec to the Board of Directors

In the latest sign that WWE is pulling out all the stops to turnaround the WWE Network, today they elected Laureen Ong, the former President of the National Geographic Channel and the Travel Channel, to their Board of Directors.

Daniel Bryan's injury led to Jericho's WWE return

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that Daniel Bryan's unexpected extended absence after minimally invasive neck surgery led to Chris Jericho's surprise WWE return this week.

Chael Sonnen to WWE? Can't see it happening...

With Chael Sonnen fired as an analyst and broadcaster by UFC and Fox Sports this week for failing a random drug test for HGH and EPO, we discuss the many reasons why it is unlikely for him to get hired by WWE and become a professional wrestler.

Chris Hero's clearly not returning to WWE soon

Unflattering pictures of Chris Hero's gut suggests that he's completely given up on WWE ever offering him a second chance and is vindication for those responsible for the decision to fire him.

Report: Tonight's WWE Raw mystery return guest


The former WWE champion returning tonight on Raw is Chris Jericho. The nature of his role, I have not confirmed. Jericho is also tentatively slated to appear on tomorrow's Smackdown taping in Newark, NJ.

We'll have to wait to see if he's right, but he called Chris Jericho's last mystery man return correctly unlike others. For whatever this is worth, Jericho tweeted a couple of days ago "Yes" when asked whether he was supposed to take Wade Barrett's spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match on Sunday and crowed that "I invented #MoneyInTheBank…literally". UPDATE: The mystery return guest turned out to be The Miz. UPDATE TWO: They swerved us and Jericho did, in fact, return as well. Awesome.

Potential spoiler: hints at the identity of tonight's big return of a former WWE champion


Details on this potential return are scarce, but sources say that this ring warrior is a cross-platform entertainer who has found numerous successes outside of the squared circle.

Hmm, sounds like a former reality TV star who has appeared in a few WWE movies would fit the bill.

Ring Of Honor coming to the UK in November

For the first time in over seven years, Ring Of Honor will run three shows in the UK this November. The events, held in conjunction with Preston Championship Wrestling, will take place on Nov. 28th & 29th in Preston, England.

Kane is the "gamblers" favorite to win the WWE title tonight

Kane_april_2014 has reported that a lot of "gamblers" have been betting big money on Kane today to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in tonight's Money In The Bank main event ladder match. So much so, he's now the -170 favorite to win the belt at online wagering site 5Dimes and is also the favorite at British bookmakers SkyBet and Ladbrokes. Such a sudden swing in odds is usually a sign that people with insider knowledge are trying to make some easy extra cash, but we'll see if that's the case here again later tonight.

MitB match preview: The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family


The Usos face their toughest challenge as WWE World Tag Team Champions yet as they face The Wyatt Family of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, who have beaten them in two straight non-title matches.

Bully Ray would jump back to WWE in a heartbeat

Whilst promoting TNA's Impact TV tapings in New York City this week, Bully Ray, when put on the spot, admitted he'd go back to WWE in a heartbeat if Vince McMahon ever snapped his fingers.

WWE Extreme Rules draws 107,000 buys on PPV

Traditional pay-per-view is now unsurprisingly pretty much dead for WWE in the United States, after only 30,000 homes bought Extreme Rules in their home market, and likely will be worldwide by the end of 2015. So long live the WWE Network!

Scott Hall struggling on the indy wrestling scene

The latest appearances by Scott Hall on the independent wrestling circuit have led to complaints about his attitude and reports of him being late and in very rough shape.

The Rock says steroids don't work! Oh really?

Outside of experimenting with steroids as a young college footballer, The Rock denied more recent PED usage to The Hollywood Reporter. He may very well be clean, but it's hard to buy that he doesn't use them because they are ineffective.

WWE cutting NXT's budget, firings coming soon

Sadly NXT won't escape WWE's cuts with production savings already being implemented and developmental firings coming soon. At least Wall Street seems to be happy with the news. That's all that really matters anyway.

Stephanie McMahon and Big Show help kick off the 2014 Special Olympic USA Games


Stephanie McMahon continues to do sterling work in her role as WWE's Chief Brand Officer. Big Show and David Otunga were along for the ride too, as WWE doesn't seem to know what else to do with them nowadays. More information on their appearances can be found on, Cagesiders.

Triple H vs. Kevin Dunn: Who's Best for Business?

Is WWE director Kevin Dunn intentionally sabotaging Triple H, the NXT brand and their former wrestlers? Evidence is mounting up.

Vince Russo loses his rag about Death Of WCW book

Vince Russo still isn't a fan of Bryan Alvarez or his Death of WCW book. Shocking I know...

Rumor: WWE Network subscribers may have declined

There's rumors within WWE that the company may be on course to announce a decline in the number of subscribers for the Network in their next financial report, hence the need for the cuts in expenses that begun on Thursday with the firing of 11 stars.

WWE Network blamed for cuts, more coming

Within the company, today's roster cuts are being blamed on the continued lack of success of the WWE Network. Things are so bad that administrative cuts in pretty much every department are expected imminently too.

TNA attempting to steal top Ring Of Honor talent

The war for the number two spot behind WWE in the American wrestling market is heating up as TNA looks to take revenge on ROH for encroaching on their turf by attempting to steal their top talent. Good luck with that, Dixie!

WWE owner Vince McMahon still mad at Barack Obama

Lana's petty potshots at United States President Barack Obama last night on Monday Night Raw, revealed WWE owner Vince McMahon's own prejudices against the government, the Democratic party and the most powerful man in his country.

WWE Studios releases first trailer for Leprechaun: Origins


As well as releasing the above trailer, WWE Studios announced that their latest film, Leprechaun: Origins, that stars Hornswoggle in a leading role, will be released on Digital HD, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View on Aug. 26th and on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 30th. Judging from the clips it seems like a very paint by numbers horror flick, other than the terrible Irish accents, a more serious reimagining of the widely panned, low rent Leprechaun franchise. Given that WWE won't have paid much money for this movie either, it should turn a profit.

WWE's WrestleMania 30 draws 690,000 total PPV buys

Although garnering 690,000 buys on pay-per-view for WrestleMania plus simultaneously having 667,000 paid subscribers to the WWE Network sounds pretty impressive, the statistic may be misleading.

Devon Nicholson wins case vs. Abdullah The Butcher

Devon Nicholson has won a court judgement of 2.3 million Canadian dollars against WWE Hall Of Fame legend Abdullah The Butcher due to Abdullah giving him Hepatitis C during a bloody wrestling match by cutting him with a contaminated razor blade.


Triple H: finally doing what's best for business?

Is it time to reassess Triple H's selfish reputation after he's lost clean on three straight pay-per-views to rising stars, successfully created the WWE Performance Center and turned NXT into a highly acclaimed WWE Network brand?

Payback preview: Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam

Has Rob Van Dam passed his sell by date? Or can he give Barrett some of his own bad news medicine? Is this enough to get you excited for a bout that was put together less than a fortnight before the show with a highly predictable ending?

News from Triple H's NXT Takeover conference call

Triple H talked about a range of subjects including Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon, Charlotte and Shawne Merriman on a wide-ranging conference call with the wrestling media to promote NXT Takeover. Read all the highlights here!

WWE's Kane promotes concussion awareness to kids

WWE doing some good work in the local community before last night's WWE Monday Night Raw television taping.

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